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  1. I don't think the North American/Canadian waterways have been optimized for bottom/feeder fishing yet. Meaning things like the length of your leader or using chum/groundbait/burley is going to make much if any difference. I have been keeping my leader at full length without trouble. Hopefully, someone else can give you a better idea of what you want to know.
  2. Thankyou Hilrond and the Pro_Hookers club for a fun event. Congratulations to all the other prize winners. My personal goal for the event was to finally get a uni thicklip grey mullet, mission accomplished. Thankyou and tight lines.
  3. Bells can only be attached to feeder and bottom rods. If you are using one of those rods select the bell and start dragging it towards the rod, the spot where to place them should highlight itself.
  4. Short answer: match the feeder/sinker (175g) weight to be within the rods casting weight (170-250g). I have my leader (4.4kg) slightly less than the main line (4.5kg) (4.74kg reel,1.5-5kg rod). The numbers given are examples from my own tackle setups. It seems to work. Hope this helps.
  5. Idk, Send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC/PS4) and a description of your problem. Maybe the Devs can provide you with a better solution.
  6. This was posted under the News forum: Join the excitement of st.Patrick’s Gold Hunt and look for Gold Pots scattered all around the locations from March 11th through March 17th. Why it only mentions PS4 platform I do not know.
  7. Gars are mostly active at night and Tarpon usually put in a show in the early morning (no expert on Tarpon), there might be better times.
  8. I said that was the most drastic option, I have done without my night light for ages just for a couple more tackle slots. Oh well, Amateur comps here you come Tight lines.
  9. You could send an email to support@fishingplanet.com explaining to them how you mistakenly sold your cap and asking them to consider reissuing you with a new X-series Prometheus fishing cap for the 30 baitcoins you got for selling it, you could consider buying the Topwater Midnight pack DLC or the most drastic option would be to have your account reset to start again. There might be other options, maybe someone else can come up with a better way. Good Luck.
  10. No competition is more important than your Mother. Do what you have to do. I will understand.
  11. I'll have to try and recreate it again first. It's been a while since it last happened.
  12. I think I have seen this bug too. It would happen when I was using light spinning tackle (say 6kg) for walleye or trout around pike alley and hook up a (I believe) Musky instead. The fish would go on a very long run, then proceed to a yo-yo battle between 20 and 100 mtrs, but mostly at a long distance. All of a sudden the fish will make a run and suddenly takeoff, up and over your head and land somewhere behind you. 9/10 times losing the fish due to low tension. From memory the fish were always running towards the Sandy Cape/lighthouse area when it happened.
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