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  1. sabiScs

    help with the break of the reeds

    Can't be repaired. Basically, just buy new!
  2. sabiScs

    Gars&Glory Cup Tournament

    Hopefully not
  3. sabiScs

    Cannot catch on floating bass (HELP)

    Try Grasshopper depth 35cm hook #1 or #1/0
  4. Gars&Glory Cup will be held October 25th through October 29th 24th of October - Registration for the Tournament begins. 25th of October - Qualifier 1 on Everglades FLORIDA 26th of October - Qualifier 2 on Neherrin River NORTH CAROLINA 28th of October - Semifinal Round on Lake Quanchkin LOUISIANA 29st of October - Grand Finale on Quanchkin Lake
  5. sabiScs

    Hacks and cheats

    check it out and you can caught 800lb, good luck
  6. sabiScs

    Time and Weather mismatch ?

    I can confirm from Ps4 that a huge problem exists on tournament & competition as well
  7. sabiScs

    Welcome Mighty Carp Tour Open!

    Mighty Carp Tour live stream 12/09/2018 21:00 BST https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ17hEFDFJBJ_4j7U5h_O8g
  8. sabiScs

    Welcome Mighty Carp Tour Open!

    I highly recommend Mighty Carp pack, especially for a beginner or players on low-level.
  9. sabiScs

    Mighty Carp Tour

    Whilst in Europe it is a favorite species of fish especially in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Russia. in North America, would not even eat the last homeless Although it is full of lagoons of the Mississippi River, it can easily be caught in the Great Lakes area as well. The critical situation is in Australia, where they try to stop the expansion of the Carp because its artificial introduction into local waters has caused an ecological disaster (much like a rabbit introduction). The presence of carp was significantly suppressed and even to the disposal of the original fish species so easy or hard to catch is very difficult to judge depends on many factors they are therefore extremely untrustworthy fish, and the fisherman must seek new, more sophisticated ways to catch them. Quanckin lake, Qualifying fish: Smallmouth Buffalo
  10. sabiScs

    Mighty Carp Tour

  11. sabiScs

    Mighty Carp Tour

    Mighty Carp Tour, I can't wait:) Are you ready for some Carp fishing?! These all-time EU favorite fish, but they sure are quite a challenge to catch being the hardest freshwater fish to fool into biting! Registration: 11/09/2018 Entry Fee $20,000 Qualifier#1: 12/09/2018 Neherrin Rier, North Caroline Qualifier#2: 13/09/2018 Quanchkin lake, Luisiana Semifinal 15/09/2018 & Final 16/09/2018 in San Joaquin Delta, California Stay tuned I will share few spots, tips, and tricks:)
  12. sabiScs

    First time playing for over a year

    Exactly Fishing Planet yet not have a competitor.
  13. the fastest way to make money
  14. sabiScs


  15. sabiScs

    Back to Skool

    About the Highroller Challenge, it means you need win 1 place on all location from Missouri until Alaska me still miss Missouri, Michigan:(