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  1. Hi, Please send us an email on support@fishingplanet.com in English
  2. Do not make a double similar threads
  3. Hi, Send an email on support@fishingplanet.com
  4. Hi, Please send us an email on support@fishingplanet.com, and provide your username as well
  5. Hi, Please send us an email on support@fishingplante.com
  6. Hi, can you kindly provide us an information on support@fishingplanet.com
  7. Not clear what exactly is an issue you experience with. Be more specific and provide all details on support@fishingplanet.com
  8. Send an email on support@fishingplanet.com
  9. Try to reinstall it, but anyway please send an email on support@fishingplanet.com and attach some screenshots as well
  10. Hi, Please provide us your username on support@fishingplanet.com. We will check it
  11. Hi we will take it all into account, and please be patient. Boats are coming soon.
  12. The information you have provided is a little bit vague. If i have got correctly, you think that peak time has been changed. Why do you think so? Provide as many details as you can
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