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    Clear Muskie

    Is bait not referring to baits such as minnows, worms, etc?
  2. Kargh

    Large Musky and where to find them

    Not on record. That looks like muskies caught in 2017. The largest IGFA recognized record musky was caught in 1949 by Cal Johnson on Lac Courte Oreilles (which is right outside my window as I type this... granted, frozen at the moment). It weighed 67 lbs, 8 oz. Louis Spray might have caught a larger one in Chippewa Flowage the same year but it is no longer officially recognized. There is a reason that Hayward, WI is the Musky Capital of the World.
  3. Kargh

    Clear Muskie

    While we wouldn't want a game to exactly mirror 'Real Life', muskies are not an everyday catch. You need to be patient and really work for every one you catch (or just be extremely lucky). I imagine some of that carries over into the game -- you need to be patient. Also, the game doesn't really have a lot of musky lures. It would be nice if they added more of them. Heck, more lures in general.
  4. Kargh

    idea's for new waterways thread

    Chippewa Flowage in Wisconsin. It is probably the most famous musky lake in the entire world