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  1. I've caught a Uni and several others at the deep spot next to the island (halfway between boat dock and bridge) on Med spoons. Seemed like they bit more when I let the lure go deep, almost to the bottom.
  2. Float with veggies or plankton will catch Bighead and Silver. All other carp can be caught with the bottom rod, different kinds depending on the area.
  3. I'd like to see another headlamp cap, that you can win/buy/dlc whatever. Any fancy cap seems sort of worthless if you can't see in the dark with it!
  4. I wonder what resources they need/use for the comps. Is it just pressing a button, or do they need someone to be on during the comps for problems/complaints? Does seem like they should be more spread out, or just more of them...huge player base across the pond.
  5. LOL...gotta find something to do in between bites during the middle of sunny days in Germany!
  6. Ha! I never would have thought of that. I've tried shiners on the bottom from the shore in different areas, with no success. My only "real" pike came off a red/yellow 4" shad twitching retrieve, in that little inlet S of the Sunshine peg. It's like Germany is an alien planet where the fish look like other fish you've caught, but behave completely alien to the rest of the world I will admit, for pure grinding...Fields of Gold on a partly cloudy day kills it. Strangely I've had poor bite rates on a cloudy day in the same spots...maybe just bad luck? Someday I'll come back and play the hide n seek game with the Pike just for fun.
  7. I think the new lakes are bit of a mixture of both...moving schools and some spots. Or, maybe the spots are simply that the moving school of fish moves through the same spot occasionally, giving the illusion that the buoy is in the right "spot". Either way don't think they're totally useless...I've caught two kinds of trout in Italy twice in the same spots, multiple uni silver carp in the same spot, multiple uni Wels in the same spot. I've also marked a common pike spot and not had another bite since...so maybe it comes down to each lake having some species in one spot and some species moving all over the place.
  8. Went back just to see if it's even mathematically possible to go from 45 1/2 to 46 in Germany Got my uni Bream out of the way thanks to a mark from del_udy. Completely agree it's a tedious fish to farm (mark's about 350 out there) especially when half the bites are baby Wells and small carp as well, and also probably wont be going back to that spot now...didn't realize it was such a reputable thing to be able to catch a bunch of 2 lb fish and call the lake a success. Guess I'll go make a video catching 100lbs of shiners in NY and then declare NY the best lake evah LOL. Anyone find a somewhat, relatively consistent Pike spot yet? One of my clubbies was actually catching baby pike at a decent clip with topwater a little down from the Sunshine peg, and I've caught one regular pike on a shad, marked the spot, but have been unable to replicate a bite since.
  9. Yeah I'll return there again when level & money aren't an issue. Since most of my friends are learning Russia I'm just anxious to hit up that lake too, hence why I'm back to Cali. I do find it fun to explore a lake from time to time instead of relying on the "known" spots, I just found Germany to be far more frustrating than any other lake that I've done that.
  10. You're right that comment wasn't necessary, just blowing off frustration that these boards have gone to hell. Too many unhelpful, condescending posts where people puff up their chests about how superior they are because of their comp record or that they play 18 hours a day. The boards used to be a place where people could come and get help, bitch about lakes, share experiences, etc. and the only drama was really kept to the Comp posts (which in my experience have always had heated discussions). But nowadays the comp players bring their attitude to every thread and every poster. I got enough friends to chat with, so don't really need the boards I guess.
  11. That's how I started my first post, and then got piled on with the same old regurgitated "you don't know the lakes" posts from the same old people who post the same thing to everyone else all over this board. Thankfully there are guys like VV who, while disagreeing with the post, explain why according to their own experiences. I've talked to VV in the past and know he plays the game a lot differently than I do, and value his opinions...knowing that I wont find the same successes he does because he is more persistent. To me Germany is not like any of the other higher level lakes. Maybe Louisiana which was my least favorite up to this point. My point was that I was expecting something more along the lines of Michigan, California, Alberta, and pre-nerfed Alaska. Instead it's the "challenge" lake, and if some like that then great. But again, I was "disappointed" and that is not something that is "wrong" but an opinion. I worry about the long-term plan here. The Opinion I've seen in some posts and chatting to a lot of guys is that Alaska got nerfed, with several fish harder to catch, Uni rates down, and lower bite rates overall. This seems to reflect in Germany as well and I wonder if this is a long term plan to make ALL the lakes this way. Some will welcome this I guess and feel the game is more challenging, but to a player like me and I'm sure a lot of others this would be an unwelcome change (and I'll probably move onto other games). I may be back to Germany once I'm 50, have tons of money, and am bored with everywhere else. But for now it's just the lake for the hardcore player that I'll skip for the time being.
  12. kylerobz seriously, do you just cut and paste off of Roto's posts?
  13. That may be true VV, for the hardcore player. The rest of my club has either graduated to Russia never intending to return to that horrible bite rate lake, or has moved back to the old lakes to get to 46. You're in a minority in liking that place. I guess as a pretty casual player I find it very unappealing, knowing that 99% of the lake won't produce fish, or you need to spend 100s of game hours to figure it out. Just wish the board was a place to find help rather than Goshacks and Roto's posts above. Thankfully you directed me to a cool club a year ago, I guess I'll stick with chatting with them rather than the ePeen wavers here on the boards.
  14. I didn't mean to get you or your boyfriend Roto's panties in a wad, this isn't about who is "right". It's my opinion after playing all the old lakes, and most of the new ones that Germany is an abortion that needs to go back to the drawing board. It's the same opinion of many of my friends as well that have all either moved on to Russia or gone to grind at the old lakes that Germany is a useless time sink.
  15. Well I agree there's still a lot to learn with Germany, my point is with SO many dead spots and the sheer size of it...going a whole game day to "unknown" spots and not catching anything...makes it a lot less fun than exploring the old lakes. I don't understand why they couldn't put some fish in more spots, maybe keep some fish hard to find but allow you to catch something as you're exploring. Whether poor design or programming limitations, the end result is it's not a fun lake to explore. I think a lot of us are gravitating to the old lakes because Germany is such a letdown (but a lot of posts and comments from friends make Russia sound a lot better).
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