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  1. sabiScs

    Fargin Blue Screen Cost Me Final

    no error 2day!!! but fish average very bad 1.7kg-2,1kg there are many players who restart the game and try to get luck in another lobby or when they can not get a trophy!!! and why i am always in fck hell lobby players just joinned or left every 5min!!!
  2. sabiScs

    "sitting players"

    Not only low lvl but over 40 lvl as well and not just on tournaments but also in competitions. I have records🚓
  3. I want resign from PC (steam) Qualifier #3 and if possible please give chance to player who finished 21th. Nickname: SabiScsYouTube
  4. sabiScs

    "sitting players"

    some players just sitting in tournament lobby 🤔🤔🤔
  5. sabiScs

    The virtual bass bundle pack, any one get it?

    buy it highly recommend & premium 7days real time
  6. sabiScs

    Ungodly strong fish?

    deep is very important 30cm no more no less!!!
  7. sabiScs

    What was your biggest mistake or failure

    my biggest mistake when i was in lvl 15 unlock Everglades waste 150 baitcoins + I did not have enough money for travel so convert 500 batcoins to 💲 50,000 🤦‍♂️ or pressing the wrong button leave a Muskie Topping Comp finished last.
  8. What was your biggest mistake or failure in Fishing Planet
  9. Why is Daily bonus baitcoin on PC what do you think is better money or baitcoins?
  10. sabiScs

    PS4: Patch Note 1.10.

    why this isn't available in ps store
  11. sabiScs


    I know but the problem is that we do not know what the weather will be on tournament. I always practice lot before tournament i am need min 2 real days practice for every quali round.
  12. sabiScs


    you can examine it:) for me absolute useless,worthless.
  13. sabiScs


    why is not on ps4?
  14. sabiScs


    very soon on PS4:)
  15. sabiScs


    underwater items