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  1. you have to equip a hat that has a slot for a headlamp. most baseball caps have one.
  2. one more thing i forgot. There are graphical errors when using a headlamp with a cap. the headband disappears at the front on both sides of the cap. the only exceptions i have seen so far is the combination of headlamp and cap from the accessory kit and the xseries prometheus cap. otherwise this error always occurs.
  3. Hi Killerwhale, First of all I want to thank you for this thread. I think everyone who loves this game would like to have new information on how to continue in the future. everything you have posted sounds extremely exciting and could greatly enrich the game if done right. I am particularly excited about the salt water area. I want to keep it as short as possible, so I'll just talk about a few things that bother me the most in the game at the moment. first and most important question for me: please please give us better antialiasing on the next gen consoles. im on PS5. is there a chance that this will happen sometime in the future? I like the game a lot and the graphics in general are perfectly adequate and beautiful. but those ugly jaggies everywhere completely ruin the atmosphere. That's the question I'd most like to have an answer for. other than that, there's one more thing that annoys me about some of the current cosmetic items. I've already put a lot of real money into the game and unfortunately I've mostly been disappointed when it comes to cosmetic items such as shirts or glasses. some examples: - The shirt in the Sport Outfit Pack has graphic errors. the garry scott logo on both shoulders is completely stretched and pixelated in the upper area. there are also various clipping errors where the character's skin comes through the texture of the shirt as it moves. By the way, there are clipping errors with almost all shirts that you can get in the dlcs - the shirt from the bream feeder pack has about the same errors as mentioned - the hair clips through the texture of the xseries prometheus cap - there are clipping errors with the spider glasses when wearing a cap - the fishhunter glasses don't fit properly and clip through the ears All this relates to the male character. those were just a few examples. i know there are more important issues to fix but i think it's not good when someone buys something for real money and ends up disappointed. it would be nice if some of these problems could be fixed with the new outfit system. it would also be great if you could adjust your clothes in this system, for example change the color or the pattern of the shirt. I hope that you will be able to fix some of these problems at some point. other than that, thank you very much for this beautiful game and keep up the good work. greetings from germany.
  4. Hallo zusammen, habe das Spiel vor kurzem auf PS5 wieder angefangen. Die Grafik gefällt mir eigentlich ganz gut, aber das fehlende Antialiasing macht den Gesamteindruck ziemlich zunichte. Wer spielt hier noch auf PS5 und wie schauts bei euch aus? Benutze einen 1080p TV und hatte gehofft das durch Supersampling der PS5 dieses Problem etwas abgeschwächt wird. Mich würde auch interessieren wies auf dem Pc aussieht, da gibts diese Funktion ja. Wurde über dieses Thema schonmal diskutiert und ist da in Zukunft für die Next Gen Konsolen evtl etwas geplant? Lg triXO
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