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  1. Game not entering Comp!!!

    a while lol
  2. Game not entering Comp!!!

    So with the lack of a response, do I assume my issue will not be addressed? And loosing all that cash while attempting to enter the comp is lost?
  3. Game not entering Comp!!!

    The game will not put me in the Saint-croix comp! I clicked enter and it showed that i did enter, but, the game did not put me in the comp. I exited the game and the state several times and still nothing! I want a refund for all the times I exited and re-entered.
  4. I was right all along, who woulda thought.

    Couldn't they simply move the Fish boxes around from time to time so that even if someone get's a hold of the box map, they will not be in the same place. And I don't think suspending comps, or turnys is the answer. If the general player population know there are people who have the fish box map, and choose to compete anyway, well, it's their choice right. take their chances. my 3 cents
  5. 1 person inters Turny's with mutable accounts!?

    Well I don't know. Just seemed a bit odd. But anyway, lol
  6. 1 person inters Turny's with mutable accounts!?

    Yes, I see that, It only shows one member in the clan but I guess that could be in accurate... Please don't take this the wrong way, if this is a group of people, then awesome! they are very good players ;-)
  7. 1 person inters Turny's with mutable accounts!?

    Well, I have seen this in other games as well, I guess the only way to have a chance is to be as good as or better than said player. Which means, before I personally get involved, I had better know how to play lol. Still, it would be nice if the company would screen peoples accounts a little better for these turnys, but I suppose, that is a big undertaking in it's self. Oh well, it is what it is lol. I still like this game ;-)
  8. 1 person inters Turny's with mutable accounts!?

    I figured so, but, the name "noname" is all over the charts. Is this a clubs thing? That name with mutable different names attached. but the club only shows 1 member. logic dictates that the one person has many accounts. If I am wrong, then I am wrong and i have yet to understand the game ;-) But if that is accurate, then one person is interning the turnys and dominating the board. Frankly, I don't really care if a person has many accounts, and I am not ready to play in turnys, but when i am, I would like to know that the playing field is fair.
  9. I'm not a complainer, and this is not that, however, I do have a question and opinion. I see the the name "NoName" with several different names attached to it. Are these the same person with different accounts? If so, WHY would FP allow this person to inter, and unfairly dominate tournaments, competitions, etc.? I mean the person is a good play as seen buy the scores, but alloying that good player to fill up all the top spots with mutable accounts is not fair to the rest of the players. My 3 cents
  10. White Moose Lake in Alberta...

    Oh cool ;-) Thank you for the response
  11. White Moose Lake in Alberta...

    Good morning ;-) I was wondering if White Moose Lake in Alberta has been fixed. I really like the lake, but when the glitch happens, it is a real pain to force the game to shut down, and re-start. Any info would be great ;-) Thanks CC
  12. x series

    and how do we earn the Xseries?
  13. float pools

    Thanks guys!
  14. float pools

    Thanks for the advice, but I meant a guide for different types of float rods. Unless the name of the rod has the word float in it, I am unable to find if a rod is a float rod or not. And I assume it doesn't matter which numbered slot I put it in.
  15. float pools

    Would be nice to have a float pool guide. Anybody have a list of the best float pools?