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    Grand Smallie’s Cup

    Grand Smallie's Cup 20th of November - Registration for the Tournament begins. 21st of November - Qualifier 1 on Lake Falcon, Oregon. 22nd of November - Qualifier 2 on San Joaquin Delta, California. 25th of November - Semifinal on Lake Saint-Croix, Michigan. 26th of November - Final on Neherrin River, North Carolina.
  2. sabiScs

    Grand Smallie’s Cup

    Grand Smallie's Pack. I think worth every penny. A+++ https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1449-CUSA06941_00-GRSMPA0000000000
  3. sabiScs

    Q&A Fishing Planet

    Christmas Giant's pack https://store.steampowered.com/app/730611/Fishing_Planet_Christmas_Giants_Pack/
  4. sabiScs

    Prices premium Steam / Ps4

    The store part depends on Sony!
  5. sabiScs

    Italy. The Tiber. Part 1

    that's great we will defeat you ass in your hometown.LOL:)
  6. The curse of the Frankenfish is the best event ever in Fishing Planet I wish in future. Thank you
  7. sabiScs

    Anglers Giveaway, Spooky Fishing Pack.

    Congratulations to three winners 1st - treylong332 Platform - Steam 2nd - Picklenuts Platform - Steam 3rd - FebienSK Platform - PS4 Thank you
  8. Anglers Giveaway, 3x Spooky Fishing Pack. What you need to do - leave a COMMENT something interesting about Halloween fishing Attention! You can leave only Comments on YouTube to bellow Fishing Planet - Halloween Event 2018 video! I will choose the three most interesting Comments THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS AND ALL PLATFORM (STEAM&Ps4)
  9. sabiScs

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    I'm not sure if is it a good idea! Why? because I see how almost everybody use nonstop everywhere only X-series Bobber and that's why FP make skull & pumpkin bobber repairable. so they want to others player show there are another floats too. There are some things needs to stay with something rare and special.
  10. Halloween Trick or Treat & I tried to Fill up XXL Net with Ghost Pikes
  11. sabiScs

    Black Vampire Gars

    Only Black Vamp Gars spot
  12. sabiScs

    PS4 1.16 Patch Note.

  13. sabiScs

    PS4 1.16 Patch Note.

    Tomorrow guys I will share with you one spot where bites only Black Vamp Gar 100%
  14. Guys believe or no but I spent 19hrs real time
  15. just leave and travel back to Texas is everything free!
  16. Bluegill Skeleton & Sweet tooth challengeIII - Unigue Reward
  17. sabiScs

    Anglers Giveaway, Spooky Fishing Pack.

    Bluegill Skeleton & Sweet tooth ChallengeIII - Unique Reward
  18. Guys, I recommend doing the sweet tooth challenge stage3 some unique reward !!!
  19. sabiScs

    Those vamps...

    yes 1-30 and last stage 100
  20. I recommend trying in New York during the night time but you need a special Halloween lures Bony Shad, Spider Spoon, Slimy Crank etc.
  21. sabiScs

    help with the break of the reeds

    Can't be repaired. Basically, just buy new!