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  1. Nice video, thanks. Looks like a lot of new gear coming. I didn't hear anything about the new boats...
  2. Howdy Ya'll!


    Please be sure to react to my posts with a like, thanks, or whatever moves you.



    I thank you in advance  😎

  3. That would be fine by me as it is, takes to long to row row row my boat to the other end of some larger lakes lol And yes!!!! I do want a new toy to play with he he he
  4. Looks awesome! I don't see any motor boats lol How is the team doing on that front?
  5. "rotten minnows and Pigs Eyes" Your showing your age Bear lol Just funnin with yu... I have heard of the vampire gar and the ghost pike, but have never seen ether. Ditto with the no issues, however, I think they should do something different this year. Unless-in of course a lot of players want the same thing. I must have been out to lunch lol. Maybe this year I'll be around for that...
  6. Halloween is coming up, are there any plans for special events, giveaways, new products, etc?
  7. I have tried to get the three circles and have only achieved it many times. To that end, I have tried to get no circles and have achieved that also. That said, I personally have not noticed any difference in how the fish bite. It seemed random to me. I used the stop-and-go, lift-and-drop, straight pull, and even a CRAZY combination of all three. I looked like I was having an attach of something lmao. Yet again, it didn't seem to matter. I reeled in fish doing it all. I guess my point is, do what feels comfortable to you and eventually you will catch fish. My 3 cent's
  8. Well guys, I used the biggest gear I could find and reeled in the smallest fish In the lake lol, or so it seemed. Just goes to show that anything is possible right .
  9. Well, I did my best and still came up short but had fun Congratulations to the winners Gods speed and tight lines
  10. So why is the turny saying starts in 23 hrs? Never-mind lol I just saw that sign-ups are today and the turny is tomorrow... Sorry
  11. if someone put a gun to the back of my head and said, "catch a tiger trout or else", I'd be dead the first few minuets of fishing lol......
  12. Ditto to Hilrond... Sometimes I just want to fish and not chat. I, like many others, will just open a private room, or friends only room. However, at times, I want to see what other anglers are catching but still not really want to chat. so I just close the chat window. And sometimes, I simply don't want the chat window in the way. That said, often, I do enjoy chatting with people and helping new anglers. As for clubs, It took me a long time to find the right club that I felt would be a good fit for myself. I would recommend getting to know the people in the club your interested in before you ask to join ;-) My 3 cents.
  13. I snagged a 54 lb Unique Muskie once, But only a 12 lb tiger...
  14. We all started at the bottom in this game... And although I can sympathize with new player frustrations, the whole point is to start at the lower level lakes, learn the game, i.e. how to budget your money, learn how and when to use the different equipment, learn where the fish are etc, etc, etc. Thus you will have the skills and knowledge to fish on the more expensive lakes so that you earn your coin and experience points. Trying to fast-track will only leave you broke, and having to pull cash out of your pocket to continue playing... Trust me, I learned that the hard way lol... Also, there are plenty of people who are more than willing to help, in addition, there are LOTS of YouTube videos for the different lakes that show how to gain maximum coin and exp. My advise, enjoy the game. don't try to push through it. My 3 cents ;-)
  15. This would be fun also ;-)
  16. I haven't heard nor read any recent updates regarding the addition of Motor boats, or the new water. Any idea when this is going to happen? I know the team is working hard, and don't want to push the subject, however, personally, I'm feeling my avatar has gotten plenty of exercise rowing the kayak and is ready for some motor action lol.
  17. All good comments ;-) Personally, I am waiting for the motor boats and new water. Going to be fun!
  18. Howdy Ya'll, sorry I've been MIA. real busy on the ranch. will see if i can make it to this event cheers team ;-)
  19. Hey Guys ;-) I have caught a couple Bluegill when just foolin around float fishing using dough-balls and leaches. #2 hook line depth depends on where you are on the lake. I caught mine set at 15 inch the shallows, and was at 47 inch in the deeper areas. No guarantees ;-) I have not tried casting for them They are out there, you just need to go hunting. If you read the tips for the fish, you will have a better idea how to fishem. Hope that helps, and best of luck
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