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  1. Game freeze + Fine

    Hi, Can you kindly provide us your ingame username on support@fishingplanet.com, we will take a look to your account.
  2. Game freezing

    Hi, We always try do our best)
  3. Missouri fishcat event

    Hi, Please send us your username and all details on support@fishingplanet.com
  4. Live Broadcast PS4 (No Gameplay Audio)

    Hi, We are checking. Thank you for the report
  5. Constant snag and hooking bug

    Hi, Thank you for report and can you kindly provide us any video? And your username as well. On support@fishingplanet.com
  6. Baitcoin Issue again

    Hi, Please check your account, baitcoins are successfully delivered.
  7. Taken 4x price from pond pass check it pls

    Hi, Please do not worry about it. We are checking and we will get to you back immediately after it will be checked. Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience
  8. Game FAQ

    1.How can I download the game? The game is available for download here: Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/380600/Fishing_Planet/ PS4 Europe Store: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/fishing-planet/cid=EP1438-CUSA09106_00-0000000000000000 PS4 USA Store: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/fishing-planet-ps4/ 2.What is the price of the game on PC & Console? Fishing Planet is a Free-to-Play game for both - PC and Console. 3. What should I do after the game has been downloaded? First of all you have to pass a tutorial. Tutorial is intended to show a player basic game things, such as: get to the water line, catch some common fishes, buy new bait, change location and catch a trophy fish. 4.Can I transfer my progress from PC to the console? You can not transfer your progress/stats from PC to the console as there is no cross-platform support. 5.How to get BaitCoins? You can get BaitCoins for leveling up, completing challenges, winning the competitions or tournaments, in DLC packs or buy in Premium Store 6.How to sell fish? The fish stored in keepnet or stringer will be sold the next day, at 5 AM or when leaving the waterway automatically. 7.What are advantages of Premium Status? Premium gives you a 50% boost to your XP as well as x2 Credits you get for selling fish. You also get the privilege of free registration in Competitions and the advantage of using free Forward Time function twice as often/ 8.I have caught a fish,but got fined. Why? Player can be fined if he has no license, or he has a Basic license with specific restrictions: released fish had to be kept, or vice versa- a fish was kept instead of being released. Before you buy a license,please read the terms carefully and always prolong the license if it expires to avoid fines. 9.How to execute a long cast with a telescopic rod? It is necessary to change a casting mode. You can do it on PC by default F11, and by pressing right stick on PS4. 10.Other players block my view. How can I avoid that? Switch off Players models in close range mode in game settings: Settings-Game>Player models in close range->On/Off 11.Where is Home Storage located? Home Storage is located in Inventory Section. Pay attention that Home Storage is unavailable when being on waterway. To get an access to Home Storage you need to leave a waterway and move to Global Map. 12.How can I play with a friend? You should go to the same location and someone has to create "New Friends Only Room" at the right bottom corner, meanwhile other friend/friends should join by choosing "With Friends" button. 13.I can not register/get for competition. Why? Registration for a competition is available 12 hours before the start (time is mentioned in competition description). Requirements for minimum and maximum level admitted for registration and participation are mentioned in conditions for competition. After the competition starts there will be available option “Enter” (if you are registered and you are on a waterway where the competition will take a place). If you are registered but can not join the competition please check if you are equipped accordingly to competition rules. 14.How can players at low levels get to waterways which are available only for higher level players? You can buy Pond Pass at Premium Shop. Take into account that travelling and staying at location are not included in price and have to be paid additionally.You can also permanently unlock waterways one by one with BaitCoins (Before reaching the required level). 15.Why caught fish is not displayed on a Leaderboard, though it weighs more than others' in a list? Leaderboard rating updates once an hour. 16.How to get X-Series tackle? X-series tackle can be got with challenges, winning in competitions and tournaments. 17. How to differentiate hooks' size? Hooks are divided into two categories: small and big. Small hooks: #10-#1 (in descending order). Big hooks: #1/0-#10/0 (in ascending order). 18.How to report about bugs? Please shoot an email to support@fishingplanet.com. Include the following info: Username Platform (PS4, Steam) Date when the issue was encountered Problem description Ingame equipment settings (if you experience any technical issues with rods, lures etc) 19.I have deleted/sold the item by accident. Can i get it back? Sold or deleted items can’t be given back. 20.I am a new player and I made some mistakes in the game. I lost money and Now my balance is negative. I can not travel anywhere or buy anything. How should I act? You can go to Texas to Lone Star Lake, travelling is free. You can earn money fishing there and cover your negative balance. 21. The game crashed. What should I do? Please send us an output log file to support@fishingplanet.com immediately after crash. – Here is instruction of how to get output log file on PC: PC-> Local Disk (C:) → Program Files (x86) → Steam → Steamapps → Common → Fishing Planet → FishingPlanet_Data. 22.How to change my ingame username? Please go to Settings-> Profile->Enter a new Username-> Click Change. Please take into account that to change username costs 160 BaitCoins. 23. I want to delete my account. How can i do that? It is not possible to delete an account. You can simply create a new Steam account and tie a new game account with that.
  9. fines

    It is about of what you have to mention emailing us.
  10. Premium account store

    Hi, Yes, indeed there some problems related with the Steam policies and they are quite well known. But it is better to provide us more details, such as screenshot, outputlog file( immediately after the issue occured) and at least your username, on support@fishingplanet.com Have a nice day!
  11. Premium Store

    Very often problems aare on a side of Steam.
  12. Baitcoin Issue

    Response was provided via email
  13. fines

    Provide your username on support@fishingplanet.com
  14. Game freezing

    Please record a video and send on support@fishingplanet.com. Before you send an email please take alook to bug Reporting Procedure.
  15. Premium bug fixthat

    Thank you for response. We will check and investigate an issue