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  1. Congrats man!!! Yeah it must be easier to do on pc with twice as many players in each room, unless their chatting and telling each other when to move out of the way lol, happened to me once or twice on ps4.
  2. They also work on match rods now as well.
  3. kdog013

    Krampus Fish

    Get in a kayak and use one rod with the anchor up. When you catch one at 5 am, skip to the next hour and catch the next one then skip again. Keep doing this until your net is full and start over at 5 am again. You can reel them in fast being in a kayak and if there's a cooldown it should only be for a couple of minutes, I was switching to a lure and taking a couple of casts instead of using a baitcoin to skip. With 100 candy canes you'll make about $1M total, $1.5M if you have premium.
  4. Just the duration that they light off for. From shortest to longest it's fireshark, hellfish, squid pro, and 12 monkeys. There was an issue with the 12 monkeys last year not lasting as long as they should, don't know if it was fixed or not.
  5. kdog013


    If you use shiners or minnows you only have to cast out about 40-50 feet on the left side of the dock and with multiple rods you can catch quite a few of both fish in a short amount of time, just make sure your lines are cast out before you set the fireworks off like Carpman said. When fishing solo just light off one and if you don't get a bite within about 30 seconds, light another one until you do. The fireworks don't have to be constantly going off to catch the event fish, usually one is enough to trigger them into biting. Sorry but I don't remember if peak fishing times make a difference with these fish or not.
  6. Yes, you get paid for the fish in your keepnet/stringer when you either leave the lake or advance to the next day. It is more profitable to stay at a lake for multiple days instead of leaving and repaying travel costs to go back. Getting a bigger keepnet whenever possible should be a priority at lower levels so you can fish longer and make more money per in game day of fishing.
  7. On PS4 it's "X" to change from navigation mode to fishing mode. There should be a prompt at the top of the screen when your motor boat stops or slows way down or if you stop paddling in a kayak.
  8. Yeah I was a little surprised that you couldn't gift tokens, or at least share them by starting the jukebox for everyone on the lake, like lighting fireworks for everyone to get the furry trout and antlered salmon before players had rod stands and couldn't do it themselves, that was a lot of fun, met a lot of new friends with it set up that way.
  9. Lol wow, no recollection at all about using snow in the feeder. Where am I? What day is it? Man, getting old sucks
  10. It's just an old glitch from the free to play version when weeping willow was released. Level 50 unlocks weeping willow and every time you ranked up after that it would say that you unlocked weeping willow again. It went away after blue crab island was released on F2P.
  11. kdog013

    Santa's Headlamp

    Carpman is correct, the headlamp basically will only attach to a baseball style cap, which were also given out as prizes for completing a certain type of mission, not sure which one exactly though, so you may have one or two already if you didn't sell them (Bass Boss, Salmon Star, Catfish Combat).
  12. I completed that one last year so I don't know if I can catch them anymore. I can try tonight but I do know that we were catching them like crazy on shrimp, can't remember if it was on match rods or bottom rods though, may have been both. If I set a marker it will have the details on it but I don't think I did since they were in the same area you cast for regular uni burbots. I could be wrong but I don't remember using fireworks to catch the burbot, just the trout and salmon. Maybe someone with a better memory can chime in lol.
  13. Yes, I don't remember what the prize for level 2 is but level 3 is a snowman rod stand, after hitting 100 different players. I didn't actually count but if you can get used to the catapult you get way more than 5 snowballs per bag. Also I did most of my throwing at Mudwater and White Moose, changing to different random rooms to get more players. My reasoning was everyone is standing on flat ground so my aiming spot was the same, I suppose Florida would have worked too. I tried Lesni Villa, but players were more downhill from me which threw off my aiming spot.
  14. @Kinnan5 I think you would be better off targeting the crappies first and then the gobys. When you get the headlamp from catching the gobys, you can open the red bags which give you more groundbait. When you get the glasses from catching the crappies, you can open the blue bags which will get you 1 token for the jukeboxes. Both of these bags can be revisited after 1 hour of real time. I spent baitcoins for tokens and have only used the jukeboxes with a rod stand. I would have saved at least 69 baitcoins if I did the crappies first and I kinda wish I hadn't spent any because I have finished the event with the exception of the snowman cap which I will get later today when the stockings reset (7:00 pm EST) so I can get the last 4 bags of snow. The music plays for around 4 1/2 minutes real time and with the right hook size it was difficult to keep up with 4 rods constantly going off, the most I've caught from 1 token was 18. Here's what I ended up using for all 3 that gave a consistent fast bite rate for each token; Goby - #10 hook with bloodworms (started with a #14 but got a lot of nibbles with no bite) Crappie - #1 with leeches (catches aracu as well but no gobys) Aracu - #2 with leeches again but if you have camu-camu or palm fruits unlocked you will catch all aracu, the others won't bite.
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