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  1. WhiskerFisher

    Who else is fed up and about ready to quit playing?

    Yeah I just decided I give up on it. I'll log in and get a daily bonus, but I quit for now. Let me know when it's actually working properly. Nothing like grinding for 20 irl minutes only to finally catch a fish then the weight on it and options to keep or release never comes up. All I can do is cut the line or turn off game. I chose the latter. That's just irritating.
  2. WhiskerFisher

    What kind of ps4 do you have?

    I just have a normal PS4 I got last year during black friday... 500GB HDD, non-pro. Idk about the PS4 slims but I have a PS2 slim and it's always been pretty solid.
  3. Thought I would make a tutorial on how to do this since it seems a lot of people don't know how. It's actually pretty easy to do and I just figured out how to do it this morning actually. I'll include as many pictures as possible. Edit: sorry it doesn't let me upload enough pics even in 3 posts. There are two methods to doing this: digitally, using an internet connection (such as sharing to youtube, making video private, then downloading to computer), or via a USB flashdrive. This method will only cover the second method, USB flashdrive. Step 1. Get a USB flashdrive that is preferably empty, although the next step will clear any data that may be on it. So using an old one is fine too. Step 2. Open "my computer" or "this pc" via start menu. Mine has already been formatted, so my flashdrive is named "PS4". Yours may show up as "(F:)" , "external storage device", or something else. Step 3A. Format it. Right click on the flashdrive and a menu pops up. Select "Format" from the options. Step 3B. When the format screen comes up, select the filetype as "exFAT". Deselect the "quick format" option to reduce chances of errors. Also name your drive. I named mine "PS4". Click "Start" and wait for drive to format. I'm not sure if it's necessary to adjust the "Allocation Unit Size", I switched mine to "default" to be safe. Step 4. The drive is now ready to be plugged into the USB port on your PS4. Plug it in where the controller charge cable goes. Step 5. Open your capture gallery on PS4. This should be located on the main screen somewhere along the navigation bar where your games are shown. Step 6. Select the game from the list, in this case Fishing Planet. Step 7. Press "Options" button on controller, then select "copy files to USB drive" from the right side menu. Step 8. A new window will appear that shows all the images/videos that you've captured. Select what you want to copy. Step 9. Now select "Copy" on the bottom right. A new screen appears. Step 10. Select "Okay" at the bottom. The files will now copy to your usb drive, and you''re finished with that! Step 11. Plug the flashdrive into your pc, open "my computer" or "this pc" once again, double click on flashdrive to open it. Step 12. You'll have to double click through a series of folders to get to two folders containing screenshots and videos. Select what you want to share, and upload it! Hope this was helpful!
  4. WhiskerFisher

    Have you ever caught a turtle, plastic bag or a shoe?

    That's funny! So when you catch a shoe or plastic bag does it strike and fight like a fish? I've caught all three irl but not in the game so far.
  5. WhiskerFisher

    Florida need some info please!

    I would use a 154 in NY, just fyi. I used to be able to fill that pretty easily... not so much anymore since the last update. But can still profit. But if I were to go to FL I would step up because it has tarpon, snook, gar, in addition to bass. I would normally agree due to what I have seen people do in FL, but right now I'm having issues with the game with catching enough fish. Hook-up ratios have been awful. That's why I said it was a gamble.
  6. WhiskerFisher

    Who else is fed up and about ready to quit playing?

    Lol, must be it! Or I'm using the wrong lures, right? :P
  7. WhiskerFisher

    Who else is fed up and about ready to quit playing?

    I could record it, but idk how to upload it from PS4. I don't play on PC.
  8. So I've about had it! It's gotten to the point where I can''t hardly catch anything anymore. Filling a keep net is impossible now. I've been to NY 4 times since the update and it's been a struggle to even get 120 lbs throughout an entire day and night of fishing because I just cannot hook up a fish, period. I'll get maybe 1 out of 15-20 to actually get hooked-up, and that's with a hit nearly every cast. Same BS every time. I set the hook, the drag bar goes all the way up and holds, which ONLY occurs if the strike was successful, and the reel speed maxes out and locks there, which again only occurs if a strike is successful. Sometimes the fish even manages to pull drag. Then poof! Fish isn't there anymore. No message, nothing. Just gone like magic. I am so sick of this! I can't fish anywhere but Texas because there's no way I'm going to throw away credits on locations that I know will not be possible to even break even on, let alone make any sort of profit. This is worse than real life fishing. I only miss maybe 1 in 8-10 fish irl fishing. Caught 2/3 bass that hit my lures today while fishing for real. What is the deal with this game? I can't see the lag being so bad that this should occur, albeit there is a lot of lag. I'm blaming programming. Sometimes it works fine... maybe 1 in every 5 games I play it actually does what's it supposed to do and I can catch stuff. Like yesterday, first cast, reel twice, boom! New PB bass! Then today, next day... 3 bass out of probably 50 that nailed it perfectly fine. That's a heck of a gamble to take at locations that costs 10k or more just to travel there + license fees and I won't do it. Can ya'll just put the game back the way it was? Trying to make it more realistic and all is fine, but something else happened that has ruined the game: all the fun of it disappeared! I don't play the game to get skunked and not be able to catch anything, I can do that irl thank you very much lol. At this rate I'll never level up any farther cause I can't catch enough fish to do it.
  9. WhiskerFisher

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    Oh wow I didn't know that could happen. I like my x-series bobber... and yes it does bounce amazingly off of rocks and logs too lol. I've beach balled it a few times. :P
  10. WhiskerFisher

    Florida need some info please!

    I have a 220 lb keepnet, 5 assembled rods I carry, and a little bit of everything lure and bait wise, and even I don't feel like I'm ready to gamble on Florida let alone Alaska lol. Plus I don't catch nearly as many as I did pre-update times. Not real confident I can break even on a 10,000+ credit adventure. o.o
  11. WhiskerFisher

    identity problems

    Yep, I've had a few misidentifications, such as the Smallmouth Buffalo that looked strangely like a Spotted Bass in TX. It probably is worth credits, check your inventory under fishkeeper and see if it labeled it correctly and shows you what it was worth. Mine always does.
  12. WhiskerFisher

    Is it worth taking part in events?

    I can't even fill my bag in NY anymore. I was wanting to go to FL armed with my new 220 lb keepnet, but... I have doubts I can make any profit! I can barely even catch spots in Texas anymore
  13. WhiskerFisher

    After a 4 month break, I went to Alberta.

    Exactly what happened to me! Lol. I'm telling ya, Nessie and Bigfoot are working together to squash our FP dreams! We need to assemble a hunting party and take them out once and for all!
  14. WhiskerFisher

    After a 4 month break, I went to Alberta.

    Bigfoot stole my spoon the other dy in NY, so I know what you mean. I hooked into a GIANT fish! Apparently it was the loch ness monster. Nessie threw my lure into the woods, Bigfoot caught it and proceeded to school me as my rod twisted and warped in ways I've never seen before lol. Even on lowest drag setting my spoon got broken off and I wasn't able to catch Nessie. Maybe next time! It's personal now...
  15. WhiskerFisher

    Major Spring Update. Patch note 1.0.8

    Wonder if rebuilding the d-base would help with my issues. Mine was doing great for a few days after the newest patch 1.09 but now it's back to being laggy and losing net connection. I had the flying lure glitch last night, which was pretty humorous. Only lost a purple narrow spoon, so not a huge deal. But now I know what you guys were talking about with crankbaits lol. That bigfoot is a real bully! Another issue I am having now is with hook-ups on fish. I manage to only hook about 1:15 or so. I'll set the hook, there's definitely a fish on, then it's just gone for no apparent reason. Sometimes they even pull a bit of drag before disappearing, and my reel is still left at highest speed which only happens when there is a fish on, otherwise it's supposed to go back down to where I had it set.