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  1. so, tonight I was fishing again at Missouri hooked a fish and 25ft from getting him in, my line stops reeling in any ideas why? and yes before someone mentions it my direction was set to reel in my line
  2. I've been loving this game so far, but why the hell does it seem to get harder and harder to reel in the same fish I was catching with absolutely no problem at lvl 5, yet here I am at lvl 17 reeling it the same damn fish with the same weight but it takes about 20+ min. Plus I just spent over an hour trying to reel in a fish, get him down to 30feet and all of a sudden he take every inch of line I have in one run, reel him back in to 30 feet again and he takes all the line again and then once again get him down to 30 feet and then he takes all of my line. Now, not only did I have to pay whatever the hell it cost to "travel" to the lake, I go away empty handed but have to pay to "repair" the gear. Y'all need to lower the damn travel prices at the very least
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