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  1. Developers want/need a gateway to funnel new players into competitions instead of forcing them to fish against the lifers. If you want the game to be funded, you'll support giving new players access to content instead of locking them out.
  2. This forum isn't very active. There's like 2 posts a day it seems.
  3. If they offered small electric motors for the kayaks for BC, I'd buy one. I'm sure everyone would. The new waterways could use them. I don't see kayaks out there much because the trek is so long to get across some of them. Good but not good, but prime opportunity to introduce a trolling motor (and allow a dual or triple rod holder on kayak).
  4. I have a few things to say about all of this. 1. This is a free game. As such I don't feel anyone is entitled to anything. No one is owed anything for something they did not pay for and spending your time playing something that took real work hours to build isn't a refundable endeavor. It's like asking for a refund for a free meal because you didn't get exactly what you ordered. 2. It's really simple to just fish the starter lakes and make money even if it's slow money. You don't need to jump into competitions if you don't even understand the concept of a license. 3. A fishing license, everywhere I've ever been, is for fishing. it's not a "keeping fish" license. If you're fishing, you need a license. 4. I have fished professional fishing events and you can register without a license. There's no tracking information attached to your license that a private individual could access anyhow and tournaments are privately held events, not run by governments. However when you show up to fish and get your starting position, you have to show your fishing license. If you don't have it, you don't get a refund. Also, if the lake you show up to fish has an entrance fee, you have to pay it. It's not included in the cost of the event. They also don't magically transport you to the lake. You have to spend money to travel there with your boat in tow, pay for lodging and meals and any incidentals. 5. If I can be successful in this game so can anyone else. You just have to focus on your budget and learn to use lures that are not consumable like bait is. 6. Competitions are for people who either built the bankroll to absorb a possible loss + travel OR for someone who is willing to spend the real money to buy the funds needed to avoid the grind. 7. You should not just be able to contact support and say "oops, I messed up, can you give me back my in game money?" as that would totally remove the risk factor of decision making in the game. Yes there are issues and aspects of the game that could be much better, like tutorials and such, but you didn't read what was there in front of you and you weren't even concerned enough to stop digging the hole when you were fined in the 1st place. Had you spent nearly as much time reading those instructions as you did creating rants online about it you'd be still growing your account.
  5. Happened to me in Russia near the beginning of the river. I killed the task to avoid losing my gear. I didn't submit a report because there are multiple reports of this already.
  6. You also need to be at the home screen in some instances to buy some things. This means some water locations won't offer some gear that's available at the home screen when you leave the lake.
  7. Something weird with the bite in Russia. I can get quickly 80lbs of fish in the first 15 minutes, not including uniques and Beluga, but then the bite stops completely and won't restart unless I reel in a rod or exit the peg and re-enter. Then the bite starts for about 15 in game minutes again and completely shuts down. This is during prime time of the fishing chart. Prior to the latest patch, I was catching fish for the entirety of the upper peaks of the chart but after the patch this is happening. Since then I've fished 10 consecutive in game days with no more than 250lbs in the keepnet after fishing all day in multiple locations. Prior to the patch I would have a full keepnet before 9am, 8am on some days. Supposedly the Beluga bite was altered, not sure which way since the patch notes are ambiguous at best, but the Beluga bite is about the same as it was for me, with a couple per peak period. Also if one rod gets a bite they all do, and it can be 15 IRL minutes with no bites and I reel one in just a few feet then suddenly all three rods get bites right away. It's almost as if moving the bait on one rod turns the bite back on. Very odd. I did notice that the Asp bite on crankbaits was better however. Not sure if that's just coincidence.
  8. It would enable more sales because people could carry more gear. As it stands, we always leave some gear behind so we don't buy a lot of stuff for all fishing types.
  9. Fun river. You can bottom fish with large minnows to the left of that wall, fish about 30m out for trophy wels catfish and trophy/unique trout. There's plenty action there. If they could fix the topwater bite it would be a really fun waterway since you can get lots of hits from the Asp on topwater but the glitch/bug means no fish.
  10. I paddled all the way across to the back of the lake and my game crashed when I got a bite in a deep hole. I haven't been back.
  11. Keep in mind that the game offers a wide array of uses for the spinning reels so you can switch the reels between different fishing types so different rods. Casting reels can be used on casting rods, which cannot be used for bottom fishing or float fishing, only casting lures a relatively short distance. Now, with the larger spinning gear, the heaviest line you can get will work on those as well since there's nothing heavier that exceeds the best spinning reel drag. For these reasons, if I had to choose one, I would choose the spinning reel. There's no reason to limit yourself to short distance rods, however in areas such as Michigan and Alaska where long casts aren't required for most species, casting gear is popular perhaps due to the retrieve ratio. Most of the videos I've seen regarding stop and go retrieve have involved a casting reel.
  12. I think they wanted to give all players the same chance at playing the new waterways instead of loading it with lifers (which it will be anyhow, along with videos posted as spoilers for anyone who hasn't been there yet). Never fear though, I've been to a few of them and players are already clumped into a few key locations per whatever "how to" video was posted. So you have thousands of acres of water, 10 people at one dock, etc...
  13. So when multiple FW are set off at once, does that mean more of the special fish spawn or it is wasting the FWs?
  14. I'd like high visibility monofilament line for bottom fishing. I am a line watcher and during bright days, if the rods are set high enough on the holders, seeing the line is almost impossible. bright green or black would be good, green especially for night fishing. I could imagine a true fluorescent line that turns bright when your headlamp shines on it. Should only be visible to the user, not others in the same session. The floating dock in St Croix and other areas with docks should have night lights underwater, perhaps a green hue, to attract fish.
  15. The new lakes in Germany are so large that a motorized boat would be nice.
  16. I'd like to see kayak fishing in saltwater where you can troll lures behind your kayak as you row. Or perhaps you enter the game and you're on a tuna fishing expedition (along with other pelagic species) and you find your spot along the rail or deck and fish for whatever species that time of day is offering. That could limited fishing based on time of day, but it would be fun especially if you could leave the charter ship in your kayak and get pulled around by a big shark or tuna.
  17. If you consider how a bite is detected on a float rig, there's a bobber indicator in the upper right corner of the screen. For rod holders, it would have to disappear or there could be as many as 3 indicators. Then when you throw a lure out, you have that indicator as well. You can see how quickly the screen could fill up with indicators. The float rod system would need to be redeveloped as it's not currently designed for bottom fishing (float fishing isn't bottom fishing).
  18. I use a 440lb keepnet, used to be 660 until it was magically transformed during the "update" with no explanation where my 660 went that I paid for.
  19. Cool, the game has us catching garbage now. I caught some fishing line and a piece of bark.
  20. That answer doesn't really help as it's pretty much what people do anyhow. Basically you're telling him to do something different. I've found that it doesn't matter much as long as I have the technique displayed. I've caught nothing with 3 dots and filled a basket with just one. It seems some rod and reel and line combinations have adverse affects on certain presentations.
  21. Stripers are biting cutbait now? I catch stripers on spoons from the three docks, cast out about 105' and allow to sink to bottom. Lift and drop or slow reel and twitch. Never caught one on cut bait, but they will bite shiners well (or they would before). It would be disappointing to learn that only consumable baits are producing now. I don't mind float fishing but I'm a lure fisherman IRL and in the game most often. I miss the days when you could catch big stripers with the 30' crankbait from the dam.
  22. Florida isn't really a gamble. If you have a few jigs or plastic craws, you'll catch bass. You can catch them all day. You won't have a problem making enough to fill your daily requirement, and it's an important stepping stone to California where bigger prey await. I'd avoid Kaniq creek for now, you'll need better gear.
  23. I'd like to see fishing improve. I don't care how I get there.
  24. Seems to be geared for people who live in Poland or Russia.
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