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  1. Yeah I've heard good things about michigan, but yet to go there. Likely from travel/license fees. Don't know the spots, and I only have a 154 lb keepnet so it's a gamble to go to those kinds of places.
  2. Well it's a moot point to go for sturgeon... I thought it 800 credits/game money to purchase cali fishery... nope, it's 800 baitcoins. I don't have that much. Sigh. Just gotta level up more... Looks like bottom fishing starts at level 34, along with access to california lol. Have 2 and a half levels before I can do either one.
  3. Hi all! Been ages plus a day or two since I lasted posted or played FP. Some of you may know that I have god awful internet and anytime there's an update or patch (or heaven forbid a PS4 + an FP update) it takes ages for me to download it. I've been so busy with a new job that games kinda took a back seat for a while until now that I have settled a bit. So the last update was apparently the euro update, which seemed cool when I looked into it a few days ago. Watched a few vids on YT even. Finally got around to downloading the new update and checking it out a bit. It seems cool, but I can't really utilize any of the new tackles/rods given they are above my level. Bummer. Speaking of level, why did we raise the max to 50? It took a long time for me to get to level 31, and here I was thinking I was close to being at 40 so I could get/use anything I want. That's a bit irritating to me... not it's gonna be twice as hard to get the best gear with how long it takes to level up in these higher levels. However, I have caught wind that cali is a great place for money and exp fishing for white sturgeon. It's something I have never caught on the game, and they look pretty tough to catch. None of my current (mostly bass) gear would be a match for them. So looking through the rods/reels available to me, I bought a combo rod/reel rated for I think 23 lb. line and 22 lb. of drag, figured that would give me a chance... I was careful to make sure the rod showed icons for float and lure fishing, and it did. Got a Loki 7'7" rod which showed both icons, figured I'd be good with it. But when I went to equip a float and hook I noticed there was no ability to equip either one. It's acting like it's purely a lure rod, but that is not what it says in the store. It clearly shows a float rigging icon. So I don't understand why I am unable to equip and float or hook.... Given I just wasted about 17k on the rod, what else can I use to successfully catch sturgeon without just a ridiculous amount of trouble at my level (31)? Thanks, and good to be back! I've been getting reacquainted to the basics the last few days and likely won't mess with the new stuff until I level up quite a bit. Edit: realized what I did was bought the rod close to the one I was originally looking at... lol! Anyway, last question is still valid as far as setup goes
  4. Barbel are catfish I'm pretty sure. Ictaluridae are channel, blue, and flathead cat genus. In other parts of the world they also have genus clariid, which includes the Wel's cat and walking catfish. Might be more but those are the two that I know of. As far as my gear, nothing too spectacular. I use mostly low-mid end range rods and reels cause I don't have much use for $200+ rods and reels. Most expensive rod I have is a Lews TP1 that I use primarily for topwater for bass and it's a medium fast rating that I have coupled with an Abu c4 6600. I sometimes also use it for catfishing. Another primary rod I have is a Berkley Lightning shock rod in medium-heavy-fast. This is my jig, chatterbait, spinnerbait, and heavier texas rig rod. I just have a kastking royale legend reel on it, all I need. Then I have three spinning rods, but the two I use most are a Lews American Hero Speed Stick with a Mach 2 Speed Spin reel. I like this one for float fishing mostly. I also use this one for catfishing. It is also a medium-fast rating. The other spinner is a Tsunami backwater medium-light-moderate with a cheaper Lews reel. Great for light stuff like unweighted plastics, small spinnerbaits, etc. Then I have an offshore combo: an ugystick GX2 in heavy-fast, paired with an upgraded Penn 309 reel. I also have two back-up, rarely-used rods that are baitcasters that I can put either reel on: A carbonlite 2.0 in ML-fast and a Daiwa Fuego, which is an 8' rod I use mostly for drift fishing small rivers, but it also makes a great long distance cat rod. I disagree about needing a stiff rod for catfish, I've caught loads of nice cats on my medium powered rods. Working the drag is the trick, I never horse them in. As far as lures and whatnot... I have a large bag full of bagged plastics of various manufacturers, as well as 6 pre-loaded travel sized cases. One for topwater, two others for plastics, one for weights and hooks, one mixed box with stuff I use most often, etc. The two I normally take with me on a bass trip are the mixed and topwater boxes, though I usually bring the other four with me in a soft carrying case that will 4 of those Flambeau style tackle cases.
  5. I'd pay good money for an AbraCLAM Lincoln if you have the time!
  6. Never caught any bass on shads in Texas, but they do eat worms and spoons pretty well. It's not so much I don't know what to do, as my connection being so slow that the lag costs me fish. I get late strikes that makes me lose fish cause I cannot hook them, which is why I don't want to gamble going somewhere that I would need a perfect game to make profit on. Plus, I get a lot of freezing that makes me close down the game. I need better internet before I can do progress much farther, I wish they had left the game as it was when I first started playing.
  7. I'm a level 31 I just don't travel around anymore. Never been to michigan. Farthest I've gone level wise is NY but haven't been there in a while based on generally poor results in TX.
  8. Idk what level you're playing. I haven't played anything beyond texas lately cause my game is so screwed up I wouldn't make profit anywhere. Half the time I can hardly hook up with fish.
  9. Mkuhens, pretty sure you could have said all of that in one or two posts lol. I haven't caught that much debris... like 3-4 things so far, but I also don't compete in tournies either. I doagree with though, if you catch "bait" you should be able to keep it and use it as such. But tbh, I catch way more debris irl than I do on this game. Not uncommon here to drag up a mat of weeds on nearly every cast.
  10. There are also unique pike in NY but they seem to be rare. I saw a guy catch one once but I forget what weight it was. My setup is a jigwinner 8-6, prima 3500 reel (I think) and 6 lb braid line. Works great and you won't lose xp on the fish.
  11. Alright, hold on now, I don't think he was shouting.... calm down everyone, let's all eat some fruit or something... ... *has some blackberries and a banana* Okay now. That was delicious... Where were we? Ah, right... Tbh, my personal best bass is barely over a pound. Lol. My area isn't great for large bass cause I am a bank fisher who fishes mostly public and/or backwater ponds or creeks. I enjoy being outside... watching nature... I skunked out totally fishing with a guy I met on a fishing forum from my town. It happens! What brings me back is the challenge. And not catching things teaches me stuff.... I'll know next time I need to change tactics a little cause what was working is no longer working. But yes I do hope to one day catch that big one. I grew up fishing for catfish, perch, trout... I've branched out into bass fishing the last year. Although I have a grasp of all the technique, I am still learning how to make them work! Hehe. It's going to be a certai ndiehard crowd that can beat through the grind and frustration who will prpevail in a game like this. For instance, I am dealing with network issues that cause lag. But have I called it quits? Despite the thread, thanks to member support... no I have not. Not yet! I want to see this grow it has amazing potential. Ah, well... try it sometime! It's a whole different challenge entirely lol.
  12. Gotta hit the peak times and such too, it's normal to have hot periods then slow periods. Certain weather conditions will also play a factor. But yeah, I do agree... unless you're interested in fishing irl then these various aspects will likely turn someone off when they experience it. But to those like me and fish irl, I consider it normal to go out, fish for 3 hours, and maybe get some bites but not catch anything. I enjoy fishing for other reasons aside from catching fish... but that side of it, being outdoors, is not easily simulated by any game. Point it, I do expect that to happen in the game sometimes. One could argue that if all you did was catch fish after fish then it would also get boring from lack of a challenge... so idk. But I do get what you mean even if I suck at explaining it. Lol.
  13. I've caught plenty of walleye on sunny days lol. Actually cloudy seems to work best for me, rainy wasn't as productive. Better than sunny though for sure. Fish during the day as much as possible. With a good keepnet you can keep everything, the pike, perch, and walleye, and still come out well. What I was doing was trying to put 100 lbs in the keepnet during the day, then I'd switch to night peak hours and slam the walleye until the net was filled. You should gross 12-13k or about 7-8k profit after travel fee and licensing for just a single day doing that. If you can get two fishing days in on a single day license, then pretty much the whole next day is profit minus the 500 credits to stay an extra day. 12-13k all profit next day
  14. The lure weight thing isn't too hard to understand if you fish irl, that's actually important in real fishing, it's not like they just made it up. Same with line rating. These things in excess could actually break an irl pole if too much is put on it. Lure rating is just what weight or lure or bait that the rod will effectively load at to cast the lure the maximum distance. Usually the best load to produce the ideal energy will lay somewhere in the middle of this range irl. It's measuring roughly how much force can be applied from a line before it snaps the rod. Irl we would use lower rated leader lines on heavier line to reduce this chance of happening. But I agree that this is a bit difficult to understand if you haven't touched many irl fishing set-ups and having to learn it on the game should be easier for new players. Simply adding some advice near the beginning to explain this via tip boxes would clarify this up dramatically and make it easy to grasp.
  15. Yep I figured that out a while back by accident lol. Just I often forget to share. I do have a video of it, it just wasn't quite as dramatic as some of the other times it's happened. I haven't played much... last few nights it was working decently, but then last night and today it's been acting up again. I was going to do a run at emerald lake to try to level up, but looks like that's not happening now. Not the best I've ever done, but I was trying some new techniques out and did pretty well the other day. This is a little more typical of how it used to be for me.
  16. So I caught this stick and pressed R1 and R stick to examine it so I could take a picture to post it on the thread that's going: Afterwards I got a weird glitch. The stick disappeared and I unable to focus or cast properly. Stick movement became fast and erratic and even after I casted out the box that shows lure movement and everything else usually on the screen vanished. I wasn't able to get out of the "examine" mode and had to shut down game:
  17. I've established in my case its an internet issue. I did a few tweaks with my wifi setup amd its working a little better now. Still not ready to say its fixed but at least I had a good trial run in tx yesterday that I recorded. Its a hard to catch when it happens.
  18. Hm maybe I just have level 2 then cause I don't have a glowing x-series bobber.
  19. I caught some dark hornwort last night, some weed thing. I didn't keep it though
  20. Lol I can't compare to you guys... I've done so little with the game considering I'm level 31. Farthest I've gone is Neherrin River, which I did like.
  21. Trying to catch nessie in NY... she spit my lure to her buddy bigfoot in the woods where he then broke my line and stole my lure :P I still swear revenge to this day! *loads shotgun and harpon gun*
  22. Hopefully we don't have to keep them... storage space is too valuable
  23. Good job all on a successful event! ..... Now where will the bluegill fry take place? I'm hungry! :P
  24. I have this problem with the game. I want to go to other places, but aside from recent issues I have having, they are juts way too expensive to try! I want to do florida and st. croix but the license + travel fees.... are just ridiculous! I'm not convinced I can fill my keepnet well enough to make any sort of profit. Fishing for bass is fine, but weight wise they take a long time to fill a net! I didn't spend a lot of time per irl day fishing in the game. It'd be better if the license was for game days rather than irl days. Maybe then I'd gamble it!
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