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  1. Great Idea using one of you're rods for a measuring stick!! I was eyeballing my distance which cost me a few snowballs before I found the right spot. I was also standing behind players so I may have been too far away from the bank to use my rod, can't say for sure. Same here with the quick toss, no power. For me throws were hitting players at 12-16 feet.
  2. Just look at the leaderboard under "fish", there's a category for Xmas fish which is selected by default, you can just change the location for whichever one you need to know.
  3. This challenge is very doable, I saved it until last because I wanted to make sure I got the hat first and I still had it completed by 12/26. Getting the snow from all four locations gives you 20 snowballs per day to throw. It was a little frustrating at first but once you find your aiming spot it should go fairly smooth, on b2b nights I hit 18/20 and 19/20. I stuck with venues that were mostly on flat ground where players were for the most part out in the open so I could make basically the same type of throw at every player (easier to fine tune). I was throwing the shortest distance possible and you have to aim to the left slightly because every toss drifts to the right. Since the "aim cast" button doesn't work, you can put a small piece of clear tape or window cling plastic on the center of your screen and add a dot or cross hair to it so it shows exactly where you're aiming. Mudwater, Alberta, and Czech Rep. worked best for me but in Alberta sometimes there's players out in boats and at Czech you're standing slightly uphill so you have to aim a little lower than at the other two venues so you don't throw it over their head and into the lake. Hope this helps, good luck!
  4. On PS4 I could mix it in a recipe slot but could not equip it to my character. I had to equip the bag of snow to my character first where it then prompted me to mix into snowballs with automatic proportions for the amount of water added. EDIT: The way I was doing it will give you 5 snowballs per bag and yes it is for the snowman rodstand.
  5. I got the Germany one from a friend. It's near the shore at the end of one of the little bridges by the bighead/silver spot. Coordinates are 790, 520. I placed a marker and took the boat to get there instead of walking from the peg.
  6. First trip to Alberta for the Christmas event this year it happened to me 6 times in less than half an hour RT. Doesn't come back on when re hitting button like before, you have to go to audio settings each time to fix it.
  7. kdog013

    Merry Christmas

    You have to complete the snowfighter challenge by hitting 100 different players with snowballs. Bags of snow can be found at Rocky Lake, Falcon Lake, White Moose Lake, and Kaniq Creek. You then equip each bag of snow to your "character" in inventory to get 5 snowballs. Do not mix it as a chum recipe or it won't work. Highlight your character in inventory, then select a bag of snow and hit whatever button it is to "equip" (depending on platform). A window will pop up with the option to mix or cancel and will be automatic. If the window wants to know how much water you want to add, then you're in the recipe area and it won't work. Hope this helps, good luck. FYI, rodstand is 2 rods max with no bite alarm and can't be adjusted or tilted, arms are stationary.
  8. I don't have the fisherman, but if there are presents and fireworks on the fisherman then the challenges should be there too. Go to your profile and check the challenges list for the ones in the attached post from last year on f2p version. There's also a reward for setting off a certain number of fireworks that isn't mentioned in that post, I forget what it was called.
  9. Yes!!! Your bait or lure has to already be in the water before fireworks are lit. If your fishing solo with a lure and rod stand you have to cast out, set the rod down, set off fireworks, then pick the rod back up and start your retrieve.
  10. You mean like when @Dennis_FP posted the grand smallies cup announcement last Friday 11/15/19 and then changed it so it looks like it was posted on 11/5/19 ? He does that with almost every announcement for tournaments and holiday events. I used to check "all activity" to see the latest posts but don't bother anymore when it comes to that stuff.
  11. Happy to help @BEARlyThereCDN . There's some good info on a few of the other missions in this topic if you get stuck again. Best of luck https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/19680-trouble-with-missions/ If it doesn't post as a link, just copy/paste the above line or use the search for "Trouble with missions".
  12. You can translate this one with google chrome:
  13. 8-9 am at 35" on a cloudy day works too casting at the first buoy on the left in this pic, same area as @PH_Carpman99 and @SabiScs
  14. I was going through my gallery a few weeks ago and found this video I saved while I was posting here last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lihyv68Y-v8 I guess the Octoberfest nerfed my recollection just a tad because the last 2 on my triple b2b as mentioned above were on candy and I obviously didn't remember saving this video when I got up the next day (feeling much better now though) so I figured I'd post it in case they're still available for those who may not have completed this mission last year, plus this mission is on the paid version so this should help you guys get this done in a reasonable amount of time. Good Luck!
  15. Mine came pretty easy doing the same as @PH_Carpman99 said, sunny morning between 6 & 7 am in the same spot except I had a heavier jig and used 3 speed S&G. Here's a pic, taken with my phone so it's a little grainy, but you can see the lily pads in front of me. I think I was casting around 100' from out in front of those pads and was dragged to where the pic was taken. Good Luck!
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