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  1. Oh! I thought all lines had all the sizes. But for example if a 0.35mm its available in all the three types of lines, which one should I use?
  2. Guess this is my case Don't know how I missed that post on my search. Now I just need to find the ingame alternatives because I haven't bought and DLC's yet. One more very noob question if I might. My interpretation of the lines ingame description, is that mono is inferior to fluoro and braid lines are superior fluoro (or am I completely wrong?). Which is the top quality line that I should use? If mono is the "weaker" line, at lvl 40 should I even care about it?
  3. I am in Michigan and about to hit lvl 40. I will go back to NY and Walleye when I hit 40 to get the head light but after that I really don't know. I plan to catch every species, do the achievements and maybe enter some tournaments. So what gear/setups should I aim for? So far I only travel with one rod since I didn't even bought any additional vest, rod bag,etc. When I see youtube videos, they all have 5+ sets equipped, a ton of lures, baits, crankbait, <insert any other stuff here> and to be honest I feel a bit overwhelmed with all that stuff. Thank you.
  4. Check this KpShamino´s video guide
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions. I am also considering buying baitcoins ingame, but as I'm new - lvl 32- I thought of asking the more experient players before buy anything.
  6. If you had only €20 to spend on Dlc which one/s would you buy and why? Thanks in advance.
  7. Was targeting 20% to be safe but I'll try 15-20% and see how it behaves. This is a very nice resource. The balanced rod and reel combinations are a godsend for a novice like myself. Loving the game and the community Thank you very much.
  8. I'll will try the spots you mentioned since I haven't fished there before. As for the line, I'll give mono a try and see how it behaves. Hijacking my own topic, I have two questions: At what durability percentage should I change my line? Is there any place where I can see when its the best time of the day, weather conditions, maps, etc to fish certain species? Thank you and excuse my English.
  9. Is Alberta lake dead? Between the lack of players there and the bugs, the bite ratio is so low that I almost fall asleep over the keyboard... I am a beginner so I could be using the wrong equipment.
  10. What should I do with the starter gear and the gear bought while leveling? Should I sell it or keep it?
  11. What I mean by storage is rod bags, belt pouch, vests, etc (sorry for the confusion). I'm quite enjoying NY. Specially on rainy days and at night. I really need to study this. I've been moving to maps without knowing what I'll find because I'm following a guide but now I think that I should be "less lazy" and learn the stuff instead of having someone holding my hand all the time. Thank you for your time.
  12. I am new to the game and I've been following and really enjoying KpShamino's leveling guides. So far I am level 15 and I am in New York targeting Walleye. I decide to stay in NY until level 18 and then move to Florida because I found a more up to date level 18 KpShamino guide because according to the video, it's more profitable than Oregon. When should I buy "storage" (because so far I have only one set per map because I didn't buy any "storage equipment")? I've seen some video comments about reduced xp due to the equipment used being overpowered(?) and I don't understand because it's a lvl 18 set. What can I do to overcome this issue? Any other tips/advice that can help a beginner like me are more than welcome. Thank you in advance and excuse my English.
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