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  1. he brings it from UK willow lakes
  2. they already did it on Steam! you will be satisfied when the new update arrives at PS4!
  3. Do the 30days Challange in Louisiana Reward is X-Frog Popper! 30Days Challange Rewards list Lone star: X-Series Float Mudwater River: X-Series Spinner Bait 14g #2/0 Neherrin River: X-Series Spinner Bait 28g #4/0 Emerald: X-Series Casting Spoon 21g #3/0 Rocky: X-Series Spinner 6g #1/0 Falcon: X-Series Spinner 14 #3/0 Everglades: X-Series BassJig 42g #4/0 Quanchkin Lake: X-Series Frog Popper 18g #4/0 White Moose: X-Series CrankBait 5m #6/0 San Joaquin: X-Series Walker 14g #4/0 St Croix: X-Series Medium Spoon 56g #6/0 Kaniq: X-Series Bullet Spinner 36g #4/0
  4. Today I traveled around the map checking the shops I need to say there are no 35 DLCs not even close to 35! as Fishing Planet advertises in video time 0:10! so my Question is to FP Devs team where is the rest of the DLCs?
  5. Dennis_FP, The Exclusive Content Creuse River will be released on Free to play FP version?
  6. so Creuse River after New Year no more be Exclusive? Wow it sound like ok guys u already bought the Fisherman, now come back to F2p version and continue buying DLC!
  7. The Fisherman-Fishing Planet is already out
  8. same happened to me so my recommendations try ur luck support@fishingplanet.com and if u have a sreenshot or video send it as well for better solution.
  9. ur gear is ok just use #4/0 or 6/0 hook, tight lines!
  10. devs already announced in May, then killerWhale on Sullystream, then I read it in the Fisherman description and now you! hope so this is the last announcing
  11. Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. where here? it looks like announced between devs
  12. i just wondering what is missing from the game yea thats true Bobnudd so Devs where is the custom comp? however, i need to say the Fisherman game description rewritten every second day
  13. Today I saw Dragon DLC in California so if u travel to one of the waterways check the shop
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