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  1. Have you tried walleye fishing in New York? Per lb/kg they are one of the best paying species in the game.
  2. This game rewards planning and preparation. Never just go to a waterway with only a telescopic rod. Always upgrade the keepnet. Try to use the internet to find out what fish pay good en how to catch them. Im not sure if you know this, but its possible to spend multiple days at 1 waterway to make profit. The travel price is a 1 off and after you get there, all you need to pay is the staying fee. This is way less then the travel fee. Use the "T" button to skip to the next day, which starts at 5 in the morning.
  3. Hey Breau, Its not a bug, but it's a new feature that let you catch underwater items in snags. Its the first step for the mission system that is being worked on.
  4. I passed it on to be sure it isnt missed. Thnx for the report!
  5. The historic fish where a part of the 4th of July event.
  6. 13th of may (according to Facebook)
  7. Baitcoins are very usefull and all dlc contain 20-40 baitcoins. I mostly use mine for buying unlimited licences. It will save a lot of license money in the long run. I wouldnt use too many baitcoins on lures if you plan on getting a dlc. Some dlc contain baitcoin lures (for example the topwater packs).
  8. Based on your description, ill give some basic tips. 1. Try the biggest bullet spinners, medium spoons and 8ft cranks (specially lemon 6/0) 2. Take a look at the ubersheet for the appropriate times to get the uniques 3. When you fish anywhere near the rocks in the middle part of the map, you should be able to catch more then 66lb (all salmon species hang around there) 4. Most of the rocks / logs along the river are hiding places for Chum Salmon
  9. The Nero series of matchrods is excellent
  10. Based on the equipement you described, i wouldnt advise you to go to Alaska or Florida yet. Alaska has quite big salmon that will be near to impossible to reel in on the gear described. Florida would be a bit better, because the fish there are smaller. If you have 10lb (4.5kg) gear you could go there and catch all bass. It will be a good fight but you'll win. Colorado and Oregon have medium sized trout, ranging from 1-8lb (0,5-3,5kg). It might be worth fishing for them first but you will also need 8-10lb test equipement (3,5-4,5kg). Another good way to make ingame credits and advance in lvls is to fish Walleye in the New York map. You can catch them with 6lb (2,5kg) gear. Nights can be really productive and help you get some extra achievements. Edit: make sure to have the biggest keepnet possible (thnx mdram for suggestion) Edit2: im not sure, but I dont think the Pond pass will also include travel fees to go the map. tight lines!
  11. Welcome back Reckless!
  12. Palavino


    st patrick, gar, carp and catfish packs are all for float fishing
  13. Palavino


    Hey Bowler, I quickly took a look at the Steam shop (assuming you are on PC) and I found the following dlc's: 1. Winter Pike Pack (2 spinning and 2 casting rods) https://store.steampowered.com/app/496438/Fishing_Planet_Winter_Pike_Pack/ 2. Sport Topwater Nightpack (1 rod and a lot of baitcoin lures. Not specific for pike but the topwater will be good for them) https://store.steampowered.com/app/591983/Sport_Topwater_Night_Pack/ There might be other packs that are suited for pike fishing, just pay attention to the lures and / or bait it includes (shallow cranks / topwater / shiners). Another thing to keep in mind when picking up a dlc is taking a look at the keepnet thats in the pack. Bigger net means more fish to make credits.
  14. After reaching lvl40 you get 1 rank everytime you get the exp from lvl39 to lvl40 if I remember correct
  15. If you tried 1 session, try to restart the game. that sometimes helps if it impossible to catch something. edit: no one is too stupid to catch anything ^^
  16. Small tip that might save some money: The more expensive an item is in the shop, the higher the repair bill will be. If you know you wont fill a big net everyday ingame, maybe its worth it to take a bit smaller net and save on some repair costs at the end of the trip.
  17. I think I understand what you mean, but im not sure whats causing it. Do you play on pc? If so, maybe we can join up in Oregon and you can show me whats happening. Maybe we can find out whats going on. Just leave a reply here and we'll coordinate.
  18. Thats not true. You could get free baits at the hidden pots around the different maps. Ive also caugh rowdy bass on normal grasshoppers (allthough the chance on getting one seems smaller than on the event baits)
  19. No problem, you are very welcome ^^
  20. I honoustly never look at the diameter, only the test. I try to match it as good as possible with reel and rod. Maybe seasoned real life anglers have an answer for this.
  21. All listed rods have an ingame equivalent, just look for lenght / test and you should be able to find them. Regarding lines: I use all the lines. For trout i tend to use fluoro, but its mostly a case of what test the line is (for instance: not all lines have a 12lb or 40lb spool). I think line choice is a factor that plays a bit bigger role in irl fishing.
  22. What set-ups to advice is really hard. I dont know if you prefer float fishing or fishing with lures, or maybe you enjoy both. There are a couple of scenario's: 1. You like floatfishing and dont care for lures. In that case I would get 4 different float rods. 1 telescopic for the small ones and 3 different match rods for all the other species. With multiple rods its easier to choose the right set up for the fish (casting range / xp). 2. You only fish with lures. In this case i would try to get multiple spinning and casting set ups, ranging from ultra light to the heaviest possible. Pay attention to the lure weights you can use, so you get a nice range of possibilities. 3. You enjoy both. In this case I would go for the full 7 rods and get 2 float rods and 5 spinning/casting rods. I always bring the same 7 rods to all lakes. Ive typed it all out here: (I hope this works)
  23. did you keep the fish in your fishkeeper? edit: When you catch a fish, you will always get the xp. If you also want the credits, you have to put the fish in your net and not release it. When your net is full, use the T key to skip time the next day 5am and all fish will be sold. In Texas you could also end the trip to sell the fish. I wouldnt advice this in other maps, because the travel fees will go up.
  24. A small percentage of fish roams around, outside the area's where you would expect them. This was probably one of those fish. Very nice catch tho! Incidently I like to use the same combination of rod and reel there as well!
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