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  1. FP in UE5 would look dope. I think it would blow the other fishing game out of the water and leave them in the dust (not competitive ) I dont think the devs see the posts on this, but the link to the subreddit is - https://www.reddit.com/r/FishingPlanet/ if you aren't apart of it. There is an active moderator who listens to a lot of people.
  2. Honestly was thinking of adding some, but I didnt wanna go overboard with a bunch of new fishies. I think that tiger sharks are kind of a staple to Australia, (I THINK) and I can definitely modify the list of fish. P.S. I didnt even know some of these species of sharks so thank u for the ideas!!
  3. I could definitely see those fitting in! I did my best to add some new species but also not overload the entire place, although I guess they did that with South America and Africa. I'm open to any ideas, personally i'm not interested in small fish so i didn't do any research on them. If u have any other ideas lmk, would be a dream to add an oceanic map to Fishing Planet
  4. As one who lives in the cold and water-logged city of Chicago, one does look at warm places every now and then just for happy thoughts Australia has been my go-to happy place. Some brief little details would be as follows, -New Equipment: Rod, Reels, Baits, Terminal Tackle, and some Lures -RODS- 1. RIVERTEX™ Salty Slaya' (Spinning Rod) (Deep Blue, White, Net Pattern) -Length: 7'8 -Casting Weight: 2 1/4 Ounce - 6 3/4 Ounce | 63g - 190g -Power: Medium -Line Weight: 75 - 90 lbs | 34 - 40 kg -Pieces: 1 -Guides: 8+1 2. RIVERTEX™ Deadset Dropper (Trolling Rod) (Black, Silver, Criss-Cross Pattern) -Length: 11'3 -Casting Weight: 6 Ounce - 9 1/2 Ounce | 170g - 269g -Power: X Heavy -Line Weight: 90 - 115 lbs | 40 - 52 kg -Pieces: 1+1 -Guides 14+1 -REELS- 1. RIVERTEX™ Exy 15000 (Spinning Reel) (Black, Silver, Honeycomb cutouts) -Ratio: 4.9:1 -Recovery: 22" | 56cm -Max Drag: 95.7lbs | 43.4kg -Ball Bearings: 7+1 -Drag: Rear 2. RIVERTEX™ Eddy 810 (Spinning Reel) (Deep Blue, Chrome) -Ratio: 6.4:1 -Recovery: 29.5" | 75cm -Max Drag: 115lbs | 52kg -Ball Bearings 4+1 -Drag: Rear -NEW BOAT- Aluminum Saltwater Boats (Based off the "North River Boats: Seahawk Offshore SXL-Series) A new type of boat would mean that deep(ish) water fishing out in the pacific ocean. I believe that a money making tradeoff for needing a boat for the deeper ocean fishing would mean that there would be an in-game pack containing the obvious new tackle and boat that comes with it, this would cost real money. There would also be a new boat in the in-game store that costs regular fishing planet currency. -NEW BAITS- -Squid -Live Mackerel -Tuna Chunks -Ballyhoo -Halco Roosta Popper, #6/0, 3 Ounce | 85g (Red, Blue, Lime, Yellow) -Heavy Duty Single Spoon, #7/0 - #9/0, 5 Ounce - 141g -TERMINAL TACKLE- 1. Hooks -16/0 Treble -14/0 Treble -16/0 Bait Hooks -12/0 Bait Hooks -10/0 Bait Hooks 2. Leaders -130lb Steel Leader (2 Feet | .6 Meter) -110lb Steel Leader (2 Feet | .6 Meter) -90lb Mono Leader (3 Feet | 1 Meter) -75lb Mono Leader (3 Feet | 1 Meter 3. Sinkers -10 Ounce Surf Sinker -8 Ounce Surf Sinker -NEW FISHIES- 1. Wahoo Common, Trophy, Unique Weight: 35 - 80 lbs | 15.8 - 36 kg Applicable Baits, -Squid -Large Minnow -Crab -Spoons -Poppers -Deep Divers 2. Great Trevally Common, Trophy, Unique Weight: 65 - 145 lbs | 29.5 - 65.7 kg Applicable Bait, -Live Mackerel -Gulf Shrimp -Spoons -Poppers -Deep Divers 3. Queensland Grouper Common Weight: 80 - 500 lbs | 36.2 - 226.7 kg Applicable Bait, -Huge Cutbait -Large Liver -Buffalo Kidneys -Mackerel 4. Mahi Mahi Common, Trophy Weight: 12 - 45 lbs | 5.4 - 20.4 kg Applicable Bait, -Scaled Sardines -Large Minnows -Medium Spoon -Popper -Crankbait -FISH ALREADY IN THE GAME- 1. Permit 2. Tarpon 3. Bull Shark Well there you have it guys! Remember, this is just an idea for the dev team. It was very fun to research and write this but TL;DR, An Australia map with some new fish species and new methods of fishing would be absolutely awesome!!!!!
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