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  1. I hate to break it to you but no one from FP is listening to complaints. If they are, then they don't act like it. Prove me wrong mods.
  2. I heard from several ppl that it would be released today (May 25). Can't you give us some time frame? June? July? August? Every day you wait, you are losing money.
  3. Lol at the thought of catching a Goliath Grouper and holding it up with one arm as you do with fish of any size in the game... new animations for catching would be a nice upgrade over the same ones since 2013. I know that’s asking a lot. We could also stand to have a base level of character customization. Ya know, like every other game that’s been around for years and years. I’m confident we will get the saltwater options but not for a few years.
  4. They are selective about who they choose to "endorse" with. I'm guessing they want only the best youtubers and the highest # of subscribers following. I wouldn't know. GL
  5. it would be cool if maybe the ones who made the game explained the difference. The real reason you don't know is so you'll buy both/need more storage/etc... thankfully they are very cheap
  6. where did you hear that? did it come from this site?
  7. It’s April 21st, and I wanted to register for the Bass tournament but for the past two days I have not been able to Connect to your server (PS4). I made a post about this yesterday and several other players are having the same issue. I’d love to play but simply can’t connect. If I’m luck enough to get a connection, the loading screen basically doesn’t stop and eventually tells me I cannot connect to your server. At least acknowledge that there has been a serious issue, or perhaps give us a time frame when we might be able to play? Meanwhile it looks like I won’t be registered for the tournament and my premium is going unused.
  8. All day long the game has been kicking me out, resetting my daily cash and xp after every fish I catch. What the hell is going on??? I try loading in and it gives me the Cannot connect to server. PLEASE FIX THIS. I’m in the US. How many people will it take to complain before you fix the problem?
  9. I haven't posted since October, but in case you were wondering what the fuss is all about imagine going to your favorite waterway in Fishing Planet.. You get your equipment set up. You find the right spot to do your fishing. You pull back to cast and suddenly a bullet flies through your character's head. You die, then re-spawn about 500 yards/meters away. On the way back to the bank of the river/lake you take a long look around. Pull out a rifle, and scan the location for those who might try and shoot you for the fun of it. In the game (rdr2 online) you catch and sell fish for $1-2.50. On your way to the butcher, who apparently are the only ones interested in buying fish, other players in public lobbies can shoot you dead and make your life tough. Each fishing expedition is a life and death experience in the wild west. The two games bear no resemblance in any way, but if I do come back to Fishing Planet & fish in a public lobby it will be nice I won't have to worry about a gun fight breaking out. Happy new year
  10. You'll never have to worry about me cheating. Hadn't been to Falcon Lake since leveling past it, so I thought, "hey, I'll do this bass competition..." How bad could I possibly be right? The best 5 bass wins, and you can only use the creatures/crawlers jigs. I never knew how much Trophy Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout LOVED plastic crawfish and crayfish. After 45 minutes of catching trophy sized everything else but bass, I had only caught 4 bass---- TOTAL. I'm either awful at catching bass or trout are now piranha-like when they see plastic craws/crays. I wasn't surprised they took a nymph or newt. The comps are so different than the rest of the game, its just not fun. Oh well... I'm playing the Gar tournament then I'm done (I'll be the guy near the bottom). Red Dead 2 comes out soon and it's gonna be nice to play a game that has fishing as a "side" activity. Adios
  11. ScottsAttack

    Xbox one

    You gotta think that they are trying their best though (not good enough obviously). That's a lot of money they are missing out on if they just don't care about Xbox customers at all. That Xbox money would definitely motivate me!
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