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  1. If you've just started then you're most probably fishing at Lone Star, Texas using a low level float setup, with that setup a leader is not required. Try just adding a hook and then adding the bait. Your line or leader will only break if you have the drag set too high, use a lower drag setting. Rod - Reel - Line - Float - (Leader) - Hook - Bait. (Only Fluoro or Titanium leaders can be used on float rods). HTH.
  2. Nice copy, cut and paste job. Although this time it's more like close to 140 not 80 fish.
  3. Spinner Tails can be added to them (check the lure section in the (home) shop), just like you can also add soft plastics or spinner tails to buzzbaits/spinnerbaits. HTH.
  4. Skullhunter was also having trouble tracking them down (a month ago), found one in the end.
  5. You'll need to use a jighead to attach a soft plastic lure like a shad. Unfortunately you cannot use a setup for multiple styles of fishing, you'll need setups for different methods of fishing. A Match rod for float fishing (not enough casting distance with Telescopic rods), Spinning (or Casting) rod for lure fishing, Feeder rod for light bottom fishing, Bottom rod for heavier bottom fishing and a Carp rod for specifically fishing for carp. A Spod rod is used to add burley (also known as groundbait or chum) to the area being fished (not just for carp fishing). Apart from the Casting rods only
  6. Do you still the previous invisible line in your inventory (or equipped on a setup)? Try getting rid of it.
  7. Hatte keine Lizenz fange einen einzigartigen Hecht lasse ihn frei das ich keine Strafe bekomme hab trotzdem 20k Strafe bekommen bin jetzt im minus 

    1. PH_Carpman99


      Wenn Sie keine Lizenz haben, spielt es keine Rolle, ob Sie den Fisch behalten oder loslassen, Sie haben eine sehr gute Chance, eine Geldstrafe zu erhalten. Schlagen Sie vor, immer eine erweiterte Lizenz zu kaufen. Möglicherweise müssen Sie nach Texas zurückkehren und Bass fangen, um mehr Geld zu verdienen.

      If you have no licence it doesn't matter if you keep or let the fish go, you will have a very good chance of being fined. Suggest always buying an advanced licence. You might have to go back to Texas and catch Bass to make some more money. 

  8. (IDK) Suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with the above information (office is not normally attended during weekends). HTH.
  9. The Snakeheads are part of the St. Patrick's day event which has now ended. Don't think you'll find any stragglers.
  10. No, your FP account is tied to your Steam account and you cannot change it to another. You will need to contact Steam Support to get your account back (top left of screen in Steam select Help, Steam Support, My account then Help me sign into my account). (In Steam) Select Community (top left of screen) then Discussions to find more information. This may help https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1126288560
  11. From what I can make out Moneymaker (win credits by placing in the top 10 of any competition) I is winning 1,000 credits, II is 10,000 credits and III is 100,000 credits. Suggest you send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Xbox) and a description of your problem. Maybe support can shed some light on what is going on. HTH.
  12. Go to your Inventory, select the Missions tab. To the right of the St. Patrick' Day mission name will be a clock which will indicate how much time is left. HTH.
  13. Nothing to do with the PC version, the vids you're referring to are from The Fisherman - Fishing Planet, developed by the same company (Fishing Planet LLC) but published by another (Nacon formerly Big Ben Interactive).
  14. Apparently (vague memories of a work around from previous year) you could trigger the start of the race to shut the music up for at least an hour (no need to do the actual race ofc). HTH.
  15. (Note : The PS4 and Xbox update usually occurs about 3 weeks after the PC update).
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