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  1. Yeah sorry, can't help you there I guess as I'm not using the mouse but the above workaround does work with a controller for when the boat GPS gets stuck for anyone else that runs into this bug.
  2. You can, and it is, what I described above was just a workaround for when it doesn't work. Once you do that you should be able to zoom in and out while driving again.
  3. If you stop the boat, pull up your tablet and zoom in or out, then go back to driving the boat you should be able to zoom in or out with the gps map.
  4. This is from National Geographic's website; Hucho taimen, also known as the Siberian or Mongolian taimen, is the largest member of the salmonid family, which includes trout and salmon. It can grow six feet long, even bigger than the North American Chinook salmon. Though it is one of five taimen species in Asia, when people talk about “taimens,” they’re usually referring to this species.
  5. This topic was brought up a few years ago here with a nice mock-up of the tablet done by @mitderplatte. Would be great to see it added at some point.
  6. Congrats on finishing the mission! No hidden benefits, they're just novelty items for you to wear or sell for a few baitcoins
  7. I haven't fished at Marron during this event, most if not all of my snakeheads came from Mudwater and Quanchkin. For the swimbaits I was in Quanchkin and caught them all standing in the same spot shared with me by @Hate_ful . I don't remember the peg name but on the map it's directly across from the peg where the gar are, casting straight out into the long narrow strip between the lily pads and using basically the same retrieve as @PH_Carpman99.
  8. I'm not sure when mine got checked off on ps4 but I do have it equipped (was originally sent to home storage). All of the other items for the mission were checked off without being equipped though.
  9. Yeah this has been pretty consistent the last few days and I've been travelling to every map. Besides not having rod holders the inflatable boat isn't exactly ideal for all of the rainbow chase missions either, tried the amazon one and only got a little over halfway through lol. Top speed is 28 mph or 45 km/h.
  10. Also if you look at the challenges list under your profile tab there's a challenge for catching a certain amount of Leprechaun Fish, Rowdy Bass, and Buzzman Tambaqui that gives you baitcoins and some unique gear. Each challenge has 3 stages (all challenges do) and when you highlight each one it will show your progress and what the next prize is.
  11. There's some discussion about the event here, the Lucky Horseshoe II isn't a big deal really but getting clover coins for expulsion of the snakeheads could be a problem. I don't know if you can redo the favor missions 1-4 as it didn't pop up for me until I completed all seven. If you run out of missions to do I would just see how many free baits you can get from the silver and gold pots and earn as many baitcoins as you can by catching the event fish. The missions will still be there next year. If you registered for the catfish tournament you would have access to Marron and the Amazonian maze for the races, but as I'm typing this I think registration is already closed.
  12. I may have misspoke about the random number of baits coming from the pots. I was pretty sure that a couple of times I had only received 1 bait previously but when I kept track of them last night every pot that gave me baits had awarded 13 so I'll have to track it for the next few nights when I do it to make sure.
  13. It's been like that for quite a while, I just thought it was broken . Thanks @shizuma
  14. I am on ps4 and have the same situation as @PH_Carpman99described above. A friend of mine that had sold his stringer prior to the event had to do the new race mission but I did not and don't have it available to track. It is a different mission though because the races have changed and new locations were added as well. I've been doing some of the races on my daily gold and silver pot tour so if I do get a second one I'll post here but the second stringer in their inventory could be from buying the dlc, I don't know. I haven't watched any videos for the races.
  15. Mudwater worked well for the clover spoon, spinnerbait, Irish jig, and crayfish (attached to the spinnerbait or jig, it counts for both). Quanchkin was good for the pint popper, frog popper, swimbait, and stout walker. The only lure that gave me a hard time was the buzzbait (can also attach crayfish), had to jump around to a few different places for that one only catching a couple at a time. Without buying the dlc you need a Brutus match rod (level 34 min) to reel in the event fish. You can still visit whatever lakes you can afford to and claim the silver or gold pots each day which will give you free clover coins and event baits though the number of baits you get from each pot will be random. At least you can stock up a little bit for next year's event. FYI for others there is a pot at every venue except for the Congo and Russia.
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