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  1. this game is too p2w for me,I quit,even the missions are bs
  2. I wanted to make a new account and start fresh then realized there is no more 1 day premium,why?
  3. mhm yeah,maybe the spot is wrong,i tried all hooks from 2 to 4/0 depth betwen 50 and 70 inches
  4. It says you can but i'm not sure if you really can.
  5. nice catch bradley,what technique are you using?
  6. i preffer crankbaits because they are easier to use for my preffered technique
  7. with 2/0 i only get small fishes,maybe because its a 3ft one
  8. Aiming to catch big walleye and northern pike,any reccomandation for a good crankbait?
  9. I'm using casting spoon for night version of course,i just wanna know if you can really catch so i wont waste my time
  10. I feel like it takes too long,today after I filled my net and wanted to skip to the next day I had to wait 30 minutes before I could do that,I think this makes some people quit the game and dont come back most of the times so i'm not sure how good is this for the game,I miss the old times when you could skip time whenever you wanted.
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