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  1. What I do is I will save up all my baitcoins and then get the unlimited advanced licenses for wherever I wanna go. I just spent my last 50 baitcoins on getting the UAL for Colorado. After I spent my 2K for the transfer fee, I just exit the app while I'm on the lake so I don't have to pay the extra money again. I prefer to get the baitcoins and then get the UAL. Sure, it takes time to amass the BC's but isn't that the fun in the game?
  2. It means “unique”, “trophy” and I don’t know what the V stands for. :)
  3. Jetoiler

    XP arrow

    Well that sounds complicated AF. Lol. But thank you
  4. Jetoiler

    XP arrow

    I’ll play some more in a little bit and try to figure it out. Lol. Thanks for the help
  5. Jetoiler

    XP arrow

    But they tell me it’s “too light and cast will be short”....? Is that still okay? I’m level 29 and still don’t know jack. Lol.
  6. Excellent guide, my man. But why do you only have three fish on there for Missouri?
  7. Jetoiler

    Drowning man

    Not yet but how much xp did he get you? Lol
  8. Jetoiler

    XP arrow

    I noticed that when I reel a fish in, where my XP amount is, I have a red arrow beside it; more specifically when I catch catfish in Missouri. Does anyone know why?
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