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  1. Spring Cats Tour: Semifinal Results

    yea Congratulations to all. superpolkilo,jeff78550,Poohlykhomyak,warlordsully good luck in final
  2. Just observation of valentine tournament

    Dont worry 2xps4 &2x PSN is something different.
  3. 6 hours..

    15hrs real time catch 54 RowdyBass. very hard challange:(
  4. St. Patrick's Day pack

    2 pots Silver&Gold on all 3 Mudwater River,Neherin River,Saint-Croix!
  5. St. Patrick's Day pack

  6. St. Patrick's Day pack

    Why then release dlc pack in PSstore? when you buy bread in shop start eat bread after a few days or when you know you can not eat it what you do then?
  7. St. Patrick's Day pack

    I bought St Patrick's day pack. spent lot of time try catch specie fish(Leprachaun and Rowdy bass) lost nearly all special baits (Dunken worm & Bully Grasshopper) because only regular fish bite. all for the FP big mistakes. why? because event no active! very unfair release some dlc pack in PSstore which is no active.
  8. suggestion penalty

    Created created! Im never say i created fishing technique what u talking about.LOL.only discovered the best possible fishing lures, technique,spot for competition. 2accounts yes one is my and second is my wife but own 2 ps4 as well. huge different. Player who has been disqualfied for some cheat. wants to penalized other players omg nonsense Anyway Im not hungry anymore about competition victory long time ago finished.my project on YouTube is help to other players how to competite.
  9. suggestion penalty

    yes 2account 4 win really? why then use my fishing technique & watching my video disqualified copycat stop jealous
  10. suggestion penalty

    yes one secret trick definitly work 100% but if u leave and coming back thats no help u catch big fish! just some players paranoic
  11. Just observation of valentine tournament

    this is not about fighting for top 100 p. i talk about youtube channel who share my fishing technique. this couple of players disrespect my hard job.
  12. Just observation of valentine tournament

    Not just cheating but here some players thief my fishing technique and share on own YouTube channel lol polishing ego.
  13. Just observation of valentine tournament

    Dont be sad new tournament is up coming very soon:)))