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  1. Does it mean that there will be more comps during the day?
  2. why should I? You might be thinking that I am whining about the prize rod case which tech parameters is worse compare to that one possible to buy in store. But you are completely wrong. i would gladly present this "nice" golden case rod to you if I could. All stuff in every game must be divided by the level of accessibility: the easy accessible thing must have the lower features, compare to the harder accessible which must have top features. it is the base of the world. No doubts, that in FP the hardest accessible prizes are the prizes for tournaments. After this I suppose that for a person it will be strange to see, that the prize he receives for top 3 in tourney is worse in relation to that one he can go and easily buy in store. I think this is not right. And this topic is concerned all tourneys. It is quite naive to believe that US waterways were stopped in upgrade on lvl 40 and it stays on that level.
  3. Investing in DLCs is bad idea. Wont help you. Better invest in me and I will show you via share play how to achieve such unachievable top results in comps. And seriously speaking: at least in PS4 (no clue about steam) there are no cheats.
  4. Yeah, forgort the main issue: DLCs doesnt help you to win the comps....
  5. X Series Strongshell Rod case: Rods - 7, Reels - 4 Supervault 7n6: Rods - 7, Reels - 6 Devs, are you serious?
  6. VV, dude, looks like you never got through the whole list of comps in the game. FP already has comps exactly you are asking for, here they are: 1. Steelhead showdown 2. Trout hunter 3. Ideal accuracy 4. The size matters 5. Zander Zeek difference 6. Breaking shad 7. Muskie topping 8. One of us, two of asp 9. Length matters All above mentioned comps give equal chances for all participants. Isnt enough for you? For sure with your attitude forget about such comps like: Xvaganza, Neherrin minimal, emerald predator, one by one, cheesy cat, nightcatchers, big bowfin, etc.... There you need to work hardly before you can win. If you dont want to work in the game, then do casual fishing or visit "lottery comps". Its simple. The game offers a lot: from one side casual fishing and from another competing part for those who likes it. And going deeper, comps also divided on "lottery" and "best found solution". As for the comps, what I understood: really works: places of casting retrieve tech type of lure/bait size of hook leader adjustment Not works: colour of lure pressure difference type of line (depends only on casting distance) For sure I am far away to know about all game secrets, but at least that is what i believe nowdays.
  7. 1. If you need to grind quickly to lvl 50 - go to Cali and catch sturgeons at night (2 ingame hours = 200kg keepnet) 2. If you need to farm in game money - go to Cali and catch sturgeons at night (2 ingame hours = 200kg keepnet) 3. I do no see any purpose to spend baitcoins for unlimited licences - to my mind it is stupid, as farming is giving enough usual in game money to buy it. 4. It is possible to grind a lot of baitcoins ( I have about 5000) but you need to play tourneys and comps more seriously.
  8. What? I always thought I am your friend as well.... you broke my heart!
  9. Thank you Kyle. You are the only guy who explained me what was the initial problem for topic starter. Never experienced this before. But for sure devs must solve this issue
  10. в полуфинале ПС4 - результаты третьей квалы
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