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  1. Hey there, dear anglers! Many of you have been asking us to prolong St.Patrick event to be able to complete all the fun event activities. We are happy to announce that the event has been prolonged for one more week till March 29th on all platforms: Steam, PS4 and XB1! Enjoy!
  2. Hello, Dear Anglers! Patch 1.10 is a minor update that includes: Optimization of the inventory - now it works 2 times faster. Underwater items (details below). Complex bugfix. Chinese localization sell item window fix. While we are working on the new European waterways and lots of new fish, here is a fun update for you in the meanwhile. As Fishing Planet is aimed to give you a fully realistic fishing experience now you can catch some underwater items and creatures, just like IRL. Also underwater items are a part of a new complex feature - Mission System whic
  3. St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and it’s time for some lucky Irish fishing fun! Join the excitement of st.Patrick’s Gold Hunt and look for Gold Pots scattered all around the locations from March 12th through March 19th Catch holiday event fish like Rowdy Bass and Leprechaun Fish to complete challenges and win prizes! Leprechaun Fish is a mystic creature that aside from its shamrock green coloration otherwise resembles a common Sunfish but will surprise you with the fight of your life! Rowdy Bass is an ill-tempered and feisty monster that will give you the fun
  4. No matter how grown up we get, Christmas time never fails to excite with the tingling anticipation of something magical in the air...just around the corner! And this time the feeling is right, with plenty of holiday magic, fairytale fish, fireworks and festive excitement waiting for you! This holiday season, join our fairytale fishing adventure with fantastic Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout that were spotted in snowy Canada! Have fun catching these magical Christmas event fish while the fireworks are blasting and complete the Myth Buster and Deer Hunter challenges to get unique holid
  5. Hey dear anglers! This time we’d like to tell you the most sizable Tournament of the year - the Christmas Giant’s Tour! This event isn’t about any particular kind of fish, the key rule here is: the bigger the better...and not just big...but GIGANTIC! Yep, we’re talking super-huge Trophy-sized monsters: Trout, Pike, Salmon, Burbot, Catfish, Muskies, Bass, Gar, Snook, Dolly Varden...the list can go on and on! It’s not the name, it's the size that matters. Yep, this is the big league, boys and girls and we’re doing some heavyweight fishing! Tight lines! Christmas Giant’s Tour
  6. Hey folks! Many of you have been waiting for the new Packs to appear in the PSN Store. Happy to announce they are available for purchase now! Check them out! Topwater Midnight Pack TOPWATER MIDNIGHT PACK is a killer combo of everything the angling samurai might need in his challenging Topwater & Night Fishing endeavours, like 4 of the best and most powerful spinning and casting rods and reels: including the new Night Edition rods like the divinely powerful Zeus™ 250 NE and the ultimate Bass weapon - the BassCaster™ 220 NE, as well as the biggest most muscular reels, lik
  7. Hooray, anglers! We’re thrilled to tell you about our most recent and much awaited update with amazing new features, including KAYAKS, TOPWATER and NIGHTFISHING, as well as new line and lure physics! We have also added THREE new fish species and 8 new Topwater and Nightfishing Competitions! (New Packs with Kayaks and Topwater and Nightfishing tackle will be available after 10am PST in American PSN Store and after 12am UTC in European PSN Store.) Main highlights Boat Fishing You can rent a kayak right now and head boat fishing on either of these 5 waterways:
  8. Hey guys! We know many of you have been waiting for the PS4 update and are very anxious to get all the new features on consoles. We are happy to announce December 5 as an official release date for the Topwater & Night Fishing as well as Kayaks fishing on PS4! It took us some time to do the porting and go through the approval procedures. But we have finally all settled down and in a week much awaited update will be waiting for you! Thank you for your patience and support. More new interesting features are to come soon. Stay tuned!
  9. Hey all, PS4 will get all the updates soon. Porting all new content to console requires extra time not to mention that just an approval cycle can take up to month. We are actively working on Topwater, Nightfishing and Boats functionality for PS4 and hopefully will publish it within 1-1.5 month.
  10. Hey all, you can find all the details about the event on PS4 here - Enjoy!;)
  11. Hey, Monster Night Pack is live in all stores. Please make sure to check the Bundles section in the European Store. The American Store has the Pack in a regular Add-ons section. You can use the links below to access the pack though the web store. PlayStation4 Europe PlayStation4 America
  12. Hey guys, sorry for the confusion with the event start, we had some issues. I am happy to inform you the Gar-o-Ween is officially live and you can fully enjoy it. Please see all details here -
  13. Hey, angling community! Looks like this Halloween you're in for some terrifyingly exciting fishing! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE IF YOU DARE Scary and huge monster-mutant gars have been once again spotted in North Carolina, Florida and Louisiana! If you have the courage, try catching them at night time (7 p.m. - 5 a.m.) using special freaky baits and glowing bobbers! Catch a certain number of each kind of Gar to earn a new and more complex 3rd level unique halloween-style challenge, especially if you didn’t get one last year! For passing all three sta
  14. Hooray, anglers! We’re thrilled to tell you about our most recent and much awaited update - we finally added Boats! You can take a kayak right now and head boat fishing on either of these 5 waterways: Emerald Falcon White Moose Lake Lake Saint Croix San Joaquin Delta Boat pins have been added on local maps, so you know where kayaks are on the waterways. Another cool thing that awaits you is lots of new water access points on Emerald Lake, White Moose Lakes, Saint Croix and San Joaquin! This means a fresh look at your favorite waterways and new places to explore and set of
  15. Hey folks!:) From this post on, we’ll be sharing with you how things are on our side of the screen! We’ll let you in on our thoughts and secrets as well as make sure to keep you updated on what we’re currently working on. Follow the bold and daring plans of our programmers, daydream together with our designers and graphic artists and get the overall vibe of Fishing Planet’s dev team! But first, let us thank you guys for supporting us from the start! We know and remember all those who were with us right from day one and feel that we’ve truly bonded after all these years. We couldn’t have
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