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  1. By chance do we think will ever see a comp at Everglades that will have: Any Bait, Any Bass, Most fish within 45 min wins? This would be an extremely fun comp! Just asking, thanks!
  2. I would like to know if the Dev team and the community would like to see a larger selection of baits being used during the events. Like a spoon or crank and even ANYTHING GOES event in Florida. I believe this would really give an added excitement to catching a ton of fish. I also was wondering if there will ever be a specific event for catch anything you want on every lake and the best bag wins? This may open up an extremely interesting challenge for the community. Thanks in advance for your feedback and comments. Tight lines all! Peace
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    Nice BASS

    Nice BASS
  4. After reading this and looking at the links, it is quite obvious people are using hacks to gain a complete advantage over the ones like myself that are honest and just playing the game without any BS cheats. Very Sad to see this! It explains why that 5.1 to 5.5 average in that April tourney seemed a little "Fishy"! Now was their a few that have been playing the game long enough and could accomplish this? Maybe a couple, but consistently in every tourney shouldn't be possible. The Devs should obviously make the game more realistic, fish move all the time, if you fish a lake this year in a tourney, doesn't mean they will be there 4 months from now. Make people earn these wins and not just have the same damn patterns work every time in the same location! Just my two cents! Upset to find out Devs haven't corrected this over 5 months after this quote above!! Peace
  5. I find the tournaments seem to be a tad tougher for me then just free fishing. I know I can fish a lake, know the hot bait and spots that produce trophies and then join a tourney and only catch 2 in 2 hours! Seems messed up if you ask me. Not sure what I could have done differently if the bait and spots work every time I go to that lake and then don't all of a sudden. I do have one gripe though: If it's true that XS baits have a CLEAR advantage over others, then that bait should not be allowed during tourney play, clearly a disadvantage for everyone else that doesn't own one! I wish everyone remaining all the best in the April BASS tourney moving forward though! Peace
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