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  1. You can just add the screenshot to your post above or reply on me. Ill try to investigate what happend when i get the chance. Can you also provide me the name of the rod, reel and lure you where using?
  2. I think its calculated on the strongest part of the set up. Change everything to lets say 8lb test and you dont need to use very thin line. edit / addition: its a choice. you can either maximize xp per fish with a smaller set up, or take a bit less xp and catch more fish in the same time on a stronger set up (cause you have to fight the fisher for shorter time)
  3. not really but ill move it to the right place. dont worry about it
  4. It's ok to advertise your video's or twitch streams, just dont link to websites to sell products
  5. @GoW Butters im just a tester / mod, i pick stuff apart to see if it works like intended. It does take a lot of time so ty for the encouragement. Im not sure if the comps will add to the achievements, cause you can just do 2 man comps and "farm" the achievement
  6. We're currently testing player organised competitions, which are not tournaments.
  7. In this topic there is a short guide:
  8. You are using a telescopic rod. The only way to make it cast further is using a heavier bobber. The best way to cast a float far out is using a matchrod.
  9. Interesting catches. I'll go investigate this to see if this is intended (I assume not)
  10. Many competitions need specific strategy's do actually set a good score. Youll need to invest time to learn the ways to do them. I dont believe that after 1 month of playing you know all the ins and outs of the game, let alone the competitions. Its easy to say others cheat without any proof. There are enough players who either stream or put competition guides on YT, so you can see how they get the very good results.
  11. Palavino


    if it is a dlc then yes you can use them. the dlc probably even contains passes to high lvl waters so you can fish there with your new equipement.
  12. Hey Jiras. Im sorry to dissapoint you, but testers dont get stuff or levels on the liveserver. We just fish there like everyone else. If you are interested in beta testing on the test-server you can always send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your motivations.
  13. There will be more European maps in a future update and I think there is a pretty good chance on a French map
  14. Happy New Year and may the fish be with you!
  15. There is no official date known, but they try to release it this month. I dont have more info unfortunatly
  16. Hey Manny, In general the spinning rods are longer then casting rods, so they cast further. Spinning rods usually are suited for the lighter lures compared to the casting rods. Casting gear has a higher line test in general, but you'll loose some casting distance. Choosing which rod to use depends for me (and its a personal thing I guess) on A. lures I will use B. casting distance needed and C. weight of target fish. If i need to cast far, light lures and smaller fish ill go for a spinning rod. For heavy lures, big fish and long casting distance i would use a spinning rod as well (the toprange rods can handle heavy lures). In a situation where I use heavy lures for big fish and I dont need to cast far I would go for a casting rod.
  17. As 1 of the beta testers I can tell you that we've put in hundreds of hours of testing. The feeder / bottom rods do work very nice, but they (apparently) still have some issues that are being worked on. Its unfair to just state that things arent tested as you dont know whats going on behind the scene. Just saying there are bugs are not going to get them fixed. Please report the bugs and send the output log to support@fishingplanet.com so it can be investigated.
  18. Its double I think (for both SE and DLC)
  19. Are you sure you arent trying to put a casting reel on a spinning, feeder, bottom or float rod? Or a spinning reel on a casting rod?
  20. Ty for report. Ill pass it on.
  21. This bug is known and being worked on.
  22. Go in the inventory and click the Ball icon on the right of your rods in the inventory. There you can add different parts to the chum. Be aware that the base always has to be 75% of the total. Chum can only be made at the lake.
  23. No worries, glad I could help
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