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  1. Completed Halloween but right at the end it says add black vampire fin to the cauldron. But I can't find it and mission is complete for vampire gars
  2. When you bringing our pole fishing .45 ft poles with elastic ? There good for carp fishing
  3. Dave

    No bites

    Hi guys hope you can answer me. I am fishing with 4 other guys in Michigan and we’re all fishing peek times but we’re not getting any bites .this as been going on for a few days now we have even tried different venues and that is still the same
  4. Dave


    Tks to all the guys for putting my mind at rest very very helpful cheers
  5. Dave


    I can’t get licence anymore
  6. Dave


    Hi guys hoping somebody here can help me out just installed new update but I have a big problem .i can get advanced licence anymore it’s there but when I move over it .it vanished tried all venues there all the same am on level 40. . What will happen if I remove the game from my PS4 and install it again will I have to start from scratch like level 1 ...hope not somebody help me out here tks guys and tight lines
  7. Can’t get advanced licence ? Help needed here
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