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  1. Two more instances of a fish/description mismatch, again in an event (San Joaquin Extravaganza), this time fishing planet had only been running for a bit longer than the event time, again there was no untoward RAM use and still >28GB of free RAM on the PC (Motherboard: Gigabyte X99-SLI, CPU: I7-6900K, RAM: 32GB DDR4-2400, GPU: GTX 1070 8GB, Sound: Sound Blaster Z)
  2. Yesterday (03/09/2018) I entered the Rocky Lake, Colorado "One by One" event (PC/Steam), and towards the end of the event I noticed that there was a mismatch between the fish on the hook I had caught and the description of the fish in the pop-up UI element describing the fish. The first instance was a Bluegill fish on the hook, but the description was "young cutthroat Trout" (26th fish caught) The second instance was a Black Crappie on the hook, but the description was "Bluegill" (28th fish caught) The third instance was Bluegill fish on the hook, but the description was "Black Crappie" (30th fish caught) there may have been earlier instance too that were missed, but once I noticed I took screenshots which are attached. at the time there was no unusual fishing planet RAM usage (had task manager open on my second monitor) and there was no degradation of game FPS etc, however Fishing planet had been running for 12 hours or so.
  3. I concur, though I use metric. e.g. I can use 9.1kg braid or fluoro with a 9kg drag setting with the likes of the Espira DoublePunch 5500 and derivative reels, or the LineGlider 6000, which is 0.1kg (~0.22 lb) or the CCO fireball 6000 at 15.75kg drag with 15.8kg fluoro, which is 0.05kg (~0.11 lb) (used on my heavy float setup with the 16kg IrishClover 300/Brutus 300/CGT FinGiant 300 (9'10") rods) the CallistoXS 1400 at 0.87kg drag with 0.9kg line, which is 0.03kg (~0.066 lb) (very light float setups for max XP off small fish for fun) not sure how well the above will translate to US customary/imperial game settings given the rounding to whole lb for line, but in metric none of the above will brake the line at the correct very close drag setting
  4. looks good, one thing I would suggest, is a second home in Europe so to speak, so you have the air-fair for crossing the Atlantic as a stand-alone cost that is ONLY charged when you cross back and forth between the North America and European regions, but once your in the European region at your second home the travel costs between European fishing destinations doesn't include the air-fair for crossing the Atlantic.
  5. advanced unlimited licenses are a good thing to spend bait-coin assuming your not swimming in money, as it saves a bit of money and expands where you can go cheaply, IF you enjoy that waterway and don't have much time for gaming, so it can be a couple of IRL days between your gaming session, as that way you can stay at the same place between gaming session without the worry of remembering to rebuy the advanced unlimited licenses due to it lapsing and getting slapped with a fine. however as long as you go fishing for a couple of in-game days and given licences are IRL 24h days, it more than easy enough to make money without spending bait-coin on advanced unlimited licenses, in which case your free to spend it on tackle items instead, which can also be quite useful, as some of the bait-coin rods and reels have higher durability, just like some of the DLC rods and reels, which can be useful for prolonged stays at places.
  6. it seems that on PC/Steam the Insomniac II challenge has some erroneous maths, decimal placing and/or total kg values. first off, 10,000,000.0kg is a silly mount, that is 10,000 tonnes! second, the maths is broken (indicating the decimal is misplaced), as a 23.281kg fish is treated as a ~23,281kg (23.281 tonnes) fish, which is a x1,000 error, indicating the objective to complete is 10,000kg (10 tonnes) of fish and not the 10,000,000kg (10,000 tonnes) shown in the description or shown as completed so far (as in #######.#/10,000,000.0)
  7. are there any plans for multi-discipline specimen rods? and competitions for them. i.e. marginally shorter than most match rods, marginally longer than most spinning rods, has less tip sensitivity than comparative bottom fishing rods, and is geared to casting out heavier float setups and lure setups for predatory fish, and heavier bottom fishing setups. so they are not tied into any one specific discipline, but are aimed more towards bigger fish in their line-class/test curve, and a slightly more compromised than their comparative length rod of a specific discipline when it come to trying to cast light tackle. you could even go as far as building a set of competitions around them, where you have to use one specific multi-discipline rod, and a very limited number of tackles, but have the freedom to use any method/s of fishing you can accommodate within that limited number of tackles with that multi-discipline rod. you could even go as far as making the methods of fishing available in the competition a surprise, based on a pre-compiled "tackles set" purchased at the time of competition entry (items within not visible until you start the competition but are the same for everyone), which is the ONLY tackles that can be used for that competition, so about the only thing the player gets to choose, IF they have purchased the multi-discipline rod of a particular line-class/test curve, the spinning reel they will use upon it and their line selection/s, and if they enter the competition or not. competitions, all fish types on a waterway would have a points value, there would be multiple potential "tackles set" per competition (though everyone gets the same set for that competition instance), some "tackles sets" would push people more towards specific fish and/or fishing methods, while other "tackles set" could be more general purpose, and other "tackles set" could be sub optimal for any fish type on that waterway pushing people to go for small fish with heavy setups, which would give much more variance in competitions and somewhat more of a challenge than other competitions where you can go with multiple rods, large amounts of preselected tackles, and know precisely what fish, the fishing spots you will use, etc, etc. even in the single player none competition element you could makes some changes, if you go to a waterway with a single multi-discipline rod and a limited number of tackles, and can only keep trophy or larger fish in a "fish bag" of limited capacity as opposed to a stringer or keep-net of much larger capacity, you could capture some of the essence of lower level fishing for higher level players on all waterways while offering an XP/cash bonus to make up for deliberately using a smaller capacity of fish at the end of the day, and/or travel concessions to higher level waterways, because your only traveling with 1 rod and a small amount of equipment vs. someone with ~150 tackle items, 7 rods, 18 reels and so on. just some ideas to think about.
  8. a simple answer is don't be blinded by the pure XP or cash per 1kg of fish, given some fish are harder to catch or come in smaller numbers caught over a day of fishing. what you want is a low to medium XP or cash per 1kg of fish that can be caught in huge numbers over the day, which you augment by fishing the higher value (XP/Cash per 1kg) fish at their peak times. for instance in Colorado do trout at peak times for them, then fish for carp the rest of the day 10m to 14m off the bank of the fantastic fishing spot at a depth of 100cm to 125cm with marshmallow, crickets or corn. as in Colorado, its quite easy in a full day of fishing to have 20 to 30 assorted good trout and 150 to 200+ carp, in fact if you want to brake the 200+ fish/day barrier Colorado is one of the places to do it.
  9. I seldom use pure stop and go, instead I use combinations that transition into one another, for example straight or slow straight that transitions into stop and go every 5m to 10m. as slow straight, straight and stop and go will transition into each other with very high reliability, though the amount of lures/reel combinations means that there are only a few combinations that will easily transition all 3 states (slow straight > straight > stop and go > slow straight > straight > stop and go), most lure/reel combinations will only transition two, i.e. from one of the "straight" modes into stop and go then back into one of the "straight" modes. however some lure/reel combinations that will only transition two modes on a single reel speed will transition all three (slow straight > straight > stop and go > etc > etc) if you change the reel speed mid transition, so instead of doing slow straight > stop and go, you do slow straight > reel speed up change into straight > stop and go (reel speed down at the stop) > etc, which is made easer if you have reel speed on the mouse-wheel and buttons on the keyboard next to the key you use to strake etc too.
  10. just thought I would mention the test typo on the 500m spool is still there saying "Test: 15.1 kg" rather than "Test: 15.8 kg" like all the others (PC/Steam). (not that its urgent or anything, but I noticed again today that it was still there)
  11. Given all the high end spinning rods are all rated at 19.5kg or more, and the RiverTex ThunderSpin 5500 (19kg) can yield 16.625kg of drag on the 7th setting and the reel and rod are both stronger than the 18.1kg line, while the CCO FireBall 6000 (18kg) is weaker than the line braking load and can only muster 15.75kg drag on the 7th setting, the RiverTex ThunderSpin 5500 (19kg) and its 19kg derivatives are clearly “best”, so no “pay2win” there, so that’s the lure rods out of the equation unless your going to argue the ones best served by 9.1kg lines, but then I will point out that the reels rated at 12kg max drag with 12 drag increments also produce exactly 9kg of drag that same as CCO FireBall 6000 (18kg) dose on its 4th drag setting. So this leaves in terms of rods just the 3m 16kg Brutus float rod (and 3m 16kg derivatives), which in my book is “1 specific setup” i.e. 1 rod type, 1 line type and 1 reel type, which has some disadvantages too of wear and longevity, shorter casting distance and higher repair costs vs. the 3.6m 15kg variants running 14.5kg line at 14.25kg drag with the RiverTex ThunderSpin 5500 (19kg) on the 6th drag setting. As for imperial vs. metric, yes some descriptive elements like dimensions are rounded in the UI for simple clarity, but when it comes to reel drag for instance there are subtle changes between imperial and metric variant, because simply rounding something in the UI for instance saying a reel has 35lb max drag when it really has ‪35.27396lb (16kg) drag, would make it relatively imposable for people using the imperial UI to divide max drag by the number of drag steps to arrive at an accurate #.####lb per increment, which would be further compounded then to by rounding of line strength, so 15.8kg line is 35lb, it is not 34.83304lb. You clearly don’t understand durability, the Brutus 300 3m 16kg rod has 36000hp, 0.55mm 15.8kg fluoro line has 37500hp, meaning the line has ~4.1666% more HP than rod, but there is only ~1.55% between the 16kg max rod load and the 15.75kg reel drag, so while the line may be at ~99.7% and the rod be at 98.45% load it still falls short of the <95.8334% load it would need to be at to outlast the line, assuming both the rod and the line has 100% of their respective HP at the start, likewise if you had a CCO FireBall 6000 (18kg) and had attached it to a Brutus 300 3m 16kg rod with 15.8kg fluoro line and had gone fishing with it and regardless of the drag setting you selected (7th or lower) you will have observed your rods health trending downward faster than that of your 15.8kg fluoro line as I have. As for your second post, you seem to forget “best” is subjective, best practice would be to have line as the weakest part and not the rod, best practice for lower repair cost is not to have expensive items like rods and reels at high loads relative to the cheap component that line is, best casting distance comes from longer rods, thinner line or more mass being cast, being able to fish at place for longer rather than being limited by your rod wearing out prematurely is best for making money, in fact there are far more “bests” than the singular best of 15.75kg load that comes with a load of compromises, additional cost and other deficiencies which are clearly NOT “best’s”.
  12. while the CCO FireBall 6000 reel is good for maximising 1 rod type based off the 3m Brutus float rod with 16kg (35lb) max line capacity to within ~0.2kg of its braking point provided your using metric units, (if your using imperial units the rod and line have the same 35lb braking strength) it is generally NOT what you would use it for, because your Brutus 16kg rod will wear out before the line, as the 0.55mm 15.8kg fluoro line has a health pool that is larger than the health pool of the 3m 16kg Brutus rod, thus at all drag levels the reel will provide <15.75kg the line will actually wear slower than the rod if using metric units, while with imperial being as the equivalent line is 35lb and the rod is 35lb you will damage the rod even faster, as the rods health pool will deplete sooner than the line, as the line has a larger health pool. BTW: at one time the reel that is currently rated at 19kg were rated at 18kg, but this was changed because of the imperial related problems and the fact that back then there was no 15.8kg (35lb) line there was only really 14.5kg as an option which 19kg on the 6th drag setting (14.25kg), 16kg on the 7th drag setting (14kg) were aligned much better than the 13.5kg the 18kg variant could yield. now if you were to use CCO FireBall 6000 reel on big spinning rods >19.5kg, you could use 15.8kg (35lb) line without incurring such silliness as your line outlasting your rod regardless of if metric or imperial units are used, while the RiverTex ThunderSpin 5500 and its derivatives that are all rated at 19kg still have the edge on being able to use 18.1kg line at 16.625kg drag. so really there is NO pay to win there, but you could say there is pay to increase you repair cost and shorten your stay at fishing places if you use the CCO FireBall 6000 reel with 1 specific rod type based on the 3m Brutus float rod with 16kg (35lb) max line capacity, if your willing to accept a shorter casting distance than the 3.6m Brutus float rod equipped with 0.5mm mono line and a RiverTex ThunderSpin 5500.
  13. The Garry Scott Fluoro 0.55mm x 500m spools in the shop and within your inventory have a typo in the test strength in kg the 1000m, 300m and 150m spools all say "Test: 15.8 kg" the 500m spool says "Test: 15.1 kg" http://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/5/1698294337767435440/ Platform: PC/Steam
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