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  1. I have also encountered this issue while attempting to play on MacOS.
  2. I think that there is an option to toggle between reel speed and drag setting for mousewheel control under "mouse." I found that my key bindings persisted between sessions as long as they were not redundant.
  3. Hi, sorry for hijacking this topic, but can anything be done about the serious technical issues that are encountered on MacOS (Steam platform)? I have been unable to play on an Intel-based Mac since update v4.0.6. It crashes to desktop almost as soon as I start fishing and I have a competition watermark stuck on the HUD. I have also heard from discussion board posts of game startup issues on Apple-M1 based computers.
  4. If you are playing on Steam, the account configuration is associated with your Steam account. If you reinstall the game through Steam, your progress and inventory should carry over.
  5. I am having issues with not being able to play FishingPlanet v 4.1.2 on Steam for MacOS. I experience crashes to desktop when I attempt to go fishing (not while navigating the menus). I am able to see the game render itself, but the frame rate quickly slows down as I move the mouse around and the game crashes. Additionally, the mark of a fishing competition that I participated in a couple of weeks ago at Mudwater River is still stuck on my HUD and did not go away when I went to a different waterway. The last time that the game worked on my system was before the v 4.0.6 update. I am using an Intel-based Mac with Iris Plus integrated graphics on MacOS 12.4.
  6. Hi, I think the issue is that you have too little line on your reel. In the screenshot it is showing (bottom right) that you are limited to 50 feet of line. You should respool the outfit with more line to be able to cast farther.
  7. What are the specifications of your rod/reel/line/float/leader/hook outfit? Are you using the eel doll bait(lure)?
  8. Вы попробовали поварачиваться набок чтобы увелечить натяжение шнура? И в то же время давайте задний ход на шифте.
  9. На какой платформе вы играете? Пожалуйста, пишите техподдержке и вам поможет.
  10. На какой платформе вы играете? Вы попробовали щёлкнуть мышью?
  11. I caught the Eel Cannibal monster on a match setup under slip float and got the same message. I just ignored it and was still able to catch the monster.
  12. Are you using a Mac with an Intel-based processor or with an M1 processor? I have had issues using an Intel-based processor. If you are using an M1 chip, tech support suggested installing "Rosetta 2" software, going to local files in steam, right clicking the FishingPlanet package and selecting "Run with Rosetta." Otherwise, please contact Tech Support.
  13. One possibility is that your retrieve speed is too high. Please check and make sure that it is not at maximum (4 chevrons out of 4).
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