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  1. Lures and sinkers weights are kind of two different things. Sinkers help you keep your bait at the bottom. You tend to need heavier sinkers with larger rods. Small lighter rods can't use heavy sinkers because their tips or the lighter lines will break. As a general rule. I use carp sinkers in calm waters and regular sinkers in flowing water. The regular sinkers keep the line from being pushed down the stream with strong currents. Sinkers are also used for rigs to keep them at the bottom to catch bottom dwellers. Selecting how heavy depends also on how fast your are reeling in. If you have a lighter sinker, it is tougher to keep the line at the bottom. If you have one that's too heavy, you'd be dragging the line most of the way which is also not good. Of course, you can slow down your reeling speed to keep the line at the bottom or speed up your reel to try to keep your line closer to the top. For lures, it depends on the rod and fish you are trying to catch. Lower level rods tend to only allow lighter lures and they are mainly used to catch small/medium sized fish. As your level up, you get access to heavier lures which are used more for larger or exotic fish, however they are harder to keep afloat due to their weight. For floating lures, they tend to take longer to sink into the water. Again, you would need to adjust your reel speed to compensate for this. I would also make sure when your equip your rod, it says the weight is "optimal" to allow you to cast the longest distance possible with line/lure combination.
  2. Not sure if I understand your recommendation. What I am saying that you can use a reel with a little higher max drag than the max limit of your line since you can no longer max drag your reel and need to turn down a notch. For example, it's perfectly fine to use a 75lb line with a 80 lb reel with 9+1 and a 73lb rod since the max drag you can have one notch down is 72 lb so the line or rod will not break.
  3. Not sure if this is happening for everyone, I'm having issues of the system reducing the number baits used for the events wrong. For example, after catching 6 fish with candy, the system reduced 35 candies from my inventory. This also happens for Rotten Minnows, Dead Rats, and Pig Eyes as well. I catch like 10-15 fish and about 20-30 gets reduced from my inventory. I'm not sure if this happens for the other baits as well since I finished those missions last year. Lucky, I had a lot of baits from previous years, but this would be a large problem for folks buying the DLCs or are struggling to get all the event baits from the pumpkins and tombstones.
  4. I think I was able to figure this out. It seems 52.9 lb drag is just way too close maxing out a 53lb line. If it's about 0.5lb less drag then it will work. For example, you can use a Giant Spin 9000 reel and 88lb line with one notch down which lowers the reel drag to about 87.5lb.
  5. Does anyone know how the amount of drag is calculated for reels? With the implementation of the new mechanics and elimination of max drag, I'm trying to figure out how to best combo reels and lines together to get the most drag possible with reel drag one setting down, however I am a bit confused. For example, for the Leviathan 10000 reel has 9+3 (12) ball bearings and max drag of 57.7lb should have a drag of 52.9 lbs with one setting down. (57.7 x 11/12) However, when I paired it with a 53lb line and I still got the line in red range which made no sense. Does the +3 in the 9+3 ball bearings change the calculation here? I do see 12 notches in the reels which should mean that the drag of the reel would be divided by 12, correct? Am I missing something here?
  6. Events are one of their major source of income, so I doubt they will make it purchasable via regular game money. To reduce chance % of catching regular fish, you may want to try fishing at night as most smaller fishes tend to bite at a much lower rate vs. larger fishes. As for event baits and lure, you can still get the event baits and lure by visiting all of the tombstones and pumpkins everyday or getting one of the event DLCs via bait coins which are much more worth it than buying the baits separately. Just visiting tombstones and pumpkins to finish all the quests is entirely doable although it is a bit costly though (about 92K per day + cost of maintaining your equipment). In addition, some lures tend to pop up more toward the end of the events vs. the beginning.
  7. Don't think you can transfer your account from Playstation. However, you can concurrently play on Xbox and PC (via download from Microsoft Store). These two platforms uses the same Microsoft Login so they are in-synch.
  8. Having finished the mission last year, I'm using this year as an opportunity to finishing the underwater items achievements at these lakes. It's a bit tough as you have to find good snag spots that produce cannon balls consistently and are repeatable every few casts. I'm sure these are good spots at every lake, but have them at a few lakes.
  9. My understanding is that: For bait rods, the length of leaders makes a difference in presentation of the bait. For fast flow and shallow waterways, shorter leaders is recommended as it tend to limit the movement of your bait so it is easier for the fish to bite it, while longer leaders is recommended for low flow and deep waterways as it provide more "coverage" along with added depth. For lure rods, short leaders allows to you better control of the movement of the lure -- especially top water, but it may sometimes scare some fish off. I personally just use short leaders as they take up a lot of space if you have to use many rods.
  10. Congrats on catching it! Question for all -- Is it better to use leaders or no leaders at all? I tend to not use leaders except for fish with teeth or for lures that I can't afford to lose. I've seen people who don't use leaders and fish at less than max drag and got better bite rates. Not sure if fish tend to get scared away from leaders.
  11. Hi all, After grinding for the last month, I finally finished catching EVERY types of fish at EVERY lake. Since there are many how-tos videos out there, I'd like to share some tips and tricks from what I learned from the experience as well as my opinion on the hardest fish to catch at each lake. Please note that I'm not a pro and some of the tips are obvious, while others are based on my own experiences. Tips and Tricks: 1) Size of rod and line matters. Use small rods and lines for small fish, medium sized for medium fish, and large sized for large ones. 2) When checking for tips online, be sure to check not only on the specific fish and lake, but also competitions and tournament videos for that specific fish at that lake if available. This will allow you to identify multiple spots to target the fish. 3) Be sure to have at least two or more spots for each fish (especially the harder ones). 4) Fishing at peak times helps, but not always. Sometimes, you just have to wait. Try one hour before/after the peak times. Positions of fish may differ during the day vs. the night. If the spot you're in goes quiet for more than 15-30 mins (game time), jump to a different spot, and rotate back if needed. 5) Some fish are easier to catch at night (e.g. Zanders, Sauger, Catfishs) 6) Try to isolate a fish based on lure, bait, and spots. Some fish only appears at certain spots and/or take certain baits and/or lures. 7) Practice mastering retrival methods and also at different water depths (Twitching, Stop and Go, and Drag and Drop). Some fish prefer one vs the other and some prefer top/middle/bottom depths. Event lures works especially the July 4th ones. Be sure to get those at the upcoming event! 9) Setting up your rods for maximize distance is key for certain fish (e.g. Wels in Germany). Some spots are very far away and do not allow boats/kayaks (e.g. Netherlands). To increase your casting distance, use a spin rod, braid lines, lures/hooks weighted within the "optimial" range of the rod. For float rods, use bobbers/wagglers and for bottom rods, use sinkers that are as heavy as your rod can take. For sinkers, use carp sinkers when possible. They matter -- especially for carps (large and small). 10) It is possible to get all of the fish without SPODING or using feeders. For me, bite rates actially dropped dramatically when I used feeders. Not sure if this was due to the recent bug on Oversized fishing. Finally, if you get frustrated, change your spot, change your hook size ((one or two sized bigger or smaller), forward to the next peak time and keep trying. For bait fishing especially, even if you use the right baits, lucky plays a large role. For lure-centric fish, I think there is usually one trophy and one unique at each spot, but you need to get lucky too. Hardest Fish to Catch & Tips on Catching Them Texas - Smallmouth Buffalo -- Float rod, veggie bait Czech - Young Northern Pike - Small casting spoon or Small cutbait Missouri -- Trophy Drum - Use Spinner -- Trophy Grass Pickeral -- Topwater Colorado -- Unique Cutthroat - Turtle Spoon New York -- Unique Chain Pickeral (by far) -- Eagle Spoon or Casting Spoon North Carolina -- Unique Long Nose Gar -- Large Cutbait (and some patience) Netherlands -- Unique Common Roach (lots of patience) Unique European Flounder, Thicklip (long casts into the deep end) Unique Eel (Fish at night, medium cutbait, vary your hook sizes) Oregon -- Unique Oregon Trout (Turtle Spoon) Florida -- Unique Florida Gar (Large Cutbait - vary hook size) -- Trophy Warmouth (some patience) Italy -- Unique Crucia Carp (lots of patience, feeders didn't work) Unique Common Roach (lots of patience, small hook size, feeders didn't work) Unique European Perch (lots of patience, use worm-based bait) Unique Eel - Night time, medium cutbait, vary your hook size Alberta -- Unique Whitefish (not too bad; use lure or bait and vary hook size) Louisana -- Unique Channel Catfish (This took me days even at the right spot due to Flatheads! Use different meat bait and hook sizes) Unique Smallmouth Buffalo (float, veggie bait) Michigan -- Unique Freshwater Drum and Unique White Bass (These took me days! -- Isolate fish and use bait. There are spots in which you only get one or two types of fish. Keep trying at various hook sizes and you will get it. California -- Unique Reddear Sunfish (float, worm-based) Alaska -- Young Northern Pike (not too bad; use bottom rod, small minnows, smaller hook) Germany -- Unique Common Roach (lots of patience) -- Unique Wels Catfish (Night timel; fish from coast with rod stand and long distance casting so you can reach the deep holes; try different spots) -- Unique Eel - Night time, medium cutbait, vary your hook size Russia -- Young Northern Pike (not too bad; use bottom rod, small minnows, smaller hook) -- Unique European Perch - Isolate fish (some spots only has 2-3 types of fish); use worm/bloodworms -- Unique Volga Zander- No surprise here. Narrow Spoon #3/0, night time, drag and drop, lots of patience Mongolia -- Unique Common Dace -- This fish drove me crazy and took me like 15 days! (Use Nano Spinner or Nano Spoon; change spots as needed) -- Unique European Perch -- Bait works, but requires patience. Lure fishing is hit or miss, but might be quicker -- Unique Common Roach (lots of patience) -- Unique Northern Pike -- Top-water during day peaks UK -- Unique Prussian Carp, Golden Tench, Hybrid F1 Carp, European Perch -- Isolate fish (some holes or lakes only have certain types of fish); use different baits and hook sizes, and keep trying! Mississippi -- Unique American Gizzard Shad -- By far the hardest. There are well-known two spots by the dock -- try different baits and hook sizes -- Unique South Flounder -- Lure fishing at the bottom (evening and nights); Bait fishing is much harder. Peru -- Unique Sorbium Catfish -- By far the hardest. Isolate fish (deep holes only contains Glided and Sorbium), try night time peaks with rod stankd and meat baits -- Unique Silver Arowana - Topwater Walkers (not too bad -- 3 main spots) -- Unique Flag-Tailed -- Use veggie baits and keep trying Boliva -- Unique Jacunda - By far the hardest -- Use light/medium rods; Buzzbait with Nymphes (vary your hook size) -- Unique Red eyed Pirahna -- Float rod (try different spots and lots of patience) -- Unique Oscar -- Try marshmallows instead of bloodworms. Might get lucky! Brazil -- Unique Banded/Spotted Aracu - Took me days! -- Try various hook sizes and baits; different spots; fish at peaks -- Unique Flatwhiskered Catfish -- Go to the Church; Buzzbait and Nymphes at the bottom Congo -- Unique Yellowfish -- Isolate fish based on bait and location and use #1 hook and keep trying Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to fish in the East China Sea!
  12. If you are not at home, I think you will need to toss away the old rod and leave an empty slot and then purchase and use the new rod.
  13. This info might be helpful in real life, but I'm not sure if having this actually helps the game at all. Yes, it only happens when you use rod stands. It's just a bit annoying and slows down the game, and adds to the confusion. Perhaps, they should add more useful messaging so people know what to do.
  14. Having the same issue too. I think SPODing or using feeders actually have the opposite effect. Fish tend to bite at a LOWER rate or not at all. I'm not sure if they wanted to fix the over-sizing formulas and broke something during the last update. In any case, I hope they fix it soon. Without SPODing, Weeping Willows gets really boring.
  15. Anybody know what this means? I get it very often for bottom and feeder rods especially when I cast far or into the deep end especially in White Mouse, Germany, Netherlands, etc. where you need to cast far and deep. It essentially nullifies a bite which is very annoying. I have to then reset the rods again or reel it in a bit which might scare away fishes. It happens very often and I'm not sure what I can do to reduce this. Do I need to get a different weighted sinker or leader or something?
  16. I wonder whether fish actions are available for all fish and lakes. Perhaps, one reason they don't have this is because they are limited. Another cool thing is to have those fish jumping out the lakes being bigger. It's really hard to tell what they are unless you zoom in very close. Sometimes, they don't jump unless you're driving by on a boat (especially in Amazon) which makes it impossible to see close-up.
  17. According to the wiki and various discussions on Steam, there is a list of ports can be opened via your routers to facilitate connecting to the servers. You can search online to find them. I'm not sure if they help or not as it's hard to experiment on them. In addition, they may cause security issues so be sure you know what you're doing. The FP servers do go down from time to time for a few hours (or even for a few days), but they usually do come back up. I'd just check back from time to time.
  18. Definitely agree with you that's a lot more fun and challenging to use smaller rods. I still recall the time that the fish pulled like 1000 ft, snapped the line, and got away.
  19. Wow! Never saw that before. On PC and Xbox, they tend to just stick there head out or jump on bait really quickly. I'm hoping they can add option to make the water a bit more clearer so you can see all of the fish action underneath. I know you can see it at Weeping Willow and Maku Maku, but not sure about other places.
  20. After experimenting, I think it does make a difference -- at least for the line weight. I tried using a 12lb line and caught the unique banded aracu on my very first try. Not sure if it's just pure luck, coincidence, or if there is an unwritten best practice here. Also not sure if having a leader, short leader, vs. long leader makes that big of a difference.
  21. Is there a correlation between catching uniques or trophies of smaller fish using smaller vs. large rods? I've noticed most people in competitions or in videos use smaller rods to catch smaller uniques and sometimes even larger fishes on a boat. For example, does it make a difference if I use like a 80 lb rod to catch a 2 lb fish vs. maybe a 10lb rod? To save inventory from buying so many sized rods and reels, I'm using large rods (40lb-80lbs) and medium reels/lines (40-50 lbs) to catch like 0.5lb to 2lb fish, but have had very limited success. For example, it took me like 300 tries to catch an unique oscar and 500 tries and counting to try to catch a banded ararcu. Anyone knows if it makes a big difference?
  22. No Decorated Lake Trout at White Moose. The info on the Wiki was probably from previous years' events which was replaced with the Antler Salmon, Furry Trout, and Crystal Bourbot. You can verify this via the Leadership board as no one has caught it this year.
  23. Anyone has an issue with bottom rods not sinking correctly especially at White Moose? When you set up a rod and put in the rod holder, one out of every 3 or 4 times, your sinker do not set on the floor correctly and will not be able to catch any fish. On occasion, you will get the message saying the that the "Fish Got Away" but not all the time and thus the rod just idle and useless. The way to fix it is that you need to check every rod again after you put them on the rod holder and ensure that the animation of the sinker lying down on the lake floor is shown or no animation is shown. If the sinker is standing up or doesn't hit the floor, you need to reel it in a little to ensure the animation of the sinker lying down is shown. I think this is an old issue, but it becomes an annoyance during the Christmas event in which you set fireworks and no fish bits because the sinkers on the rods you set up are not completely sinking onto bottom or stuck in the "standing up" position. Have anyone looked into this?
  24. Actually, I tested them in the Congo. You can catch small catfish with Cheese, Labeo and Tilapia with Bread, and other fishes/catfish with Dried Locust. I was able to get regular and Trophies, but not Uniques (yet). It seems the fishes don't mind their smell and they work as well as other baits.
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