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  1. kdog013

    feeder issue

    This happens with bottom rods as well. If you miss a strike and reel in, when you take your next cast the sinker/feeder bounces like a rubber ball. At Beaver Island in Cali on a short cast it bounced a few times and then launched out of the water and landed behind me on a couple of occasions lol. You (or at least I) don't have to restart though. When you catch your next fish it goes back to normal until you miss another strike. My experience with this is on PS4.
  2. The timer you see running is from when you fast forwarded to 9pm. You have to either wait for that to expire or spend one baitcoin in order to start skipping from night to night with no cooldown timer. Just make sure you skip to the next night before the clock hits 5am or you'll have to do the above over again.
  3. Completely agree with @BobNudd10. Some of the more elusive uniques will only bite for me on one or two colors of a particular lure or shad or whatever. Here's a really good video posted by another member a while back for anyone interested;
  4. I have a bunch of screenshots of unique sauger that I caught at night with a 1/2 oz. #3/0 jighead with 5 and 6 inch glow worms, but my biggest was with a 4 inch, so maybe smaller works better like Hate_ful suggested.
  5. Since the last update (3.10), the sound still turns off when you press L2, but then when you press L2 again, it comes back on. I'm in Florida now and still fishing with one rod. For some reason it also seems to happen a lot more often between 5 and 6 pm est. than any other time of day or night, at least for the times that I am usually fishing.
  6. There's a bunch of stuff posted in the dev diaries and news sections. I'm not sure if this is the first one, but it does mention the new AI system; https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/16961-ps4-fishing-planet-20-euro-update-patch-note/
  7. There should be an option in your settings to turn off "player models in close range" which means once another player gets too close to you, they'll disappear. Alternatively you can also just select a private room or friends only room instead of joining a random room.
  8. This has been happening quite often lately while fishing in Alaska, but not randomly like it has been. For the last couple of weeks it's been happening when I press L2 to line up my next cast after catching a fish. It also seems to happen more often within the first RT hour of turning the game on, then is less frequent the longer I play. I had one day where it went off four times in the first forty minutes of playing, but then was fine for a couple hours after that, only shutting off maybe once or twice more. I've also been fishing with just one rod the whole time as well. Hopefully this will help in finding what the issue is.
  9. Keep in mind that your tackle box, vest, keepnet, boat, and rod stand also require regular maintenance/repair. I understand it can be a struggle to keep money in your pocket when starting out in this game, but once you level up to a certain point repair costs will become nothing but a minor nuisance. Since you already know how to set up your gear from fishing irl, try searching here on the forum and on youtube for low level player guides. There's a ton of info out there and here to help maximize your profit and give you ideas on where you might want to fish while leveling up. Good Luck! Had a girlfriend do that once while closing the hatchback (trunk). We're not together anymore lol.
  10. I've paid a lot more than 10K for repairs on numerous occasions, but it's all relative to how many fish you are catching and which rods and reels you're using. I've purposely worn down a couple different rods and reels and found that to do a 98 or 99% repair, the cost is half of what it costs to buy the same rod or reel new from the shop. So unless you're using an expensive heavy setup to catch tiny fish, you should easily be able to cover any repair cost with the amount you earn from catching fish, no matter how long your trip ends up being, but it's always better to stay multiple days instead of going home and having to pay the travel cost again.
  11. You shouldn't have to repair anything after just one day. Almost any normal rod or reel should last close to two weeks before being in danger of breaking. I recently wore down my Creek Pro rod to 2% before repairing and that took 17 days. SE rods and reels last much longer.
  12. Since I couldn't see you from where I was, when you caught the first one I thought you had left the room and I missed it because you hadn't recorded a fish for quite a while. Checked the chat box and tablet, nope, he's still here, must have gone afk for some reason lol. When I looked at the chat box it was at least 20 minutes since you're last fish. Did you happen to notice how long it took to bring either one of them in? Just curious.
  13. It's just the travel fee amount that's 50% off. The amount of your 1 day staying/extend fee is still added to the total cost afterwards, that's why it doesn't look right.
  14. You can turn down the beeping by lowering the "environment volume" in your audio settings.
  15. Lost sound again last night so I tried this. I went to audio settings, moved over to the first slider (currently at 100), moved it down a bit then back to 100. When I hit X to apply, the sound came back on and stayed on for the rest of the time I was playing (PS4). As Hate_ful mentioned, it does appear to be random when it happens. I didn't even press a button when it happened this time, I was just standing there before making a cast when I heard the "pop".
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