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  1. St. Patrick's Day pack

    Events all have a specific start and end dates ie: Christmas, Halloween, etc. where the event baits are active during the specific event. I wouldn’t normally fish with “Pigs Eyes” or “Rotten Minnows” unless it was during the Halloween event published time frame. Drunken worms are probably eatin by any fish instead of the St Patrick’s Day event fish whatever they are. Event baits can be pricy and wouldn’t want to waste them on the average fish if that makes any sense.
  2. Interesting graphics option. Might have to check this out. Is the UI simple and does it integrate and "play with others" so to speak?
  3. Sketchy Players or Bug? (PC)

    How is it possible for an FP player to advance from lvl 9 to lvl 12 within less than 30 minutes of game time? I witnessed this fishing in Oregon this afternoon. Not wanting to express accusations in public without the appropriate data and create a big drama scene for the other players, I asked him/her via private in-game chat if he/she knew it was happening an how it was being achieved. The response was “premium + big fish = lvl up faster.” Reviewing the chat log revealed a couple of 3lb Browns and perhaps a Rainbow within that 30 minute time frame for this player. Nothing remarkable to speak of. Decided to click the “report abuse” button and let the dev team figure it out if they even pursue these types of reports. Just found it odd that someone would blatantly do that in a room full of higher level players providing it isn’t a glitch or coding bug. My Nvidia GPU card has instant replay set always on so the entire event is captured. If it’s not a bug, is there really that many hacks out there in the wild regarding Fishing Planet? Are there not any anti-cheat codes like “PunkBuster” or the like to assist in preventing them?
  4. Community Event #8 Finished

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks Hil for putting this together. Great job guys! Fun stuff.
  5. Community Event #8 Finished

    This one’s been fun and challenging thus far. I gotta tell ya, Hil sure chose the appropriate “screen code” name. Find myself blurting it out more often than not in this event. Especially when I peek in on the results page el oh el. Gonna be interesting to see how this pans out over the next few days. Good luck to all and Tight Lines! <— which is tough on this river.
  6. Biggest keepnet

    I think the "FishCastile XXL 440 LB Keepnet" is the largest in the game. Could you post one of those videos here by chance?
  7. Night fishing in Alberta

    It sure does and doesn't happen very often. Caught this on video in michigan a few days ago. A little Smallmouth Bass started sniffing my shiner at 99" deep.
  8. Community Event #7 Final Results

    Gratz on those big fishys I'm just glad to have figured out the screenshot thingy. Now, on to the top of the list.
  9. How do I make the most of Texas lake?

    You happen to get a screenshot of that bad boy?
  10. Smallest fish?

    Sorry for the post above V. My head was somewhere else. I think it was indeed Mudwater River.
  11. Smallest fish?

    I think your right. Was there for a couple of days. Not sure why I didn't use the full UI but remember the catch being larger that the bait. Thats one full minnow.
  12. Best technique for spoons?

    Read about “Lift & Drop” somewhere and gave it a try when targeting Trout. Seems to work pretty well but not really my style and something I need to practice. Other than that, dragging them along the bottom with a modified “Stop & Go” works well for many species. Example: Reel, Stop and let the lure sink, rinse, repeat. Regarding the best method, I’d imagine it would depend on what you’re targeting. Hope that helps a little bit.
  13. Smallest fish?

    I forget what the weight was but thought it was funny.
  14. My FP Journey - coming to an end?

    @ctxsportsvoice, whatever your decide in the future, I wish you the best with hopes you end up staying and enjoying the game for what it is or ends up being. Sometimes that’s difficult due to the multitude of unknowns we face with “time” being the ultimate healer. I’ve heard your concerns, agree with some and disagree with others but we do share strong common interests being, we enjoy fishing and the community fellowship both offer either on the virtual lakes or in the forums. I find it fascinating how a simple game can bring people together as friends and open doors and dialog as we do in real life scenarios and often wonder if the developers realized that would occur in the early stages of its design. And not meaning to bash other gaming titles, but if they had the foresight of their entertainment and products injecting such toxic behavior in their communities that our youth are subject to. Corporate dollars seem to influence the moral compass these days. Maybe it did back in my youth too and I just didn’t see it or care. Anyway, have always had the utmost respect for your voice and opinion and hope to see it in years to come. Wish we could fish together brother and exchange stories and lies but that’s a PC/PS4 thing and a different topic. Apologies for not offering any solutions and going OT. Just wanted to get that out.
  15. Few Tips Not For Pros

    Just to clarify, shouldn’t the Ubersheet info apply to both platforms basically? My apologies for running off topic.