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  1. Seeing as it's a competition, I've made my story rhyme! It was mid September, give or take, I took my old skiff and left for the lake, I had a my rod and the coffee I like, Everything you need for a day hunting pike. I got to the lake at half past 5, The mornings make me feel alive, I rowed out to my favourite spot, And tied on the lure with a uni-knot. I cast out to where big pike hang, When suddenly my telephone rang, I was startled by the sudden noise, (My ringtone was "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys...) I stumbled while the lure was still jerking, I looked like I was Miley Cyrus twerking, But I couldn't believe it when I looked: In the commotion...a fish was hooked! The game was on, I began the fight, It felt like a monster, pulling with might, I battled and battled but the fish did too, I was starting to tire (and I think he knew!) I decided to give one final heave, But the fish didn't budge, would you believe, "You will not beat me, fish!" I roared... A second before I fell overboard! Soaked to the bone, with my confidence hit, I decided to call it a day and quit, I climbed back in the boat with my rod and my flask... ...and I'll say I caught it if anyone asks!
  2. I meant physically 'striking' with the controller, by thrusting it upwards. The controller has a built in accelerometer and gyroscope, so I would have thought this would be possible.
  3. I downloaded this game a while ago on PC, but my machine doesn't run it well (it's a bit of a potato). Therefore I was excited to see it released on PS4. I had visions of using the PS4 controller's accelerometer as a really immersive and exciting way of striking into a fish - I was therefore very disappointed to learn that you just press a button! This seems like a wasted opportunity. Are there any plans to introduce this feature? Is it possible?
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