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  1. You can also spawn on the concrete dock (where you have the light house in your back). Then just cast about 10m / 30ft to the left into the little bay. There are many Bullheads there.
  2. You can just add the screenshot to your post above or reply on me. Ill try to investigate what happend when i get the chance. Can you also provide me the name of the rod, reel and lure you where using?
  3. I think its calculated on the strongest part of the set up. Change everything to lets say 8lb test and you dont need to use very thin line. edit / addition: its a choice. you can either maximize xp per fish with a smaller set up, or take a bit less xp and catch more fish in the same time on a stronger set up (cause you have to fight the fisher for shorter time)
  4. not really but ill move it to the right place. dont worry about it
  5. It's ok to advertise your video's or twitch streams, just dont link to websites to sell products
  6. @GoW Butters im just a tester / mod, i pick stuff apart to see if it works like intended. It does take a lot of time so ty for the encouragement. Im not sure if the comps will add to the achievements, cause you can just do 2 man comps and "farm" the achievement
  7. We're currently testing player organised competitions, which are not tournaments.
  8. The traditional best weather in NY for pike fishing is the sunny day. I assume a lot of people mostly fish walleye there at night, when the pike is not really active. That might explain why you dont see them being caught a lot, but they are still there.
  9. In this topic there is a short guide:
  10. You are using a telescopic rod. The only way to make it cast further is using a heavier bobber. The best way to cast a float far out is using a matchrod.
  11. Interesting catches. I'll go investigate this to see if this is intended (I assume not)
  12. Many competitions need specific strategy's do actually set a good score. Youll need to invest time to learn the ways to do them. I dont believe that after 1 month of playing you know all the ins and outs of the game, let alone the competitions. Its easy to say others cheat without any proof. There are enough players who either stream or put competition guides on YT, so you can see how they get the very good results.
  13. Palavino


    if it is a dlc then yes you can use them. the dlc probably even contains passes to high lvl waters so you can fish there with your new equipement.
  14. Hey Jiras. Im sorry to dissapoint you, but testers dont get stuff or levels on the liveserver. We just fish there like everyone else. If you are interested in beta testing on the test-server you can always send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your motivations.
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