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  1. So much for being rare, I had a feeling this would happen. These were all caught spawning from the top peg as well, not by the cabin or the bull trout spot.
  2. This nerf has also eliminated the trolling option apparently. If you pass over a spawn point now it gets turned off and fish will not bite even when your lure is 150 feet behind the boat. It was working pretty well to locate spawn points while exploring before the update, but now after 2 in game hours cruising an entire shoreline in one direction you catch zero Arapaima. Turning around and spending another 2 game hours cruising the same shoreline in the opposite direction had the same result, with the exception of the occasional 2 pound croaker or piranha.
  3. There's another spot standing on the path and casting at the right end of the dock, just a short cast at 16"-24" deep. Bloodworms work great and are my go to bait for all tiny fish but both of mine just happened to be on semolina balls and a #6 hook. Here's an old screenshot that I saved, but the spot still works as I just helped someone else with the same problem recently and they used bloodworms to catch both fish. Good Luck
  4. It is quite rare, but I believe @Tapatalgud is correct. After monitoring the leaderboard for the last 6 to 8 weeks (starting before this topic was posted), there hasn't been a single trophy blackfish caught on the PS4. Normally you would see one a week or at least every other week on the board when I was trying to catch it myself with the recommended baits about a year ago. Maybe @Support_Team can take a look to see if it is still spawning, but I'm pretty sure it isn't atm and possibly hasn't been since they made the albino monster fish last October (just a guess). If they do need to be reintroduced I hope the rarity of catching one on purpose is still intact though.
  5. All challenges are listed in your profile tab. When you scroll through them a window will pop up showing the current status of each challenge.
  6. If you're going to buy the basic license instead of advanced, then you must read all of the details. Some waterways require you to KEEP certain fish and NOT release them. If I remember right when you catch a bowfin at Mudwater you have to keep it with a basic license. Just make sure you're keepnet's biggest single fish weight is big enough to handle what you might be forced to keep, otherwise you'll have no choice but to release it and take your chances with the fine. You also cannot fish at night with a basic license (or use a boat I think), so anything you catch from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am will be subject to getting a fine no matter what you do with it. As @PH_Carpman99 was suggesting, buying the advanced license is always the better option.
  7. Hey OG, I believe the email to send your request to is sc@fishingplanet.com. If you know blkhawks69 you can ask him as well to be sure, he just did it recently.
  8. Congrats on your day in Alaska Sue, I'm curious as to why you would leave after just one day though. The Netherlands can be very boring to fish at times compared to other waterways, but if you want some help I can send you a few markers when I get home tonight. I couldn't connect to psn last night or this morning so hopefully it'll get fixed during the day today. Off the top of my head though bottom rods work well for Mullet, Eel, and Flounder using shrimp and you'll get more Flounder with less Eels using duck mussel meat. The Zander will bite on narrow spoons or a jig head with a worm, or you can bait fish for them with leeches, pretty much whatever you use to catch walleye should also catch Zander. I'm pretty sure Ide will bite on topwater or shallow cranks, but most of my unis were from float fishing with cockchafers. Since the Netherlands has such a bland and repetitive landscape my markers also have a separate one on the shore for where to cast from or set up your rod stand since there is a current there. If you want them just let me know either here or on ps4 and I'll send them along as soon as I can. Good Luck!
  9. Strange you're getting it that bad because that's exactly how it was when rod stands were released, at least on the ps4. Like Hate_ful said after about an hour you would have to restart the game but if you didn't and tried to keep playing, it would just get worse and worse until you did restart. I have noticed more lag lately especially when trying to cast but haven't really been in one spot long enough with the rod stand to notice if that bug is back or not.
  10. This has happened to me a few times on ps4 during regular daytime hours and not on the server reset, but haven't noticed it since the latest patch with the updated leaderboard format. I also haven't been paying as much attention to peaks while catching the event fish, so I can't say for sure if it's still happening or if it's been fixed, assuming that maybe xbox doesn't have this patch yet. FYI on reset times; The server reset where the weather changes and challenge counter resets is at midnight EST. The pots however reset at 8:00 pm EST. and some events reset their pot, present, pumpkin, etc., at 7:00 pm EST.
  11. Lol, maybe I was just lucky and being at Rocky was a coincidence, who knows.
  12. I'm playing on ps4 and even though it makes no sense whatsoever to snag two different types of bark from the same tree I suppose it could be possible here because when I was in Russia I snagged four different types of weeds while standing in and casting to the exact same spot each time. It is a bit of a pain to snag that log, I was casting at about the center of it and trying to either land right on top or just over it and reeling very slowly to get hooked on it. Then of course it just pops off half the time without getting the snag, but I'm not complaining because when underwater items were first released we were getting snagged on everything and pulling in all kinds of trash, was very annoying.
  13. I got mine on the log furthest back. Why yours wasn't aspen I don't know, but since my last post I've spoken to other players who have snagged it at other venues but didn't remember which ones, they just knew it wasn't at Rocky, so maybe the bark isn't necessarily location specific. If you haven't already I would snag that log a few more times because mine definitely came from that log, I purposely went there to try for it after reading your original post since I hadn't done any of those missions yet. The roach spoon came from the Halloween event but it's just a 1 1/2 oz single spoon with a #6/0 hook on it instead of a #4/0. Good Luck
  14. I just had this bug for the first time last night on PS4. Besides what's mentioned above, my right analog stick was also disabled so I couldn't turn to look up, down, left, or right. It happened 3 or 4 times but only after I reeled in an invisible Snakehead, hasn't happened to me yet with rowdies and leprechauns. Also notice in the above pic the rod is being held in an abnormal position/grip. To avoid restarting the game I switched the bugged rod to "empty hands" and then picked up one of the other rods in my stand. This seems to take care of it on PS4, but if I try to pick up another rod without going to empty hands first, then that rod will become infected as well.
  15. You're looking at a competition that is held on a regular basis at Mudwater, not the tournament. Switch tabs and you will see the tourney bracket which is where you go to read all of the rules/details and sign up/apply for it the day before the first qualifier starts. When you do the qualifiers you have almost all day and night to pick your own two hour window to fish, only the semis and the final are at a specific time.
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