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  1. It's in yellow at the very top of the first post.
  2. WTG to the top 3!! The struggle was real on that one. Good job!
  3. I had a great time doing this one. Was refreshing to see 3 different fish to go after. Grats to the winners!! Looking forward to seeing what is next.
  4. Alas, Yar she matee.....!!!

    1. Kyrstally


      LOL! How's it goin?


  5. When will this event start? I'm anxious to get into it!
  6. When you get to a higher level, chances are extremely high that you have fished everywhere and caught everything. Instead of the same ole, I imagine that people would turn to comps to continue to enjoy the game. When there is nothing to venture on then yes, they will turn to other things to spark their interest. That's how it has been for me and others I have spoken to. It is time for a change on this venue of the game.
  7. Ok, so I posted a poll for ending amateur comps. I had some thoughts about it after that post and found that wouldn't be quite fair. So let's negotiate. Run all comps for say, 12 hours. Renewing and rotating for each waterway. In this way people can fish on their own time within those hours instead of just the limited 2 hours, getting rid of time zone issues. This would also alleviate the issues of all day amateur comps happening through the week as well as having more frequency with our favorite comps. I know it would be a server issue, but c'mon. Something has got to give here. Today is 3 regular comps, them european comps, then the rest is all amateur. I find this unfair and think this would be a happy medium on so many levels. I believe this would truly make everybody happy. PLEASE hit the poll is you have an opinion to this. Share your thoughts on it. If you don't have any thoughts or opinions to this, PLEASE imagine how you would feel to the given situation and how you would feel about this remedy. I see the forums are active but too many are quiet. They make the game, but we play and spend the hard earned money on it. Have a voice and rock the vote people. PLEASE!?
  8. Today is one of those days where there are European and amateur comps. When it comes to days like these you realize that more than half the regular comps are not running. This is a joke, really. I have heard suggestions of running all comps at once for so many hours, so as to avoid being limited by time zones, lack of a comp, etc. I find this to be incredibly perfect. It would be suitable for anyone and everyone.Seriously, this is a fantastic idea. What do you guys think? It's a better solve than removing amateur comps all together. Everyone is happy (and in this game as of the past couple months, it would be refreshing)
  9. Today I thought I would finally get myself leveled up to 50, so I took my tri rod stand with me and my rods and went to MI. Upon setting up my rods to cast, They were disappearing on casting like I was never holding them. When I was finally able to get 3 rods set up I would get 2 or 3 on my lines. I would hit the numbered keys to swap up my rods and it wasn't working. I would have to highlight one rod over the other to swap them out. This is really annoying. Why was this even touched?? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! All these bugs are making me infuriated and frustrated. Games are to be enjoyed, not facing a new bug or more each update. Getting very tiresome.
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