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  1. Palavino

    Cuatro meses y una promesa

    The new update has been planned for 19th of december for PC, official trailer: Also KP shamino has some video's (in english) about the content in the update. These video's are made on the test server.
  2. Palavino

    Feeder Fishing news. Part 2

    The update will be free and all relevant equipement is purchasable with ingame credits. I havent tested the new features with a controller, but only 3 new controls are added (as far as I know). I dont think this will be a problem.
  3. Palavino

    Videos Of New Waterways

    The baits can ofcourse also be used on the feeder- / bottomfishing rods
  4. Palavino

    Videos Of New Waterways

    Im a hoarder and always need to switch stuff around. Can be a annoying, but also makes you think about what to bring. Sometimes if the inventory acts a bit slow, try to use the categories on the left of the inventory. That way it only loads the category you choose.
  5. Palavino

    Videos Of New Waterways

    Not sure about this. I do know there will be new bags, vests and other equipement that will allow you to bring more stuff on a fishing trip. Some of these also have additional slots for the groundbait(-ingredients).
  6. Palavino

    Videos Of New Waterways

    I think that should work.
  7. Palavino

    Videos Of New Waterways

    Bait lost: This is 1 of the bugs we have to deal with on the test server. Whenever its finished this should be gone. Multi rods: You are able to put a float rod or spinning/casting rod in the rodholder. They can be placed in an empty spot or replace another rod that you want to pick up. So you can "park" the lure rod and reel in the fish you hooked on another rod. I know KP isnt active here, but I can answer most questions probably as I'm also on the testserver. Please understand the testversion has some (weird) bugs, so most footage youll see will not be what the final product will look like.
  8. Palavino

    Videos Of New Waterways

    KP shamino covers most of the fishing games on his channel, not exclusivly FP or RF4
  9. This topic is about europe, not Florida. If Florida is changed it will be posted here and in Steam.
  10. Palavino

    New Waterways

    This has ended. no need to respond anymore
  11. License counts for real life days. So you got 2 real life days left. You can play as many ingame hours in that period as you want.
  12. Palavino

    Any tips farming xp ane money?

    I would always prefer Oregon over Colorado. Its bigger and has more (and bigger) trout species.
  13. Palavino

    Catching Anything on Event Lures?

    When fishing the Historic LMB i got a Unique on the Eagle Spoon. Its an excellent bass lure.
  14. Palavino

    Historics Catch Rates

    Other event baits (like boney shad and spider spoon) also seem to work quite nicely
  15. Palavino


    It differs per fish. Try an eagle spoon for the trout and a 1 1/2oz medium spoon for the big 3 (muskie, salmon and striped bass)