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  1. nordak76

    Fargin Blue Screen Cost Me Final

    I'm curious, how does this affect the lobby you're in? Serious question as I've experienced what I think are lobby discrepancies in the past, so I'm interested in your feedback.
  2. nordak76

    "sitting players"

    This happens to me all the time in comps. I can pretty much count on a poor finish when it does too. Bite rate seems similar to a private room which has always been bad for me.
  3. nordak76

    I still shake my head and smile sometimes..

    I have caught several that have surprised me, but the last was an 11+ pound "Trophy" walleye fishing the tiger muskie area around Sandy Cape. I've never caught anything but uni once they surpassed the 11 lb. threshold on walleye.
  4. From what I've gathered from feedback left on various FP social platforms, as well as through general conversation in game, the home storage for purchase idea is very unpopular. I get that in order to keep things running, especially given that it's a free to play game, you've got to generate revenue from somewhere. If storage is going to work toward that goal, why not make backpack storage slots available or even purchased bag upgrades? That's something I would pay for and would be of greater benefit than having gear collect dust in home storage.
  5. nordak76

    Replacing Your X-Series Gear, (By Purchase)

    I'd definitely pay to replace x-series gear. One of the best recent moves by the devs for me was including x-series gear rewarded through achievements. It gave access to lures that for most would be unobtainable by other means. Speaking of lures, I'd be willing to spend some money on new tackle, x-series or not. Hopefully that will come with new waterways.
  6. nordak76

    Ungodly strong fish?

    Believe it or not, and I was told this when I signed up on the forums, you'll grow tired of catching pike and darn near all the fish in all the waterways eventually. I'm at the point now I'm trying to beat my own uni records as I've caught them all. Comps are really the only thing at this point that keep me interested in the game because I haven't figured them out yet. Well, I should add the people I've met too as a reason to keep playing. I do pretty decent in a few, but the majority are still a mystery to me. Comps are a puzzle I've yet to solve, a very frustrating puzzle at times, but interesting enough to keep trying.
  7. nordak76


    Ok, so now that I understand that these items take up actual inventory space, and we will eventually need these items to complete missions in the future, I'm a lot less enthusiastic about collecting trash. Reason: eventually I will have to buy inventory slots because I didn't go Sanford and Son on home storage. I can't help but think this was by design.
  8. nordak76

    Ungodly strong fish?

    After the 100th or so comp, you get pretty numb to it. My best yet is a 3rd place finish in Catfish Trials, but I'm starting to get into top 10 spots more often. Keep at it and you'll start doing better.
  9. nordak76

    Ungodly strong fish?

    Sounds like a snook or drum by your description. Next time, just cut the line if it's apparent you aren't going to land the fish. A hook and bait aren't really worth placing low in a comp battling a fish you can't catch. I wish that were my excuse for placing low in certain comps, but trying to land too big a fish has nothing to do with it in my case. 😄 When you're able to, bring heavier gear and you won't have to worry about it. Good luck in the next one.
  10. nordak76


    Maybe not as pointless as it seems, from Dennis_FP regarding patch 1.2.4: Hello, Dear Anglers! Patch Note 1.2.4 is a minor update that includes: optimization of the inventory - now it works 2 times faster. underwater items (details below). snagging and bouncing lure and curving rod issue fix. complex bugfix. While we are working on the new European waterways and lots of new fish, here is a fun update for you in the meanwhile. As Fishing Planet is aimed to give you a fully realistic fishing experience now you can catch some underwater items and creatures, just like IRL. Also underwater items are a part of a new complex feature - Mission System which will be released with the next update. In the future you will be able to use them to complete different tasks.  Underwater items do not influence the probability to catch fish in any way, you might get them only after the snag. Do not miss the chance to use them to explore the underwater world of the waterways. Go and try your chances to catch one of the following items and creatures: Turtle, Crayfish and Shells,  Variety types of Weed,  Other stuff as Boots, Plastic Bags, Sticks.  We also added a possibility to catch up lost lures. You can either keep or release caught stuff (except for the creatures), if you decide to keep it, it will be visible in your inventory . Enjoy and tight lines!
  11. If we're going for realism, plant debris (algae, twigs, leaves) should be top on the list. I do like the idea of fishing up gear though by chance if the devs insist on having us snag trash.
  12. nordak76

    So I can play for around 2 hours..

    I get the same thing, but I believe on my end it's due to heat issues. I really need to give my PS4 a good cleaning and move it out of the entertainment system so it can breathe a bit easier.
  13. nordak76

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    My google skills weren't up to the task, and I honestly can't remember. I wish once the challenge was fulfilled, it would show you the reward acquired from it.
  14. nordak76

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    Ok, so I went to Texas to try both the NE Edition pear bait coin bobber available in shop vs. X-Series Glowing Pear Shaped. With a slight 3.8 mph northerly headwind, using x-series mono .02 on a brutus 11'10''/Thunderspin 4500 combo, 6/0 hook and large minnows, max cast for both was 148'. I tested a few times with identical results. Barring some unforeseen x-series benefit, I'd say this bobber is a great replacement float. Very happy with mine. For 4 baitcoins, it's quite the steal really.
  15. nordak76

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    Thanks for the info again. Just to clarify, we're talking about the x-series glow pear shaped bobber, right? I don't use the x-series standard pear shaped often, so can't attest to casting disance on that one. I may need to retest the bait coin shop version again, but I could have sworn the casting distance was the same. Will test again and see.