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  1. koobeans! now that we have fished at blue crab island, i see ur point. thx a bunch.
  2. Hey devs, first thanks a bunch for creating FP. My husband and I are crazy about this outdoor hobby. Seriously, it is our most favorite passtime these days. Second, the polarized glasses don't seem to be functional, we have not purchased them due to that fact. Are there any plans to upgrade them? It would be fantastic to see underwater, to watch our catches reel in while wearing them. If that came to fruition, we would absolutely buy them with baitcoins. We would prefer using basscash for these esthetic only purposes. Cheers and be well! Dragn & Scorp Hunter
  3. Agreed, we hope there will be an update soon to allow my husband and I to board his Scorpius bass boat and fish various lakes together. I absolutely refuse to purchase a separate boat on my account...to me that is waste of game currency.
  4. Thx a lot boomer. Welcome back too. Hubz plans to get a boat soon and I appreciate ur tip to rename the buoys with the actual depth! I have been naming them with the fish name that I caught there. Lolz happy fishing!!!
  5. Dragon66

    Depths Data

    Playing our third day and we are having long awaited fun without so many stressors cause by social gaming. Finally an online game that is peaceful...thank you devs!!! Is there a listing of waterway depths? My husband and i would appreciate knowing the depth of each location. Our tablets on xbox platform tells us that the Lesni Vila fishery is 20ft...so far the deepest we have achieved is 17ft. This does not seem accurate. And maybe it doesn't need to be lolz. However, with all the data y'all provide, this seems to be an oversight?
  6. WHYYYY? i purchased fluoro and mono leaders, i need 44in...so when i cut n use one time and the line breaks i have to leave the room n go buy another pack (.006) bc my whole setup disappeared. i have had to do this 3 times today and pay the entrance fees of 120 again and again. UGHHH.
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