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  1. you're right, it is in agony, and yes again, reviving this forum would be awesome. steps in the right directions, i follow ...
  2. think they will increase drop-rate of these spoon in last week / couple of days of the event. in previous events, they activated certain interacting features just for the last week only. so i think we all will be flooded by roach and spider spoons soon, as we are now in crackbaits and others. no spoons for me so far, don't need them, tho
  3. good news, guys in times when you HAVE and NEED to stay home be safe ... keep fishing ...
  4. jajaja, Carpman is right ... same will be happening in less than 2 hours, during semi-final ... will start during the day with partially clouded weather ... and one of the rule states: PLAYERS MAY ONLY CATCH FISH DURING NIGHT TIME. will they count if catch during day time? as it did in qualifier #3. opinions are welcome, even from a lawyer ...
  5. seems these are most, if not all, the x-series goodies available in-game. you'll have to earn or win them ... gear available only for top-3 tournament winners ... lures n line-related, winning comps and some challenges
  6. quick reminder for the 30 day stay-at-each-location achievements: US & CANADA TEXAS X-Series Float (Water Globe) MISSOURI X-Series Spinnerbait 14g #2/0 NEW YORK X-Series Casting Spoon 21g #3/0 COLORADO X-Series Nano Spinner 6g #1/0 N. CAROLINA X-Series Spinnerbait 28g #4/0 OREGON X-Series Spinner 14g #3/0 FLORIDA X-Series Bass Jig 42g #4/0 ALBERTA X-Series Crankbait 5m #6/0 LOUISIANA X-Series Frog Popper 18g #4/0 MICHIGAN X-Series Medium Spoon 56g #6/0 CALIFORNIA X-Series Walker 14g #4/0 ALASKA X-Series Bullet Spinner 36g #4/0 MISSISSIPPI X-Series Glow&Holo Casting Spoon 28g, #4/0 EUROPE CZECH REPUBLIC X-Series Single Spoon 42g, #4/0 NETHERLANDS X-Series Barbless Nano Spoon 6g, #1/0 ITALY X-Series Barbless Spinner 14g, #3/0 GERMANY X-Series Barbless Narrow Spoon 7g, #1/0 RUSSIA X-Series Hook #4/0
  7. thanks for reply, Sabi Tonto, seems that only a 30-day challenge is mentioned here, for Mississippi the other two , for Tiber and Akhtuba, are competitions. Also i saw that you can get you x-series bobber back ...... : Germany, big headhunters comp finally
  8. good question Sabi ... been wondering if there is an up-to-date (feb 2020) list of ALL available x-series and how to obtain them. btw, anybody knows what sweet x-series you get for spending 30 straight days at new location Mississippi?
  9. ok, i know, old thread ..... but... since new update, several things regarding basically catching all trash ... Two (2) questions/requests: - does anyone know, if or where you can find a list of the locations (waterways) of all TRASH that we have to "catch and take"? - Devs, please make it possible, that when you catch and take "anything required for a mission trophy", DURING a competition or a tournament, it counts as completed (this request is based on the fact that we "catch" and sometimes even can take the item, meaning that we do complete the full requirement)
  10. seems to be fixed on PS4 ... wasn't able to register like 1 hour ago, but now it working .... PS4
  11. lol, been there, seen that.... couple of times now. On this, every in-game hour has independent spawning sequence but what i noticed is that the in-game clock and the timer that shows how much time is left in comp, are NOT synchronized. by this, i want to point out that, even if your comp time is seconds away of expiring and ending, the in-game hour still is active so a "last-minute" uni can pop-up and the difference between minutes and seconds is what we are talking about
  12. Good call, Sabi. Thanks for the info I had same issue a couple of weeks ago, but i thought it had to do with a specific type of rod..... Will be careful next time my ground-bait is about to run out. I'll cast very close (mis-cast)and retrieve intermediately, so that i can put new bait for next 10-15 attempts
  13. Rota, basically what KP is transmitting is a message with some sweet info. Private comps with in-game prizes, set by you Removing amateur comps Maybe make "sell-able" belugas and eels, specially in order to farm in Russia That will be around the next big update... with bass-boats etc., etc.
  14. true, i meant visible, of easy visible access
  15. ok, 2 things on the marker buoys but first, i agree with both of you 1 - i would like to see a bigger capability of showing info "on-screen". Right now, you can rename the buoy, but is limited to 15 or 20 characters. In my case, rename them with: hour, type of weather, air temp & depth But with the new carp update, i require more info: bait, ground bait, hooks, leaders, mix here, mix there, spod mix, etc, etc. (water temp and wind direction) Ok, i know, take PEN & PAPER and write it down......... i think by now, we all have our notes (a mess of papers all over the place, or different pc/mobile phone files/photos) and 2nd...... i would like to see an in-game future that, when at" HOME", you can see a list of the buoys with all desired info on the different lakes, not so much the location of the buoy but the info that we write down there, in order to prepare, in advance at "HOME" I understand that the "TABLET" can only be brought up at the location, but the info of these buoys, would be awesome to access this info from "HOME". side-note: i know you can rename the mix, but still ........
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