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  1. One of the major gripes I see a lot of players having about Fishing Planet is how repetitive and "grindy" it can get. In the lower level lakes, you see players all trying new things and fishing different spots and enjoying the variety, but (thanks to the oppresive costs of higher level gear and travel, etc) people start to focus specifically on making money once they reach around level 25. What you see then is when you go to one of these higher level lakes, all the players are gathered around basically the same spots, fishing for the same fish, day in and day out, just to make enough money to progress. It actually reaches a point where even once you start upgrading your gear, you find it a waste of time to do anything other than fish for that best value per weight fish until you basically have everything you'd ever want in your posession before even thinking about actually enjoying yourself again and trying new things, catching different (less valuable) fish, etc. I have an idea that will change all of that, and I'm no programmer but I think it's quite simple: Fishing Contracts. Imagine you travel to Alberta and right next to the log cabin there's a bulletin board. You walk up to it (or access the board from the ESC menu) and you see a list of Contracts that you can browse. New contracts would be procedurally generated daily, and they would read something like this (a few examples): 1. "Stiff Willie's Taxidermy Emporium is requesting 4 Unique Lake Trout, and will pay 24k upon completion of the contract. You have 24 hours (ingame) to delivery the fish once you accept." 2. "Uncle Hank's Fresh Fish Market is asking for 5 Trophy Pike, 5 Trophy Atlantic Salmon, and 5 Trophy Burbot for a special order needed within 12 hours of contract acceptance. They are offering 20k for this order" 3. "Triton's Goblet Seafood Cafeteria is requesting 200 pounds of Atlantic Salmon to be delivered within 48 hours, and paying 20k" I think you get the idea. I think this feature would be an amazing and immersive way to encourage players to explore fishing for other species, and rewarding their efforts. Some contracts could reward premium coin instead of cash, or even extra challenging contracts that reward special lures, hats, or other visible feature items. It might also be neat to be able to develop a reputation with certain contract companies to that once you complete one contract, you are offered another more challenging one for a greater reward, and eventually get cool items, like a "Stiff Willie's Taxidermy Emporium" hat with a silly Trout head sticking out of the front, for example. From beginning to end, this would give players so much more to do, and so much more to look forward to when they log into the game besides just thinking "ok I guess I'm gonna fish for (this valuable fish) all day again today so maybe I can get enough money to go fish for (this other valuable fish) in the other lake all day tomorrow." No offense devs, but the grind is really on the very precipice of making the game not fun. This feature would really breathe new life into the game and diversifly the gameplay exponentially. Please seriously consider my suggestion. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!
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