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  1. HELLO GUYS! so you may not remember me but when FP came out on PS4 I played and due to me not learning about fishing at the speed I wanted to and having no one to play with I stopped playing. I did still play now and again but not much just hop on when they updated to see what’s new. HOWEVER This game has had major updates with the Motar boats etc and I want to once again learn about fishing. Still to this day ive never been fishing irl however I do enjoy this game I just took a break as even though I played and am now level 18 I feel I’m a huge newbie and have very little knowledge on fishing overall. However I wish to play the game more regularly and I’m asking your the community if you would like to add me as a friend you are most welcome to. I’m 18 and from the United Kingdom you can add me if you want and we could hop in a game together my psn is CHRIS-BATMAN-XP thabk you and have a nice day fishing
  2. hello fishing planet users so I’m level 13 on the game and when I do play I avoid bobber fishing as I tend to have more success with other fishing methods however i want to get back into bobber fishing however im having a small issue with my bobber floating I have changed bobbers and shortened line but still it lays sideways over the water. If if anyone has any advice please get back to me here of feel free to add or message me on PS4 my psn christyprogamer I know such a Nooby psn I’m actually 18 tho have a a good day fishing
  3. Thank you dev team very happy the game has received a patch
  4. I think the will be focusing on fixing bugs on PS4 and making the game as smooth as possible on pc and PS4 before Xbox release
  5. Well said thank u for support mubfocus isn’t to get this community with over 10000 members even if it’s only 30-40 members at least they looking to build friendships on a game they love Right now I still play other games a little bit more not because I hate the game I love the game after a few hours fishing solo a game of fortnite or gta or anything will relax the tension abit then you can hop back on playing with 3-4 guys gives you something to talk about You can talk about fishing future suggestions build friendships who knows u could go fishing in real life together I would like this community where people play the game as much as they can and are looking to fish with others and share advice. Than a community I think everyone wants
  6. Hi fellow fishers how’s fishing going? Anyways I decided to make a pas4 community yes I know there are a few what ur probably joined but this community is focused on making friends no more solo fishing. Fish in groups talk have more fun no one like being left out so come join today Search up. Fishing Planet Players. Anyone is welcome grab rod and lets fish together. Together we catch
  7. Sadly this has been like it since they released the game and it doesn’t look like they gonna change it anytime soon
  8. Hey everyone if you like big bold maybe crazy ideas then stick around I got one haha so guys future idea for gameplay features is club houses and cabins yes I know there’s news on clubs and and stuff However. And this is a big however and I’m thinking way out the box and many may disagree however let’s start with cars. Car/van. So as you know we can’t take a lot of equipment to fish with us however if the game where to add cars not to drive cos that will be gta all over again but so you are able to carry more equipment crazy idea I know. Moving on Sheds/cabins bold idea however if the game implement sheds houses cabins around the map the players can store stuff in their this is where I tie in clubs clans etc whatever you want to call them so say the game had a platoon squad system where you can make a guild and say add 10 friends. You own you own club house depending on where you purchase it determines the price. (Example Texas Lone star lake would be the cheapest place to buy a club house and as of right now Alaska Kaniq Creek would be the most expensive). So say you bought a club house at Texas you and 10 friends can travel there all together providing you all purchase licenses. In the room your would have sittin areas a tv for live fishing trophy cabinet of what trophies all members have won and a club leaderboard. In the corner would be a new feature a place to store all of your baits lures etc. And a rack for rods 10 racks per person so you can go back and forth switching rods without actually leaving the lobby this will make it much more fun especially for kayak fishes. All cabins will have a storage area The cabins will either be purchased at very expensive rates of a weekly rent system in real time All members pay a percentage decided by the club owner of who and how much they pay. Thank you you for reading I know this is one crazy probably unrealistic idea however would like to know all your opinions down below. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it
  9. hey guys so today I’m talking about competitions a huge thing in fishing planet however I think their is a real lack of competitions in this yes there are a few today but they are all in the evening for UK players this is particularly annoying for people wanting to fish during the day I think more competitions need to be added at different times giving players an objective and not just sit and fish the same as tournaments
  10. hey guys I’m trying to farm XP and money from spotted bass. What’s the best set up to catch them I don’t fish in real life so I lack a lot of knowledge
  11. hey guys how’s it going let’s get straight to the point now in in the last 2-3 months all my friends I used to fish with occasionally have given up on the game some complain that the devs just want money now some say the game is scripted and others say no one wants to play the game anymore now Oe recently the lobbies I’ve been in do seem a little quiet and mostly filled with newbie players now I rarely see a high level player around anymore however a discord channel and Facebook group I’m in is still goin very strong with 1200+ members all very active and fish daily some even stream their gameplay so I like to here you thoughts on this is fishing planet dying of lack of players or not what’s happening is the game: boring lack of content to Grindy with no reward just old hype died down. I wanna here you thoughts down below
  12. HEY EVERYONE I JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE THIS GAME THIS IS IN NO WAY HATING ON THE GAME THIS IS JUST ME THROWING OUT IDEAS AND LOOKING FOR YOUR GUYS IDEAS SO LETS GET TO IT... so I love fishing planet in the PS4 I’m glad we have a good fishing simulator on the market And I have a few ideas suggestions to 1 help the game and 2 lure in new players. My first idea idea is adding/rethinking friends features on this game. I’ve seen lots of players complain when they travel with other players they don’t end up in the same room however I think if a better friends system was implemented maybe a menu to see where friends are fishing of even on the world map see your friends avatars on a certain area where they are fishing. This will make it easier for new players who may not understand this. My second idea is. Sorting the menu screen out now you guys may be used to it but I struggle so much navigating on the menus scrolling through shop and other menues it’s a bit of a pain maybe if you could decide to have a curser instead might be better My third suggestion more frequently and quicker updates on the PS4 now I give 100% credit to the devs who have worked on this game and they are only a small team they have done great work on this game outstanding work and the community have played a huge part in playing the game and reporting bugs ideas back to the devs. However more commitment to this game and maybe there will be more updates maybe new locations even cosmetic items would be cool as and update something that the players look forward to instead of months with no news. My fourth suggestion is a better tutorial/helper even for experienced players I and a few others I know have never ever been fishing in real life however after seeing this it really got us into it and I think it should be a little easier to understand the game baring in mind it’s a simulater maybe official video tutorials made by the devs might help new players stay. My fith and final suggestion is a clan/club system where a group of you can go fishing together now I know there’s already rumours about clubs but I just wanna throw that out there. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS MAY SOUND IM JUST A HATER OF THE GAME BUT IM NOT JUST WANTED TO SHARE WITH THE COMMUNITY MY IDEAS IF U HAVE IDEAS FEEL FREE TO POST AND REPLY. THANK YOU
  13. I see what you mean by lack of updates and changes however I don’t put all the blame on the devs I think yes they should implement a big system on the game so players can easily report bugs on the game in game. And secondly I somewhat blame the console When a dev releases an update on pc it’s easy however consoles creators (Sony they have to verify the update is 1 safe 2 won’t break damage hardware 3 cause any problems in network or overall system
  14. HI EVERYONE IM NEW TO FISHING PLANET I love this game however I never been fishing and my fishing knowledge is terrible so I’m finding it hard to enjoy the game if you would like to play with me fish together share tips feel free to add me psn christyprogamer. Apologies for the joint name I created it when I was like 12 haha
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