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  1. Bait List Duplication

    Not a bug and certainly not a priority but thought you might want to know for future corrections. Saw this in Florida while searching for baits and lures for specific fish. As shown in the photo, the Warmouth has duplicate listings for Crickets. Shot an email to support as well. Have a great day!
  2. New maps

    Someone suggested the Amazon river which would be way cool imo. Perfect for boats, shore, docks and a variety of monsters.
  3. white moose lake

    I wonder if we'll be able to bomb the place during the holiday with our fireworks and scare up a "furry" or two? I wasn't around last season but heard the rumors.
  4. white moose lake

    I've had really good luck with lemon/Tigers. Either from the dock or the Yak throwing just to the left of the last campfire on the left to the other side. Trophy and Uni Lake Trout. A big one will roll the Yak and get me wet.
  5. turn off leader board screen

    We have a small icon (Chevron) on the PC version that will close that box somewhat which helps me concentrate better. Not sure what the PS4 folks have for an option.
  6. Premium Account

    You’re welcome.
  7. Premium Account

    It always has for me (PC) but something you may wish to monitor and contact support if it doesn’t. BTW, that pack has a great pole set up in it. I always thought they were little bears on the pole until I looked closely and saw they were reindeer. I’ve caught more Pike with that thing than any other piece of equipment I have in the arsenal. Overkill obviously but works well.
  8. Gifts

    Go to your buddies list, chose the selected recipient and select gift items from the dislodge box on the right. The giftable items should show up if you have them with you. This is from memory but I think it will get you there.
  9. Couldn't add fish to fishjail

    Let us know which "Fish Keeper" you're using so we might be able to answer your question.
  10. PC Platform – Game Ver 1.1.10 – Game Will Not Load

    UPDATE: After “verifying game files,” rebooting the modem and some generic system maintenance, I reloaded the game and clicked “leave” Quanchkin Lake-Louisiana location which did take me home. Didn’t want to click back into the Louisiana location until a response from support is acquired. But was able to go to Michigan from that point with no issues. Well, perhaps a couple of insignificant issues but the game has been a little glitchy the past couple of days and they resolved so I didn’t stress over them. Anyway, waiting to hear from the support team and see if they notice anything in the output.log file.
  11. Saturday evening about 1710 PST I tried to go fishing at QUANCHKIN LAKE-Louisiana. I was able to travel to the location but after choosing the peg to enter, the loading screen just freezes and will not move forward to the lake. Tried rebooting the machine but no joy. Emailed support with output.log attached
  12. Kayak/ Night fishing

    Purchased mine when they were on sale initially. Think it was $29 for the three of them.Blue, Green and Orange.
  13. Kayak/Boat DLC question!

  14. Upcoming DLC question

    Glad to be of some help. Not sure where he was going with that either. My concern is regarding the YouTube copywrite hits he mentioned. I’ve posted a couple of FP videos in the forum myself and wouldn’t want to intentionally violate any TOS I may have missed. Can’t really see why the game would charge rental fees for something owned on any plateform. Doesn’t make sense. I think Hawkeye is just feeling a little pressured and that may have been just a “slip of the tongue” so to speak. I’ve always enjoyed his videos and learned a few things from them when discovering the game. I wish him all the best in whatever he decides to do.
  15. Upcoming DLC question

    Being on the PC platform and having purchased the Kayak DLC initially, I've never had to pay any "renters fee" when using the Yak on any of the approved lakes. Can't speak for the PS4 platform but would imagine it's the same there as well. I have to agree with him regarding several points he made so we'll see how it plays out moving forward.