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  1. Palavino

    News? Update for new waterways?

    There will be more European maps in a future update and I think there is a pretty good chance on a French map
  2. Palavino

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year and may the fish be with you!
  3. Palavino

    News? Update for new waterways?

    There is no official date known, but they try to release it this month. I dont have more info unfortunatly
  4. Palavino

    Spinning or casting setup?

    Hey Manny, In general the spinning rods are longer then casting rods, so they cast further. Spinning rods usually are suited for the lighter lures compared to the casting rods. Casting gear has a higher line test in general, but you'll loose some casting distance. Choosing which rod to use depends for me (and its a personal thing I guess) on A. lures I will use B. casting distance needed and C. weight of target fish. If i need to cast far, light lures and smaller fish ill go for a spinning rod. For heavy lures, big fish and long casting distance i would use a spinning rod as well (the toprange rods can handle heavy lures). In a situation where I use heavy lures for big fish and I dont need to cast far I would go for a casting rod.
  5. Palavino

    Why I quit/My feedback as a new player

    As 1 of the beta testers I can tell you that we've put in hundreds of hours of testing. The feeder / bottom rods do work very nice, but they (apparently) still have some issues that are being worked on. Its unfair to just state that things arent tested as you dont know whats going on behind the scene. Just saying there are bugs are not going to get them fixed. Please report the bugs and send the output log to support@fishingplanet.com so it can be investigated.
  6. Palavino

    New rod question

    Its double I think (for both SE and DLC)
  7. Palavino

    Problem whit a reel

    Are you sure you arent trying to put a casting reel on a spinning, feeder, bottom or float rod? Or a spinning reel on a casting rod?
  8. Palavino


    Ty for report. Ill pass it on.
  9. Palavino

    Holland fish disappear

    This bug is known and being worked on.
  10. Palavino

    Suggestions for Devs.

    Good suggestion, ill pass it on!
  11. Palavino


    Go in the inventory and click the Ball icon on the right of your rods in the inventory. There you can add different parts to the chum. Be aware that the base always has to be 75% of the total. Chum can only be made at the lake.
  12. Palavino

    PS4 Update

    No worries, glad I could help
  13. Palavino

    PS4 Update

    You understand i mean 2019 so in about 1 month?
  14. Palavino

    PS4 Update

    January next year, no exact date is known yet.
  15. Palavino

    new fishing system

    There is a lot of water to cover, specially in the Dutch map, the Italian map and the German map. So with more water to cover and more factors that influence the fish (like chum and water temperature) it will be more challenging to find the big fish. But any effort you put in is rewarded ;0