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  1. Shane

    On the drop

    Yeah it's the same button for striking to hook the fish just sorting out a video clip to show. Link to video in OP.
  2. Shane

    On the drop

    May or may not be a bug I'm currently level 34 but have been getting very good at catching fish on the drop. Been fishing in Alberta for a while but have noticed it in other locations. If you're lure fishing, as the lure is dropping through the water if i smash the left trigger very fast and erratically I can pretty much catch a fish 5/10 times without reeling in line whatsoever. On the occasions that I don't catch on the drop i catch very shortly afterwards maybe because it has attracted attention? Has anybody else come across this? https://youtu.be/wi7dp1G15CY
  3. I don't think there is much chance of motion happening I would be happy if they just added vibration when the fish took line from the reel.
  4. Click the right analogue stick to change casting method no boats yet:(
  5. Night fishing doesn't exist on ps4 at the moment.
  6. check the stats of your keepnet, there is a max total weight and a max single fish weight. That might be the issue.
  7. Was thinking of purchasing premium subscription. But with the double xp weekend how will this work? will players get double xp plus the premium extra xp on top? Otherwise I just aswell wait till after the weekend
  8. Shane


    I take it you had a mess around with the settings? Another thing that might be worth a go is to reset your controller, there is a very small hole on the back near a screw at the top hold this in for ten seconds. Also try updating the controller in playstation settings. Might work might not worth a go.
  9. You can get a psn trophy for catching a certain amount.
  10. No gold given on ps4 for fish I read in the forum somewhere recently
  11. Shane

    Catching Bug PS4

    It's a bug in the game it's happening to a lot of people tonight have to wait for development to fix it. If you have premium then email support for a refund.
  12. Well done! I'm yet to catch a unique.
  13. Suffering too in a room with 5 people and the catching is only pan fish a few and far between. Support please reboot the servers or something.
  14. I'm with you on this,haven't enter a contest yet due to the time schedules. Is it not possible to do the comps over a 24 hour period and do the results after. That way everyone can have a go?
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