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  1. Anybody know what the reward is for catching so many fish with the landing net
  2. I've been bitten off I've had my rod go into a seizure and lose lures I've had my boat upside down my person has been upside down just lost one of my new trophy lures I've seen others lose their trophy lures here lots of freezes and crashes I just wrote support to see if I could get my trophy lower back
  3. Any word if there's going to be a new 4th of July event
  4. Has any body been able to use bass boats at the new water way
  5. There is a couple of videos with a dev on YouTube are really long. You would have to be patient to listen to everything they do announce the whole boat situation That you cannot use the small boats at the new waterway
  6. There is a video on YouTube with Dimitri he says on it the license will not last forever it's a older video that was before killerwale announced it
  7. If you're talking about if the small boats can be shared at the ocean water way There's a few posts out there That said you can only use the ocean boats at the ocean waterway and the small boats everywhere else.
  8. Ok yeah it's hard for devs to respond if you do get time check out bo angels channel it will show u the location the fish the boats everything you need to know and you have a good day yourself
  9. I wrote you on the same post the other day If you want the full details on everything check everything out on YouTube They have everything you want To know
  10. Can't use the small boats at the ocean wall away.
  11. Devs said clubs will resume after ocean water way releases
  12. Got to wait for it to go on sale I got mine for $5.
  13. You can still do it on the fisherman if your interested in that version
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