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  1. I hate to break it to you but no one from FP is listening to complaints. If they are, then they don't act like it. Prove me wrong mods.
  2. Remember when you could catch a Historic fish and make 10-14k XP/fish? I think it's dropped by a factor of 10. So many new gamers, and you've taken away part of the motivation to fish these Historic fish... I think I leveled up about 20 times during that event in 2018. Why the change @Dennis_FP ?
  3. send me your PSN ID and I can share some recipes if you want.
  4. After dominating so many years now, this statement says a lot. I was thinking about changing my ID to "VFF_xxxxx" just to see if it would help catch more Pike in qualifier 2... It pains me to say this, but I just have to be honest. Lots of fishing games have come out in the past couple years and haven't had the success that Fishing Planet has had. There's almost a cult following and it's because the game was FUN above all, and competitive. I think the FP team or whoever owns the company have done a good job creating that experience like no other. Here is the truth as I see it: Fishing Planet should sell their entire game to a triple A game company who has: 1. The money to have a staff more than 5 people. 2. The ability to communicate with gamers about what can make the game fun again. 3. Expanding the game in all areas-- fish, bait, tackle, sponsorship, and get real life competition anglers to buy in. This would allow them to subsidize their own marketing efforts as we all know they are basically salesmen who speak for various products and look like a Nascar while in competitions. 4. The SPEED OF INNOVATION.... according to my calculations the game has been in existence since 2013. Look how long it took to get bottom rods, fishing boats, and custom competitions as part of the game!!! Right now there are people fishing from Ski Doos in the ocean! Unless you can afford one yourself, this is the only medium that you could possibly go spear fishing along the Florida Keys. The inability to keep up with current trends is uncanny. The potential to make more money is exponential. The lack of ambition to improve and expand has simply never been more disappointing. I've spent hundreds of dollars on this game because I had a false expectation that they wanted to be competitive in the gaming market space, and truly make an innovative product for a population that drastically needed a fishing simulator on point with Gran Turismo. I am a video producer and make 3d models with animation for digital video and this one bites me harder than anything-- PLAYER CUSTOMIZATION. I'd have to go back to Playstation 1, or Xbox to compare the level of in game customization. As part of a simulation experience, part of the immersion is being able to make yourself look any way you want. This is not cutting edge technology reserved only for Hollywood. This is as simple as buying an Adobe Creative Cloud membership and PUTTING IN THE WORK to make these options available. Holy cow! did they ever miss the boat on customization... Why? So they wouldn't have to work to change anything and the jackets, hats, and boats are virtually binary (M/F). For every skin that changes, i.e. the "new" Boat Series equipment, is a Zeus rod, which is the same exact thing they've had for years upon years, with no change. The rod case/fish net/stringers are a waste of time because (a) YOU NEVER EVEN SEE IT (b) We have better options pretty much from the jump (c) rod cases are glorified man purse in this game. I have never seen an opportunity so wasted as the one for customization in Fishing Planet. It's sad. I'd even be willing to donate my own time and resources FREE of charge to help get it off the ground. I'm sure there are hundreds of players who also work in code on GitHub, doing graphic design/3d modeling, who could band together and have this knocked out in less than a month! I should be able to customize the amount of nose hair I have sticking out! The one size fits all animation of holding up a fish is truly a disgrace. Respectfully, none of us are holding a 200lb Arapaima with one arm. The retrieval of a fish that monstrous deserves some realism, as well as the countless other monsters in the game. That is when a simulation becomes just any other sort of game. Why do people walk/sprint as though they are characters in a low budget claymation video. The list could go on for hours, but the bottom line is this, your game gets stale because you don't innovate at a fast, or even average pace. This happens when developers are content to put in as little effort as possible and slooooowly watch the rubles pile up. 5. I would not waste my time giving this litany of shortcomings if I did not truly enjoy the game. I'm writing this because as a player, I think we have seen the best that your team can do. Its quite an accomplishment what you've built here. We all just want to see it handled competently as 99% of the other games manage to do. I hope you sell the game to 2K or someone who has all the necessary components figured out already.
  5. I'd like to see some saltwater fishing for Blue Fin Tuna in the north east like Nova Scotia, Canada. White Moose is great, but let's get some saltwater fishing off of large islands and places where you can chum with lots of sucess. Something like this would be a major W for those interested in making $$$
  6. One thing I always try to do is see if new baits work on other lakes/waterways and the fish that they can produce. When I saw the Chicken Livers, I immediately knew I'd have a good time with it fishing for Flatheads in Louisianna. I've managed to find a couple of these crossover baits from the Eurasian update that work for North American spots. It would be nice if we could put together a list of "crossover baits" and the fish that will feed on it. This includes the new lures as well. Where are you finding success with the swim baits? what type of fish are you catching? EXAMPLE I tried Meat Chunks and was able to catch Unique Red Drum and Unique Black Drum using a #7/0 hook in Mississippi. Let's see if we can put together a good comprehensive list and I'll make it into a .pdf for everyone.
  7. I found the package to be underwhelming in value. 14 days premium and 2 (not 1) of the new rod/reel setups would have made it worth 24.99. just my opinion. The impatient ones who can't wait will pounce, I understand how it goes.
  8. It's not exhaustive but it has many of the ones people catch by the hundreds of lbs. Here's a link to the doc for fast copy if you need one https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MK1guYKT0LxH4fU1hxeictEJDk6_YBn0ILWAFth93O4/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I heard from several ppl that it would be released today (May 25). Can't you give us some time frame? June? July? August? Every day you wait, you are losing money.
  10. Lol at the thought of catching a Goliath Grouper and holding it up with one arm as you do with fish of any size in the game... new animations for catching would be a nice upgrade over the same ones since 2013. I know that’s asking a lot. We could also stand to have a base level of character customization. Ya know, like every other game that’s been around for years and years. I’m confident we will get the saltwater options but not for a few years.
  11. Do you mind if I expand upon this to include Mississippi? I'll give you the file and you can distribute as you see fit...
  12. They are selective about who they choose to "endorse" with. I'm guessing they want only the best youtubers and the highest # of subscribers following. I wouldn't know. GL
  13. it would be cool if maybe the ones who made the game explained the difference. The real reason you don't know is so you'll buy both/need more storage/etc... thankfully they are very cheap
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