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  1. I would like to know if developers will be ready for the premiere of ps5 in terms of compatibility on the new platform
  2. Można tej odznaczyć w głównym menu POKAZUJ AWATARY INNYCH GRACZY czy jakoś tak...
  3. Jest taka opcja jak IGNORUJ To zalatwia sprawę:)
  4. Where can you find information on how to properly use the fishfinder. What part of the bottom does it show? Is it the front, side or back of the boat?
  5. the mission is fine. This set is wrongly folded. this mission is a continuation of the previous one. your set must be exactly like the previous mission on this lake. you can check it in the tab: missions completed. happy New Year
  6. That’s all for now! We’ll share more details on how this functionality would work in our next issue of DD this Friday. Stay tuned! I will ask: which friday do you mean?
  7. Chodzi o proporcję mocy sprzętu do wagi ryby
  8. jeśli na system PS4 pro to jest to wina systemu
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