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  1. SabiScs


    Cast out further, switch the casting mode with right joystick(R3) or buy Match rod (OmniFloat) is very good
  2. the sound sometimes completely switching off! and I think this is a glitch too when I do the mission no license needed!
  3. the reason why the float has poor condition is that they wanna let you know is repairable.
  4. However today I park the Bass boat on the beach and Sonar still show fish. and then I forgot to put down the anchor but I didn't expect the unique 11kg Pike will pull the big 1000kg Bassboat
  5. Wondering why I don't see my lure on the sonar screen! or I just expecting too much?
  6. yea exactly same happened to me
  7. The fastest way rich LvL50 farm Sturgeon at night in CALIFORNIA. also, recommend using a barbless hook +25% XP bonus. bottom sniper360 rod with ThunderSpin4500 or Mega Tank 7000 reels line fluoro 0,55mm & 0,40mm Mono leader.
  8. I think he talking about the free 1day premium for the first day.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ17hEFDFJBJ_4j7U5h_O8g/community?view_as=subscriber
  10. what do you think is it Creuse River in France?
  11. with teams probably not! user competition was staying in beta! I saw the calendar on PC there are more amateur competitions than ever before so no changes in competitions (except design). however, thank you to Killerwhale everything you said on WarlordSully stream previously it all almost becomes reality!
  12. Custom competition one of the best thing they made! Am just wondering why they didn't release it?
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