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  1. I'd say you're doing pretty well for a rookie since you have more badges than me
  2. One thing that has changed since this thread is the number of characters for marking a buoy are now very limited.
  3. You'll definitely make more money in Michigan, but I wouldn't just skip the everglades. Even though you can only stand on a dock it's still a fun place to fish, especially if you like Bass fishing and you'll still make decent money while you're there as well.
  4. Yeah this topic was posted on the same day, he just changed the date to make it look like it was posted on the fourth, does it all the time.
  5. Yeah I've never heard of them telling you to buy DLC before. I didn't even use a carp rod for the mission, just a bottom rod with corn and peas mostly and caught the monster on semolina balls.
  6. There's also blue tinted "John Lennon" type glasses you can get during the Christmas event. It would be nice to have something besides white for a font color though.
  7. I meant add me on Fishing Planet, not Playstation. No worries, I sent you an in game request this morning and I do still have the marker so the next time you go on FP you'll see an orange notification in the top right corner of your screen on the friends tab. After you accept it I can send you the marker.
  8. @BoiseStateBrncos I'm on PS4 so if you want to add me in game (same name as here) I can send you my marker that I posted a screenshot of on page one of this thread, I don't think I deleted it yet, but I may have.
  9. It's been a little while but with a match rod I was fishing pretty shallow for arapaima, 15-20 inches maybe. I do remember getting a lot less bites with titanium though, so I would go with either a mono or a fluoro leader. With a match rod you don't have to add a leader, only on bottom, feeder, or carp rods.
  10. I'm not sure about the time frames, but yeah unique sizes drop quite a bit after 7-10 days and don't pick back up again until around day 21-23. If I'm looking for just big unis I only fish the first 7 days then leave and come back to try again. It's not because of a recent update, I noticed it over a year ago when I was skipping from night to night during a community event on PS4, trying to get a gafftopsail catfish over 10 lbs., never did catch one lol.
  11. Here's the list posted by @PH_bigdaddy012678 in2019; https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/19171-2019-historic-fish-location-charts/
  12. Unless you were in a kayak, then this would happen;
  13. As for the other guy that was there, I don't think you can see another players boat until they get back in it, pretty sure it disappears once they go ashore.
  14. We're also all newbies again
  15. @Musette Actually I was already fighting the shark, not waiting for it to bite. That's sort of what I meant by "giving chase", I was trying to reel it in while following it with the trolling motor.
  16. I've only had a titanium leader bitten off once, and it was by a shark. I was giving chase with my trolling motor when it went around one of those little islands and I lost sight of it for a few seconds. When I came around the island I saw it for a split second writhing back and forth with it's nose buried into the bottom against the island and then plink, my line was bitten off. Luckily I was bait fishing so I only lost a hook, but still it shouldn't happen if it's going to cost players lures that they can't replace imo, or maybe they just need to be longer as @Musette suggested.
  17. I did these missions two years ago but vaguely remember one or two of the boats not being placed on the snag point. Try casting around the boat off the front or back end (can't remember which) to get the snag.
  18. The second number is your "rank" level. Once you reach max level, the xp you earn is accredited to your rank level. In dave219"s case he was at max level at one point and essentially "leveled up" 12 times since then. The max level keeps increasing with each new waterway release so you'll see a lot of players they may not be level 70 (max as of today), but have a rank number because they were max level at one point between new waterway additions. For example I'm level 70 rank 145ish, but I didn't level up 145 times since earning level 70, I was playing when max level was only 40 and earned rank levels with my xp then until the max level was increased again with new content being released, if that makes sense lol.
  19. kdog013


    Send an email to support@fishingplanet.com. If you're playing on console you can contact support right from your xbox/ps4. Maybe include a screenshot of the harassing chat box if you can.
  20. I have to admit the big fish models is pretty funny.
  21. The monster buffalo in Texas was slow to bite for a lot of players but Falcon and White Moose shouldn't be that bad. Are you using a titanium leader by chance? Some fish won't even look at a bait if there's a titanium leader attached to it. This doesn't matter, I'm catching tiny fish with a level 70 match rod in Brazil (PS4). Your hook/lure size is what makes a difference when targeting a particular sized fish.
  22. @Hate_ful has been helping countless members and guests of this forum for over 3 1/2 years. Your complete lack of respect for one of the top members of this forum is laughable. The only thing you are the ambassador of is trolling, congratulations. It is really a shame what this thread has turned into over the past couple of weeks.
  23. It does mean inches, look closer, there's a decimal point in front of the 4, 6, and 8.
  24. I'm on PS4 and haven't had any issues with night fishing. I've been in Brazil since last Thursday so I'm not sure about other venues atm but my best night there so far I caught over 900 lbs. of arapaima in one game hour.
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