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  1. It does mean inches, look closer, there's a decimal point in front of the 4, 6, and 8.
  2. I'm on PS4 and haven't had any issues with night fishing. I've been in Brazil since last Thursday so I'm not sure about other venues atm but my best night there so far I caught over 900 lbs. of arapaima in one game hour.
  3. Yes and once you get to level 70 the xp bar will return to where it was before the update to resume your rank status.
  4. I thought the event was already over when this topic started but if you can still catch them next year here's my marker in Louisiana where I caught all 150 last year. Coordinates are -69.07, 133.57, just in case I have to delete this pic to make room for another one in the future.
  5. This game is not cross platform except for win 10 and xbox and I don't have either so I don't know if they're comps are at the same time or if they're competing against each other or not, but when you enter a comp or tourney on ps4 you're only competing against other ps4 players.
  6. There's no incognito mode that I'm aware of on ps4, you can have your user appear offline, but when you log on to FP it will show that you're playing to everyone on your in game friends list whether you're appearing offline or not.
  7. Disregard my above comment, I guess maybe it pay that much did after looking at comp rewards, shows how much I know about comps. I came in tenth in a tourney once and that only paid like 1000 or 1600 credits. that's what made me think mine was messed up, my apologies.
  8. Took a peek at what mine says on ps4 and it's not just you. It says I have 20k/100k for level III but I've only done 4 comps total and came in 3rd once, pretty sure it didn't pay 20k lol.
  9. Nobody is hiding anything. On ps4 there is a max of 5 players in your lobby and those are the only catches you'll see pop up during the comp. If you can't see them, then you're on the wrong tab in your chat window.
  10. They are in your inventory under the "specials" tab
  11. Read the reply by @LTR8_Star. You may not like it, but it seems to be legit.
  12. Louisiana was the best place for me, I caught them all last year, mostly on the baby catfish and buffalo, didn't use the frogs much at all.
  13. Glad you got it sorted, but I would go catch some rowdy bass and leprechaun fish for baitcoins. You can always go back to Cali next week when the St. Patrick's day event is over.
  14. It must be just about ready to release on pc since they are letting the testers stream it and post videos.
  15. Dennis changes his post dates so you can't go by that. If you look at today's announcement about the St. Patrick's Day event it says he posted it on March 2nd.
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