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  1. This topic is about europe, not Florida. If Florida is changed it will be posted here and in Steam.
  2. Palavino

    New Waterways

    This has ended. no need to respond anymore
  3. License counts for real life days. So you got 2 real life days left. You can play as many ingame hours in that period as you want.
  4. Palavino

    Any tips farming xp ane money?

    I would always prefer Oregon over Colorado. Its bigger and has more (and bigger) trout species.
  5. Palavino

    Catching Anything on Event Lures?

    When fishing the Historic LMB i got a Unique on the Eagle Spoon. Its an excellent bass lure.
  6. Palavino

    Historics Catch Rates

    Other event baits (like boney shad and spider spoon) also seem to work quite nicely
  7. Palavino


    It differs per fish. Try an eagle spoon for the trout and a 1 1/2oz medium spoon for the big 3 (muskie, salmon and striped bass)
  8. Palavino


    When the bobber icon on the right side of the screen goes "crazy" its time to strike. It usually sweeps to 1 of the sides.
  9. Palavino

    Question for Possibly Future updates

    This is planned for the start of next year. Before that we'll get a mission system, European maps and bottomfishing.
  10. Palavino


    Bite raites are excellent when you find the right lure
  11. Palavino

    Fourth Of July Event

    Try different lures Teo. Some of the fish go crazy for the event lures and some other like normal lures.
  12. Palavino

    I still shake my head and smile sometimes..

    My best one was a largemouth Bass on corn while fishing Carp in California. I was utterly surprised, it only happend 1 time and i fished there extensivly
  13. Palavino


    I think some of the new players problems will be tackled when the tuturial is replaced by the first part of the mission system. This will explain more to them and give bomus xp / credits
  14. Have you tried walleye fishing in New York? Per lb/kg they are one of the best paying species in the game.
  15. This game rewards planning and preparation. Never just go to a waterway with only a telescopic rod. Always upgrade the keepnet. Try to use the internet to find out what fish pay good en how to catch them. Im not sure if you know this, but its possible to spend multiple days at 1 waterway to make profit. The travel price is a 1 off and after you get there, all you need to pay is the staying fee. This is way less then the travel fee. Use the "T" button to skip to the next day, which starts at 5 in the morning.