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  1. PH_Bear


    I probably should have put it in an area with a little more visibility. Oh well, maybe a mod will see it..
  2. PH_Bear


    Wasn’t quite sure were to put this so the mods/devs can move if there’s a more appropriate section it would fit. In real life along with my normal gear, I always carry a razor-sharp knife, My Springfield Armory .45 concealed and CCW of coarse and more importantly and to the point of this topic, a small notebook and pen. Comes in handy for notes regarding catch times, species, phone numbers of people met, etc. It would be a cool inclusion built into the game to have a digital notebook for use on the individual lakes just to jot down lake/river info, fishing spots, lures used and such. Perhaps a sub feature to the maps maybe. For the time being and as a work around, I use the buoy marker to enter misc. info for the fish caught but that can be limiting for obvious reasons. However if I share the marker with a friend, all the info is there. The ability to share notes would be even cooler imo. Just an idea and food for thought in future versions of the game. Thanks for reading. 🙄
  3. PH_Bear

    Historics Catch Rates

    It's over as of today. i kinda stumbled upon the Historics bite rate being a slight bit higher a couple of hours prior to peak. Perhaps just my imagination but it sure sure seemed that way on the four lakes I was catching them. 1-99 were the usual grind but number 100 seemed the hardest to snag. Received 100 Fireworks (saving for Christmas), and some cool event lures from the event. 👍
  4. PH_Bear

    4th of July Event Historic Fish List

    Just the American lakes & rivers.
  5. PH_Bear

    4th of July Event Historic Fish List

    Caught about 30 or so with a yellow/black nano spoon. Pulled it a couple feet off the bottom all the way across from my buoy. One of the easiest imo. I'll send you the buoy if you want it?
  6. PH_Bear

    4th of July Event Historic Fish List

    Thanks, Hil. Very helpful! 🐂
  7. PH_Bear

    Fourth Of July Event

    Apparently we don't need to fire off the fireworks to catch the Historic fish like we did at the Christmas event. They seem to be just part of the Independence day celebration affect. Cool, non the less! I'm stocking up.
  8. PH_Bear

    New pack in store 4tho f july!!

    NM, wrong topic. 😒
  9. PH_Bear

    Fourth Of July Event

    Saw this posted in the German forum but must have missed it in the other areas. This sounds like a fun event! I love FIREWORKS! I'm aware of the new Fourth Of July dlc that includes them but will fireworks be available in the shops anytime soon? If this is anything like the Christmas White Moose event, we're gonna have some fun! 😀
  10. PH_Bear

    Seeing fish underwater

    White Moose in Allberta provides some spectacular views of the fish on the hook at over 100' out. Even when they dive to 50-60' depths. This lake must have very good water clarity. 😎 One of my favorite lakes in the game. I always turn off my head lamp at night to complement the view as well.
  11. PH_Bear

    Feature Suggestion: Fishing Contracts

    Brilliant idea! 👍
  12. PH_Bear

    Summer Sale 2018

    Off the top of my head 🐻, this DLC pack should also include: Premium - (4 Months, 7 Days) Bait Coins - (90) In Game Credits - (170,000)
  13. PH_Bear

    Bite alarm

    And just to clarify, it's only available for Float/Live Bait fishing.
  14. PH_Bear

    The Show Off Contest!

    Are we allowed to digitally enhance the entry?