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  1. Apparently instead of helping the community we've just been doing someone at fp's job for them. Check your stores, there's no more deals.
  2. I'm assuming the trolling feature is why we have two throttle buttons, which is a little awkward at first, but should be easy enough to get used to. I do like having the missions back and the trophy hunt ones seem to be a little more challenging so far, even on the first tier for some of them. I get the feeling it'll take a while to complete all of them (hopefully). From what I can tell, they have the old standard transducer that points straight down, imaging from directly under the boat, not behind it where you're lure is. Even if it was, I would think the lure would almost be too small to be detected by the sonar imo. I'm told they do have ones that will do that irl, but they're ridiculously expensive Maybe you have to leave your kayak at home in order to rent one, I don't know, just a thought. I did a little float fishing and one thing I noticed was when you're zoomed in on the float, it doesn't zoom back out anymore when you reel in the slack. I can't try myself for a few more hours, but I'm hoping I can do the same thing when retrieving a popper or walker that's been cast 200 feet out, that would be great!
  3. Turned the game on this morning, hit square to spawn from the default peg at Mudwater, CE-34878-0.
  4. Same here, happy to help. I've already referenced this topic once, hoping there was a deal on the baitcoin crank that I lost last week when I accidentally increased the drag without noticing it. No luck though, oh well.
  5. Also agreed, this game forces you to be very frugal in the beginning and some of these deals would have helped me when I first started, maybe even changed which venue I did my early leveling at. I'm a little surprised/disappointed to see that shiners are the only real bait category deal. I thought for sure there would be others, but apparently not. I have the screenshots for the Germany store, I just haven't cross checked them yet. I'll do it sometime this week.
  6. Definitely gotta try this out. If your buddy had four lines out, I wonder if you could tell him which one to pick up when he has more than one fish biting lol. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Here's a few more; LONE STAR TX: 300 yd mono .005"/.12mm 105 instead of 140 500 yd mono .005"/.12mm 150 200 MUDWATER MO: 300 yd mono .007"/.18mm 135 instead of 180 500 yd mono .007"/.18mm 195 260 500 yd fluoro .008"/.2mm 3BC 4BC EMERALD NY: 150 yd braid .005"/.12mm 135 instead of 280 1000 yd mono .009"/.23mm 4BC 6BC 1000 yd braid .006"/.15mm 10BC 12BC 1000 yd braid .004"/.1mm 5BC 17BC 300 yd braid .005"/.12mm 210 420 500 yd braid .005"/.12mm 315 630 Casting Spoon 1/4oz. #1/0 1BC 2BC Red+Wht, Yel+Red Rombs Shiners (level5) 3BC 7BC ROCKY CO: 1000 yd mono .01"/.25mm 5BC Instead of 8BC 1000 yd braid .007"/.18mm 12BC 15BC 1000 yd braid .0055"/.13mm 6BC 22BC Spinner 1/8oz. #1/0 2BC 3BC Rainbow or Beetle Barbless Nano Spin 1/16oz. #2 1BC 4BC All colors Barbless Nano Spin 1/8oz. #1 1BC 5BC All Colors Barbless Narrow Spoon 1/4oz. #1/0 2BC 3BC All colors Nano Spinner 1/16oz. #2 180 350 All colors Nano Spinner 1/8oz. #1 225 400 All colors
  8. Have you looked into remote play for PS4? https://remoteplay.dl.playstation.net/remoteplay/lang/en/index.html If you meet the minimum system requirements (scroll down on linked page), you can plug your controller into a usb port on your pc and play on your PS4 over wifi by installing the remote play app on your pc. I've never tried it myself so I'm not sure how well it works, but it could be another option for you instead of starting the game over with a steam account.
  9. Oops, my bad! For some reason I do that all the time when talking about those two places lol, no idea why. I made a quick stop at Emerald so I took screens there and it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow so maybe I'll do Mudwater and Lone Star too in case there's anything for low level players. I agree with skipping the lines, but for the venues I just mentioned I'll probably post everything since the lower level players are the ones that struggle the most with building/keeping in game cash (I know I did at first).
  10. Deals for Oregon; Pear Floats aren't available in the home shop until level 10! Pear float colors from top to bottom: Gold/White/Green 2 BC instead of 3 BC Green/Gold/Green 2 BC instead of 3 BC Troy 23'/7m SE rod 40 BC instead of 43 BC Barbless Nano Spinner 3 BC instead of 6 BC 1/5 oz./5.5(?)g #1/0 All Colors Crank 12'/3.5m #2/0 Perch 20 BC instead of 25 BC Crank 30'/9m #2/0 Rainbow 25 BC instead of 30 BC Spawn Sack (lvl14) 8 BC instead of 9 BC There's also some deals on lines, but savings are pretty much the same as everywhere else so far, no big super deals so I didn't itemize them. I noticed a buddy fishing in Alberta last night so I had him send me a screenshot of the equipment section of the shop out of curiosity and the Tackle Box found by @PH_Bear at the beginning of this thread is no longer available in that shop, at least on PS4.
  11. I forgot to mention I'm on imperial mode and not metric but it doesn't matter in California because there aren't any deals on lures. Google does have it's own unit converter for anyone who might need it for deals at the other venues; https://www.google.com/search?q=unit+converter&oq=unit+converter&aqs=chrome..69i57.6977j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Here's what's available in California: Thunderspin 5500SE 325 BC instead of 345 BC 1000 yd Fluoro .022"/.55mm 18 BC instead of 23 BC 500 yd Fluoro .018"/.45mm 1275 instead of 1375 300 yd Fluoro .018"/.45mm 855 instead of 925 150 yd Fluoro .020"/.50mm 600 instead of 625 500 yd Mono .018"/.45mm 945 instead of 1250 300 yd Mono .018"/.45mm 630 instead of 840 150 yd Mono .020"/.50mm 480 instead of 600
  12. I used the same hook as Sabiscs (#14), but with regular maggots instead, although any color maggot will work.
  13. I haven't noticed a limit on characters, I set this one this morning and when I highlight it on the tablet everything is there, just not when I click on it. "Uni Grass Carp Sunny 68° 7pm #6/0 hook bottom rod 42 leader" 69 characters including spaces (PS4).
  14. Give me a few days and I'll do the Cali store, going there to share markers and help a friend level up on sturgeon. I'm at Weeping Willow, but all the prices there just went up a day or two ago. Update on shiners (so far); $650 - Home $525 - Alberta, Florida, Louisiana, Russia
  15. No problem, just make sure if you're on ps4 that on the right hand side the color of the license changes to the advanced one before buying. Sometimes it doesn't and you have to move the right stick back and forth a couple of times before it does change. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with a basic license even though you're in the advanced column when you hit "buy".
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