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  1. Probably is a Glitch, I just heard the Tropic Hunter pack DLC is free in India. hurry up open an Indian account
  2. When is the peru update coming out for ps4

    1. SabiScs


      Maybe next week:icon_103:

  3. I recommend do not sell Gold Stringer! maybe can missing in the future of the missions!
  4. After Mississippi Update Mississippi 30days Challenge - Xseries Glow Holo Casting spoon28g #4/0 Tiber River, Spin the Trout - Xseries Worm 15cm Akhtuba River, Party of Five - Xseries Shad 15cm
  5. I see on picture new X-Series lures(BuzzBait and SoftBaits! I look everywhere challenges, competitions, I don't see anywhere! so my question is the new lures available only on a picture or somewhere we can get it?
  6. as a YouTuber, and one of the most experienced player on all platforms over 100,000 caught fish and played over 5 thousand hrs, I totally agree with Shark the gameplay on Ps4 is horrible, lag and the loading screen is on a daily base. glitch and bugs hundreds in the game. and @Dennis_FP says (we made 19 free locations and thousands in-game tackles and it is not the end). yes, Thank you @Dennis_FP it's all nice but sometimes is Quality over Quantity and every engine has their limit. Shark please keep in mind SabiScs is a YouTuber who never ... FP ass, and @Sir Shark I'm not sure if you on the right place make the petition, Peace.
  7. issues with a bouncing sinker, exist since bottom fishing released! you think, they will ever fix it?
  8. who cares? close it! I just tried to help, But remember the bite alarm on the rod stand sounds like a metal detector and a FISH IS NOWHERE!!! have good day
  9. yea that was a huge bite and where is a fish?
  10. this is ur video if I'm not wrong but anyway can u tell me why u strike the fish in video time 4:35 I'm too lazy to make a video about that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmnVsIqsIpc
  11. the bite alarm on the rod stand sounds like a metal detector and a fish is nowhere! fix it fast as possible because its very annoying!
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