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  1. caña de spinning aurora 250 bugueada?

    Hi, Please send us an email on support@fishingplanet.com in English
  2. cant create a acount

    Do not make a double similar threads
  3. Premium member not getting premium bonuses

    We have replied you im another thread
  4. Premium missing

    Hi, Send an email on support@fishingplanet.com
  5. Premium account

    Hi, Please send us an email on support@fishingplanet.com, and provide your username as well
  6. acount premium

    Hi, Please send us an email on support@fishingplante.com
  7. Bug Report

    Hi, can you kindly provide us an information on support@fishingplanet.com
  8. Reel that work with rods

    Not clear what exactly is an issue you experience with. Be more specific and provide all details on support@fishingplanet.com
  9. Reset request for ps4 fish planet account

    Send an email on support@fishingplanet.com
  10. fishing planet aint working yo

    Try to reinstall it, but anyway please send an email on support@fishingplanet.com and attach some screenshots as well
  11. i got a 11.99 premium but i didnt get it

    Hi, Please provide us your username on support@fishingplanet.com. We will check it
  12. Hi, Do you still have this problem?
  13. Line tension bud.

    Hi we will take it all into account, and please be patient. Boats are coming soon.
  14. Invalid email address

    Hi, Please make sure that there are no empty spaces before and after email address. It can be a cause of problem