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  1. No luck on ps4 either, went to Lone Star and caught eleven fish on corn and no challenge to complete.
  2. The new boat is pictured above and there will be a new match, bottom, and spinning rod. Check youtube as there should be a few videos on there from some of the ones testing the new map before release.
  3. I haven't seen them on PS4 either, I should have earned at least part of the Golden Daddy one a couple of years ago when I bought a bunch of advanced licenses on sale after a St. Paddy's Day event, including Alberta which would leave me out of getting the Grinch one too I guess if it were to appear.
  4. Thanks @PH_Carpman99, I was at Texas also with another guy trying this, he got it to work but for some reason I only got level 2 a couple times before giving up. I can't remember what we were doing for the reel breaker but once again he got it and I was stuck on level 2, oh well. I'll try again some day.
  5. Ah ok, that's why the bobbers aren't in the pumpkins and tombstones anymore, thanks @weeksy. With the lures we used to get the same amount as if we were buying them from the shop, spoons and spinners at 5 and soft plastics at 10 each time. I used to have a lot more than 108 roaches but I used them to try for the rod breaker challenge at one point, equipping them to a value spin I believe. I never did get level 3, there was always one cast where the rod just didn't break lol.
  6. I ended up getting just two spider spoons and zero roach spoons after all that travelling. When I looked at my inventory I noticed that they only give you one now when you find them in the pumpkins and tombstones, for spoons and spinners they used to give you a pack of five. I also didn't see any skull or pumpkin bobbers and am curious if you guys found any or if they were removed.
  7. Actually I thought it ended today, was too late to edit my last post but if it's still going I'll catch Frankie again tonight.
  8. Now that you mention it I don't think you do. I went and caught one at the beginning of the event without buying a license and didn't get fined. I can do it again just to be sure but it won't be until about 7 or 8 pm EST.
  9. Congrats on both @weeksy!! I also did the fishy racing challenge at Christmas, first time hearing of it being done outside the Christmas event, hilarious
  10. I got one at Neherrin, but it's really just random, they're not tied to any specific location.
  11. According to another thread on here the roach and spider spoons started showing up yesterday (Sunday), with just 4 days left to go. Not much time for players who can't afford to travel everywhere every day.
  12. Still nothing here, I've been doing all of the travelling every day just for curiosity sake and because I can afford it, but haven't seen either spoon. I'll probably leave out Blue Crab for the rest of the event because my plane crashes every time I try to land there on PS4 and last night I got a candle end, bat wing, and jawbone after restarting. I took a look at that pack that includes the two spoons and it really isn't that bad of a deal for 99 baitcoins. Back when they were sold individually at the in game shop the slimy crank alone was 47 and you would only get one, not three. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Should be your retrieval speed, if you look at the icon for your reel settings (bottom right corner of the screen) the outside ring is your drag setting and the arrow in the center is your speed. There's 4 speeds forward and one reverse. If you have one arrow pointing down you're in reverse. On console it's the D-pad up or down to change.
  14. No problem @lcheevers , it sounds like you're fishing in the wrong spot, go to this spot shared by @TC915 a few years ago (go to page 2) ; I was at 130 feet out and 15 inches deep for the ones I caught last night. I also remembered having better luck fishing from 2-5 am no matter what the peak graph said. If the peak started at 9 pm, I'd try to catch 1 or 2 and then skip right to 2 am. You still have time and at this spot I've never caught one single alligator gar. I kept losing baits to snags at the spot in the video from that thread, but TC's spot works great! If the two spoons show up at all it probably won't be until right before the end of the event so I wouldn't give up just yet.
  15. @lcheevers I fished two nights and the brutus worked just fine for the vamps. After the first 4 fish I got bitten off once so I threw on a titanium leader and left at the end of the night to buy the level 40 one but when I went back the bite rate seemed slow so I took it back off and ended up over the two nights catching 13 and losing just the one on the first night. They only took about two minutes of real time to get in except for the 92 pounder which took me 3 minutes. I fished with just one rod and without titanium because rod stands and leaders weren't available back then but here's a couple of pics with my keepnet and the setup I was using; EDIT: When I left to get the lvl 40 leader I did the pumpkin and tombstone run. That's why I have less money on the second pic than the first.
  16. The Silicon Spider should be easy enough but you'll have to keep your fingers crossed with the two spoons. They were very difficult to get last year and a lot of players never got them. While you're waiting for those two to show up you can try to work your way through the challenges in your profile tab. There are other rewards for catching a certain number of each of the Gar, the Ghost Pike, and for catching a certain number of any fish using the candy bait. Each challenge has three stages to complete with rewards for each stage. There was an update to make the fish fight harder some time ago so the brutus may not be strong enough for the vamps anymore, I'd have to try it myself to say for sure. Maybe I'll try that tonight just for kicks but you should be able to get more rotten minnows, enough to complete the mission at least.
  17. Took a look at my inventory last night, I have 108 roach spoons, 80 spider spoons, and 2,118 maggots
  18. That's just not true, these challenges and missions have been around since 2018 when the max level was 40. I caught all three types of gar at level 40 back in 2018 with the Brutus match rod which is available at level 34-37 and at the time was the biggest match rod in the game. I also caught the Frankenfish in 2018 on the Zues rod which was the biggest spinning rod at the time as well and didn't spend a dime of real money for the event, just traveled around getting pumpkins for the baits and lures. The tombstones weren't even unlocked until the second week of the event back then either so you had to wait in order to get certain lures like the skull jig and bony shad. Obviously your keepnet is an issue, not much you can do about that at this point without buying a DLC with a suitable net included. I would just travel to some of the lower level lakes and pick up what you can for baits since you're also low on cash, travelling to all waterways every day ends up costing $800K - $1M+ and the expensive lakes have the same items as the lower level ones. All of the challenges and missions will still be there next year and the upcoming Christmas event can be a costly one too travelling around to open presents for items so hopefully you can stockpile some cash and get a bigger net before that one starts. Good Luck P.S. It took me two years to finish the Vampire Gar challenge because I didn't get enough rotten minnows from pumpkins and tombstones the first year. Same with the Ghost Pike challenge, just ran out of time on that one the first year.
  19. There hasn't been anything for me to do on Halloween for a couple of years now so I'm not on everyday and I didn't notice an update for FP either so I think they just turned the event from last year back on, which would mean they're probably going to be just as rare unless the adjust it. I've made a few runs just out of curiosity and haven't seen any of either one, mostly slimy cranks and blade spinners with a couple of bony shads appearing last night. Too bad they're still not giftable either, I have lots of both from previous years.
  20. When the trophy blackfish was the rarest fish in the game, Del is the only one I know to have caught it on purpose, meaning he caught it on the suggested insect baits, and he did it on two different platforms. Del was a true student of this game, a very meticulous fisherman, and a great friend to those of us lucky enough to have known him. I will miss our conversations and hope to meet up with you one day at that big lake in the sky, I'm sure you'll already have all the best spots sorted out. Rest in peace my brother.
  21. Actually there was a time when it did stay zoomed in, but that was before the zoom feature was made to be fully adjustable so maybe it was just an older video.
  22. It's not a bug or a setting change, that's just the way the mechanics are when reeling in a fish.
  23. Could be, but I couldn't even find a "V" when scrolling through the list on either tab. Then again my eyes haven't been the same since I got carburetor cleaner in them. I guess that's why they're called "safety" glasses
  24. C = Common, T = Trophy, U = Unique. If there's a "V" in there it's a typo.
  25. I'd say you're doing pretty well for a rookie since you have more badges than me
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