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  1. Lesni Vila Fishery in Czech Republic with Feeder rods, hook #14, insect baits blood worms or maggots.
  2. Fish master III (250 Fishes) Challenge rewards Roach Master - X-series Frog 14g #3/0 ( Availability LvL 3) Bream Master - X-series Crankbait 2,5m #6/0 ( Availability LvL 3) Predator Carp Master - X-series Crankbait 3,5m #4/0 ( Availability LvL 12) Sturgeon Master - X-series Glow&Holo Casting Spoon 28g #4/0 ( Availability LvL30)
  3. thats where I trying to get it the X-series Frog a few days ago but no luck in Moonlight Gar Comp.
  4. Beware PS plus edition jacket is invisible!
  5. sabiScs

    whale bug

    exactly the same happened to me!
  6. resetting the account just because he wanna be in top 100 list
  7. Personal skill rating is only how experienced the player is!!!
  8. Largemouth Bass Cup will be held April 16th through April 21st
  9. PC players! https://steamcommunity.com/games/380600/announcements/detail/1814295005553240453
  10. max throwing distance is 20m/65ft
  11. Bass boats & Sonar they just add in future
  12. Sniper bottom rods? scroll down in the inventory!!!
  13. it is normal in real life we can equip PVA bags or flat feeder on to the feeder rods. the reason why I say this because of FP team trying following the real fishing as possible! and about the new carp competitions, I just want to say never saw in real life Carp competitions where the fisherman's fishing with one rod and holding in the hand
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