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  1. I've been consumed by fishing off and on since I learned to walk for the most part. I like bait fishing fine, but I have preferred the sport of lure fishing, specifically for largemouth bass which was an obsession of mine for many, many years. I practiced catch and release mainly, so the challenge for me was in presenting something that the fish would take on the given conditions. I've fished for largemouth bass in freezing weather just to see if I could get them to bite. Bait fishing definitely has a place for me, specifically for catfish, but I find it pretty dull by comparison to lure fishing. Gadgets was maybe the wrong term, but using rod stands and some sort of chumming system doesn't interest me. If that's what you like, great. I wasn't trying to start a bait vs. lure war. I was simply stating that I hope the new content doesn't rely on these newer modes of fishing too heavily in order to effectively catch fish on new lakes. Huh? Like Hateful said, that's a huge leap to make based on what I posted. If you and your buddies up in NY state ALL bait fish, then the rest of us fisherman who don't rely on bait fishing to catch fish must not have fished in real life? Logic?
  2. While the new areas and fish species look fantastic, I'm a little less excited about the prospect of using multiple rods or feeder systems in order to catch fish. I'm not a gadget oriented fisherman in real life and prefer the simplicity that FP has in place in terms of basic, traditional, hands-on fishing. If people want feeder fishing and multiple rods, that's fine, I just hope it isn't one of those situations where it's absolutely necessary in order to effectively catch fish. Keep up the great work and thank you for the update.
  3. My internet service went out for the duration of qualifier 1, the one I had planned to fish and felt I had the best chance at. Gave Michigan a go yesterday and fell short on lbs. I don't have another qualifier in me I don't think. It was my first try at a tourney. I'll give it a go next time I think. Good luck to everyone yet to qualify.
  4. 150 comps before his first win? I'd say he got off easy.
  5. tombomb, if it makes you feel any better, I placed 58th in Dancing with Pike today, while you placed 5th. Take the wins when they happen and move on from the losses. I have to remind myself of that constantly.
  6. This. One of the more important points you mentioned. Don't get locked into a mindset that you have to fish the same comp the same way every time. Adapt and keep an open mind. If you're getting frustrated with a certain competition, take a break and learn a different comp. You might come back to it with a new view on how to approach it differently.
  7. I've heard others suggest this and I think it's a great idea. There are some comps that just don't interest me in the least while others are often at times it's not feasible for me to play. This idea would work well on many levels.
  8. While I agree with some of your points, specifically in regard to bug fixes, I do not think this game was ever, or ever should be, a pay to win game. On that point, I believe the developers did a great job of balancing the DLC content in relation to its usefulness on the competitive level. It's quite refreshing to me to see they took a different route than most free to play games in the sense you can't buy wins.
  9. The bison spinner catches tons of trout for me. It might be my favorite of the event lures thus far.
  10. Like Hateful, I had really good luck in Neherrin using the x series 1/2 oz., 3/0 spinner for historic smallmouth at rubble of old times spot. 2 speed stop and go or 1 speed twitch. Head toward the flag when you spawn in, go past flag and to the opening where the bent tree is. Casting at both rock outcrops, during a sunny peak, I was catching lots of them.
  11. That's a seriously nice piece of gear there. Enjoy. I don't fish much anymore, but my favorite setup was a bass fishing rig. Shimano Curado baitcaster, left handed model matched with an All-Star med heavy 6.5 ft. rod. I did alot of weightless soft plastics fishing and taught myself to reel in left handed at a young age to be ready for the strike on the drop, which happens often much like it does on FP. That combo was lethal on bass. Feel foolish now having sold that reel on ebay about 2 months ago. The wife and I took our kids fishing yesterday, and I caught a nice largemouth, 2.5 lbs. or so, on a bandit shallow running crankbait. Was using an old Shimano spinning reel with a Shakespeare med action rod, one of the only rod and reel combos I have left. Wife caught a tiny bluegill and a decent largemouth on 1 cast bait fishing. The bass tried to eat the bluegill and got hooked. My 9 year old had a good day catching bluegill on a bobber with a jighead/tube combo. She had a blast and I think I enjoyed watching her fish more than fishing myself. The trip reminded me of how much actual fishing fun I've been missing out on.
  12. Not to go too off topic here, but I still think the whole storage for sale issue could be remedied if they sold me storage I could actively use versus storage for shells and boots. Give me some backpack space for sale and I'll relinquish some hard earned baitcoins. Best of luck on the tourney competitors.
  13. I'm going to start a souvenir stand in Michigan, over by the Fairytale dock. I figure with the shells I'm catching, get some glue, some googly eyes, and make caricatures of famous figures. My Alexander "Clam" Bell will make a killing. I figure it will help offset some of the monetary loss from all these snags.
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