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  1. Hi Folks. I´ve been playing on the new UK pond for a couple of days testing the different boilies. At this point I can not get to a final conclusion about which ones are best for specific species, it seems to me that all of them might work the same for most of the carp species. Is there anyone who have a better understanding on "how" boilies work?
  2. Hi ViolentVole, At some point I agree with what you say, all the latest updates are driving the gaming experience to a "grind for money" experience, which in my personal opinion is not a good stuff. I´m just curious about what you mentioned about the "script" on the competitions, I have the feeling lest say that there are players and PLAYERS, who suspiciously have a very good luck ,but that is something I can not demonstrate, but still feel that competitions are not quite fair and clear.
  3. just tried your method and it worked fine for the morning shift, then had to switch over the shads, but yes, cranks were killers, 3 uniques on a row.
  4. DEspite of the greedy economic model, I personally find it interesting since you have to plan ahead and very well to take success of every travel. This game without the economics is just a simple dumb fishing game, that is my opinion. now, going back on the San Joaquin delta, in my experience stripped bass is abundant near the rocks (dont recall the location name, but you will figure it out since it is the only place where there are rocks). Just cast near them with 6/0 and shinners or large cutbait, preferably during noon-late night. Also cranks works well. Another species there are Chinook, which I rather prefer over the stripped bass, but that is just a matter of tastes.
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