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  1. You can go to steam and click on each DLC to see exactly what they include.
  2. You do know how to adjust your drag right? By hitting the + key, you increase the drag setting on your reel (Having made sure you're not going far enough to break the rod or the line) and the fish will find it tougher to strip line from your reel. Voila! Shorter fights!
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    Competitions, tournaments, and achievements.
  4. If a lure or bait is not listed under a fish species, it does not mean that lure can't catch that fish. It simply means that it's not really one to use if you're targeting that species.
  5. I'd look at the bass packs. Getting baitcoin lures is better than just about anything in the $20 packs.
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    Lose DLC

    You're an awesome brother. I retract any perceived venom in my post.
  7. Zanaspus

    Lose DLC

    This may sound harsh, but I hope if you're foolish enough to put line on that's too heavy for the rod and reel you DO lose the equipment for good. As to an official answer, I'm not really sure, but I do know that DLC lures lost are not somehow refunded, so I assume it's the same for rods and reels.
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/0/357287935546714776/ Something like this perhaps?
  9. This is why you save your skips for just such an occasion, and don't burn them to get to peak times faster. If you experiment during non-peak hours, you'll find some unexpected catches on unexpected lures/baits. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Never sell anything. You'll only regret it later. If nothing else, you can always use the starter rod and reel to get the reelbreaker and rodbreaker achievements. I keep light tackle because A)You may want to revisit lower level places just to have fun and B) Fishing with heavy tackle will get boring at some point. There's nothing like catching a 10 pound fish on 4 pound tackle for a great fight. As for travelling storage, I always tended to buy the best available, but some folks travel light. To me, it's never a bad idea to be able to take more stuff with you. Don't worry. Fish sizes will become second nature in time. Also, when you have the lake map (not the depth map) open, you can click on "fish species" and it will often give you a rough idea. Just go with the general fish sizes and not the "record" fish sizes. Also, clicking on the "weather" at the left will show you day/night fishing "hot" times so that you can forward time if you want. Just remember to forward sparingly as there's nothing worse than needing to empty you keepnet and still having an active cooldown period.
  11. Let me try to answer your questions in order. KpShamino has very nice guides, but they are only one way to level. I stayed mostly in Texas until level 25. Fish where you like, like where you fish. I find New York terminally boring, but if you like it, that's all that counts. Basically fish wherever makes you happy until you open Michigan. It's hard to beat trophy Northern Pike for money and xp. I like both Florida and Oregon, but they're very different. Try them both out and decide which one you like best. Buying storage is a new concept that I don't have any experience with, but I can tell you NEVER buy anything you don't NEED for your next fishing trip. If you want to move some tackle to home storage and you don't have enough space then buy it. Otherwise don't. Overpowered refers to catching fish on tackle that makes those fish too easy to catch. There is really no such thing as a level 18 set. There is line test and max drag. If your line test is 12, and your max drag is 13, then generally you will get full xp for fish 14 pounds and over. On the same setup, an 8 pound fish will carry with it an xp penalty (Indicated by red backarrow(s) next to the xp gained on the screen that pops up when you catch the fish). You cannot always avoid xp penalties. If you're fishing for 15 pound northern pike with any setup reasonable to catch them, and you hook a 2 pound smallmouth, of course there'll be a penalty, but that doesn't mean you want to use a 2 pound setup, since when you hook a 15 pound pike, you're going to lose it every time. My best advice is to have a reel with maxdrag capable of handling much of what you're fishing for and just play things that are too big until they tire and you can reel them in. Other advice. Have fun! Remember that you don't need to leave a lake when you quit the game. If you stay there, you'll just pick up where you left off next time. This saves you money since when your keepnet is full, you can just forward time to 5AM the next day and pay only a daily fee and not a travel fee. Always buy the largest keepnet available for your level. Have fun! Hope this helps.
  12. Sorry, missed that. Maybe they can help in the PS4 forum.
  13. They probably haven't updated this since the last update. It used to be that "M" opened the lake map. The lat patch changed this to open a depth-finder map. Now, if you want to see the lake map, you must first go to the inventory screen via the "I" key, then at the top of the inventory screen click on the word "Map" to get to the lake map screen. Hope this helps.
  14. Yes. Also, the credit in your records if it was the biggest you caught also stays.
  15. Tip for a new player. Only buy equipment with baitcoins if you REALLY REALLY need it. I wouldn't put a rod in that category, but that's just me. The tackle box that unlocks around level 25 on the other hand...
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