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  1. sabiScs

    Christmas Giant’s Tour Announcement

    I not sure about the steam update I think the 11th of December is too early for update. but who knows maybe we will be surprised
  2. The most sizable Tournament of the year - the Christmas Giant's tour! 17th of December - Registration for the Tournament begins. 18th of December - Qualifier 1 on White Moose Lake ALBERTA 19th of December - Qualifier 2 on Saint-Croix Lake MICHIGAN 20th of December - Qualifier 3 on Everglades FLORIDA 22nd of December - Semifinal on Kaniq Creek ALASKA 23rd of December - the Grand Finale on San Joaquin Delta CALIFORNIA
  3. sabiScs

    [PS4 Europe] Cyber Monday SALE is here! 

    Guys, it is time to buy a premium for a Bargain price and be ready for an upcoming huge update which is almost here.
  4. sabiScs

    Videos Of New Waterways

    Alligator Gar will not be the biggest fish after the new update. New big fish species will be adding 99 kg
  5. sabiScs

    Grand Smallie's Cup: Final Results

    After 14months I finally achieved a Monster Catcher :))) also congratulations all
  6. sabiScs

    Red dead fishing

    I'm not sure if it is the right place to debate about other fishing games.
  7. sabiScs

    Grand Smallie’s Cup

    Grand Smallie's Pack. I think worth every penny. A+++ https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1449-CUSA06941_00-GRSMPA0000000000
  8. sabiScs

    Q&A Fishing Planet

    Christmas Giant's pack https://store.steampowered.com/app/730611/Fishing_Planet_Christmas_Giants_Pack/
  9. sabiScs

    Grand Smallie’s Cup

    Grand Smallie's Cup 20th of November - Registration for the Tournament begins. 21st of November - Qualifier 1 on Lake Falcon, Oregon. 22nd of November - Qualifier 2 on San Joaquin Delta, California. 25th of November - Semifinal on Lake Saint-Croix, Michigan. 26th of November - Final on Neherrin River, North Carolina.
  10. sabiScs

    Prices premium Steam / Ps4

    The store part depends on Sony!
  11. sabiScs

    Italy. The Tiber. Part 1

    that's great we will defeat you ass in your hometown.LOL:)
  12. The curse of the Frankenfish is the best event ever in Fishing Planet I wish in future. Thank you
  13. sabiScs

    Anglers Giveaway, Spooky Fishing Pack.

    Congratulations to three winners 1st - treylong332 Platform - Steam 2nd - Picklenuts Platform - Steam 3rd - FebienSK Platform - PS4 Thank you
  14. sabiScs

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    I'm not sure if is it a good idea! Why? because I see how almost everybody use nonstop everywhere only X-series Bobber and that's why FP make skull & pumpkin bobber repairable. so they want to others player show there are another floats too. There are some things needs to stay with something rare and special.
  15. Halloween Trick or Treat & I tried to Fill up XXL Net with Ghost Pikes