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  1. Will there be any type of off shore ocean fishing. This just gives the game more freedom and allows people to go out to the open ocean and fish for miles of water and will there be any type of bigger boats or ocean boats.
  2. Even like a bay would be nice but definitely need better boats like an ocean bout or something
  3. Ocean Fishing could be such a great addition to this game. This game has so much potential to spread wider, this is the best fishing game sold on the market and still can have more to come. I believe Real ocean fishing could be such an awesome addition as can add so much more to do and instead of figuring out what spot is best in a lake and only fishing that, ocean means u have miles of water to fish and never have to stay in the one spot and go as deep as u want and can. This would be awesome to see and pleas take into consideration. Would also be good to see more boats like the Congo river one. Cheers :)
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