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  1. Fishing planet has advised people asking the same question on the FP Facebook page that it is not possible to transfer you inventory from Steam to the Xbox version.
  2. Have you managed to assemble your rod setup yet? Setting up should (is probably best) done at home. You want to select the Inventory tab, select the little green man, this is where you fit items like your tackle box, vest and keeper net/stringer from home storage. To assemble a rod select a number next to that green man (1 for instance), select the home storage tab and select the rods and reels icon. Select the rod you wish to use and drag it across to the rod outline (it should highlight), next select the reel and also drag it to the highlighted area. You then select then Line icon and drag across the line you wish to use. The tackle is now required to be added before you can use your setup and this depends on the type of rod it is (Spinning, Float (telescopic/match), Casting, Feeder, Bottom or Carp). It is important that you have a balanced setup (e.g. Rod: Line weight 1.5 - 4kg, Reel: Max drag 4kg or less, Line : Test 3.6kg or less than the reels max drag). Hope this helps (or that you have already sorted this all out). Tight lines.
  3. Have you tried pressing F11. Press F1 (help) to get a keyboard key layout (F1 to close again)
  4. Try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com. Note : You can change your name in the game Options under the Profile tab but it will cost about 160 baitcoins to do so.
  5. Short answer : Yes. Long answer : It has been mentioned in another recent thread that FP stated in a discussion on FP FB that Xbox is currently a basic version and more features will be added in upcoming patches/updates. (FaceBook)
  6. Привет, Поскольку сброс аккаунта по разным причинам является очень популярным запросом, форум часто заполняется такими сообщениями. Попробуем очистить наш форум от всех этих повторяющихся тем. Если вы хотите сбросить учетную запись, вы ДОЛЖНЫ написать по электронной почте support@fishingplanet.com! Обращаем ваше внимание, что сброс не является услугой, которую мы обещаем и предоставляем на регулярной основе, это единовременная услуга, которая может предоставляться индивидуально в случаях внутриигровых проблем с учетной записью. Hello, Since resetting an account is a very popular request for various reasons, the forum is often filled with such messages. Let's try to clear our forum of all these repetitive topics. If you want to reset your account, you MUST write support@fishingplanet.com! Please note that resetting is not a service that we promise and provide on a regular basis, it is a one-time service that can be provided individually in cases of in-game account issues. (from support forum)
  7. Trophy channel catfish get up to around 6.5 kg (14 lb) at Mudwater, you might be fishing a little light Is that the correct reel your using. Shouldn't it be the InspireCast 3000 instead?
  8. Find the Help button, that should bring the button assignments. On the PC the F11key is used to turn the pitch on/off, it may say bind/unbind instead. Could be press right joystick to change cast type.
  9. If you have no way of fishing you will have to send a email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC,PS4 or Xbox) and ask them to reset your account. They will decide if it can be done. I would suggest testing new tackle first before selling your old tackle and holding onto a spinning or float setup that works well should you run into further trouble. Good luck
  10. I think the issue being raised is when fishing somewhere with current the crankbait hovers in place and no longer floats back to the surface as they used to. (I also thought that this change had occurred quite some time ago.)
  11. The automatic repair kicks in when the durability drops below 70% wear on the PC. I believe this is the same for PS4 users and should be the same on the Xbox. You should get a popup screen when returning home from a waterway asking what to repair. (It was about 90% previously). Hope this helps.
  12. If you want an account reset, you MUST email support@fishingplanet.com! Please note that reset is not a service we are promising and providing on a regular basis, it is an one-time service might be granted individually in cases of in-game issues with account. (Copied from the Support and Bugs/Support Forum)
  13. Suggest you just do float and lure fishing until you become more familiar with how the game works. Use the Help (F1 on PC) button. Remember the Rod should have the highest line weight value, the reel max drag should be equal or just lower than the rods highest line weight value and the line test should be equal or lower than the reels max drag (leaders should be equal or lower than the line test). Also make sure when lure fishing the lures weight does not exceed the max lure weight for the rod. Above all, take your time and have fun. Hope this helps.
  14. 1 The drifting seemed to my untrained eye to be related to the wind direction, have the wind at your back. 2 Using a spod seems to increase the bite rate and size of the fish caught, so yes. Apart from peak times I don't know. 3 As mentioned above (yes), I think the concern is(was) you spod then cast here and your line starts drifting away from where you "spodded". Yes it is expensive, like you said spod 5 times and then once an hour (in game) afterwards according to the blurb. 4 Up to you. You get more, I'd rather use credits. 5 Would really like to see more detail (eg contour lines)on the map, don't know. 6 I use any line that is suitable for the rod, reel and leader. 7 Carp hooks for when fishing for carp, just don't put your rod back in the holder with a fish on. They almost always get away. 8 Been trying to figure out what flavours and baits work best. Still working on it. There seems to be a major marker traffic jam on Golden pond, expect delays
  15. A nice spinning setup I like using is Jigwinner 270 (lvl 20) $7500, a EspiraMLR 3500 (lvl 23) $9200 and fluoro 0.3 mm 5.5kg line (lvl 22) $750. It'll give you good casting distance and a good variety of lures (4g - 18g) to choose from. Hope this helps.
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