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  1. The DLC packs do serve a purpose: they are available to everyone at any level, so long as you have the means to purchase. And in turn, where casual fishing is concerned, these packs do give an advantage, too. At level 1 you can buy a pack with a pass, thus enabling you to catch fish you wouldn't be able to catch otherwise, while also allowing you to level at a much quicker rate. Also, they provide an option to players who would rather save credits. So, again, in this respect, they do give an advantage. As far as comps are concerned, however, I do not feel they should give an advantage; not of
  2. If you consider it earnestly (and I'm not talking about obvious trolls who wave their fish in your face, etc.) there are certain spots where everyone wants to fish -- the angle is better, the uniques are there, and so forth; whatever the case -- so you are going to have people around you, real close, often. Even if at times annoying, I don't think it is meant to be an inflammatory action, it's just the design of the game. And luckily, with that in mind, there is the option, as already mentioned, to turn off avatar. Very useful! Also, as Carpman pointed out, you can change gender and appearance
  3. I cannot say it isn't possible to catch them while bait fishing -- I do not know for sure --, but based on my own experience, I've yet to catch any with bait, while I have caught many using lures. You may need some sort of stand and a straw ... but, ugh, beer from a straw.
  4. I had this happen to me today, too. Only it was during moonlight gars. I crashed 2x, and it said the same thing: error lost connection. Both times I had a fish on (one I had nearly landed even.) Very frustrating. Plus, I checked my internet connection, and it was fine, so I am thinking it was definitely a game issue.
  5. Today was my youngest child's fifth birthday. For one of his presents he received a battery operated fish that swims around in the pool. It came with a small rod that has a magnetic tip attached to the line. When we took him to the pool, he lowered the line in the water and began to fish. After a few moments, he quickly yanked the line out, sighed, and said, "Aw, man! I caught a shell." Lol. When his his first inclination was to mimic catching shells, you know there must be a lot of complaining about underwater items in our household.
  6. Initially I thought the whole idea sounded like a bad one -- to add trash, etc. Then there was a post which included the patch notes (prior to the release of the update). The details, I think, were misleading, and made it seem as if the update and implementation of the underwater items would be better than what it is. At the time, I went as far as to say it "sounds kind of neat." I regret ever having said that because a couple of days after the release of the update, I realized rather quickly that there wasn't anything "neat" about it ... unless neat means, frustrating, irritating, and downrig
  7. I don't know if this would be considered odd per se, but one of my most unexpected catches came when I was fishing for brook trout, casting in the typical uni brook area, and hooked a 10.75 lb unique lake whitefish instead. It was my first whitefish, and remains my largest.
  8. Same, insofar as my avidity goes. At first I wasn't enthused, then I read the patch note and thought, "Hey, this sounds all right," but now I find myself recanting on the latter. The inventory space issue is displeasing, especially when considering that same item underwater objects do not stack. Also, I'm not crazy about the loss of bait due to snags while float fishing. I realize that IRL you often lose your bait on a snag, however, this was not the case ingame, previous to the addition of these new items. While the idea of catching underwater items in itself is not entirely off-putting, thes
  9. When I first heard about catching bags and shoes, I wasn't overly excited, but now, after having read this, and finding out that there is more to it than just that, it doesn't sound bad at all -- in fact it sounds kind of neat. Also, glad to hear that future developments (i.e. new waterways and fish) are still under way.
  10. Thank you! I stuck with FL, only I fell short again with the shiner method, so I decided to give the crank another go, and this time it worked beautifully. Unfortunately, I reset on fish 18/20, so I'll have to try parts II and III some other time ... maybe, haha.
  11. I'll admit, I'm not having the best of luck with this challenge. But so far, this method, and a med. gold spoon in Oregon, have gotten me the very closest, so I'm going to keep trying -- or perhaps "will try again soon" would be more accurate; only so many 12/15 fish, 13/15 fish, etc., will my time (or patience!) allow. Thanks for the tips.
  12. My PM is still showing as unread, so I'm not expecting any today. But who knows ... maybe.
  13. Ugh ... although, I do appreciate you posting this here (warning us all!) so that those of us who do not wish to visit the FB page can be in the know.
  14. Same, sent a PM on Monday. No coins yet.
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