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  1. I will say the game could use the introduction of some shallow draft boats. Getting around some of the maps is cumbersome when water is only 2'-3' deep in some areas.
  2. Stop squinting when looking closely. Identical link, copied and pasted. There is no difference.
  3. Clearly you've just entered the room. All the time stamps on the 2nd screen are the exact same time which is how they show hen you first enter. Nothing to see here.
  4. But they do. Not often but I have caught piranha on a 10/0.
  5. +1 Pretty much all the smaller fish in SA do this. Years ago it used to be a once in a while thing with smallmouth bass when fishing sturgeon or blue cats in michigan. Hook size has lost almost all meaning on the newer maps.
  6. Yes, yes, it's fine.
  7. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Carp/Spod rods show below reels.
  8. Condensed specific location sheets by removing unused weather patterns Appropriately renamed night weather patterns per location Changed daytime Unique times to match peak times for weather patterns, as Uniques can now be caught at anytime and follow peak bite times unlike in the past Left specific night known Unique times as not all species feed at night or have unis available at night Considered removing peak times as they now match weather patterns, have not due to the differences for night fishing as mentioned above. May revisit in future Filled in a lot of preferred lures and baits for all locations through Bolivia, I am still level-locked from Brazil and Congo
  9. Yeah, some of this like how many unis at how many spots, cooldown timers, a database of coords to fish at, etc is beyond what I would ever do. I believe people should actually fish and learn some things themselves. No interest in creating a point and click to win reference. Same reason I have never done videos for this game. Quite frankly with existing videos and sharing markers much of this already exists just not in a singular reference. Yes, many videos suggest fishing with hooks that are way too small when bottom or float fishing, people need to actually fish, play the game, try different things and learn for themselves. I've read comments over the years that a uni can't be caught at x time or on x lure because it's not on the Ubersheet. I've had people argue with me in-game recently that x spot is the best place to fish at x location because that's what they saw in a video. I had someone try and tell me you could only catch uni marble trout on a rainbow spinners, lol. Anyone can make a spreadsheet, anyone can make a video. Any such tools IMHO are intended as and should be used as a guide at best. With the amount of new players power leveling and relying on videos or other tools the fishing/gaming IQ in-game is at an all-time low. Too many have no clue how to actually play the game or 'fish' they just mimic what they have seen in a video. The Ubersheet has always been purposefully a non-exact reference to help guide a player but not to practically play the game for them.
  10. Bull Trout and Chinook in Alaska are by far the most frequent in my experience. Did my last 30+ for the same challenge there.
  11. After a bit more thought I thought of perhaps eliminating the peak times as they have been and going with something more like this...thoughts?
  12. I have noticed. In my latest update (not yet live) I have started setting unis times to match with peak times (recommended best times now rather than you can only catch them at these times). With the recent move of preferred baits and lures to the specific locations sheets rather than a single sheet based on max size lure/bait info is also more relevant to max size fish at a specific location. With the expansion balanced combos sheets, addition of line/leader combos sheet, addition of x-series rewards sheet I am also attempting to add some value outside peak time charts which was the original primary reason to use the Ubersheet going back to 2016-2018.
  13. Yes, it stacks. Goto your profile and your premium status shows with an expiration date right under your level upper left of screen.
  14. Most people play with and advocate a "balanced setup". A balanced setup is simply a way of saying your line (or leader) should be your weakest point of contact to prevent possible gear breakage (to your rod or reel). However, as your screen shot shows there is a bit more to it as your reel a way more powerful than your rod and line. With reels to find out how much drag you are using you have to take the max drag of the reel and divide that by the number of drag settings (8 for the reel you are using). This reel can only be used with your setup with the drag set at the lowest (1) which would apply 2.38 kg of drag. With your setup this will result in breaking whichever part of your setup is the weakest (in your case, your leader). Regardless of which reel you use you must understand how much drag is applied with each setting or you will continue to run into such issues. Breaking down your screenshot your equipment rating are: Rod: Max 3.25 kg Reel: Max 19 kg Line: Max 3.6 kg Leader: Max 0.9 kg Clearly we see the leader is the weakest and where your breakage is occurring as even at the lowest setting your reel is going to apply more drag (2.38 kg) than the leader can handle (0.9 kg). With a Mono 0.14 mm leader you could use this setup (again with the drag set to a max of 1) as the leader is rated to 2.5 kg which is higher than the 2.38 kg drag the reel would apply at setting 1. As PH_Carpman99 has pointed out if you happen to use a leader stronger than the rod rating you could just s easily break your rod as your line and reel are stronger. There are online tools and references where the work has been done to make this much easier for you such as noted in my topic here:
  15. Completed overhauling all Balanced Combinations sheets. The separate sheets for Float/Lure/Bottom now include all in-game gear (exception for 2 DLC reels with unconfirmed number of drag setting) and include leader options for combos. Added various peak time, preferred baits and lures info
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