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  1. The pike in the European waterways are quite small (compared to the Northern America waterways), try using small minnows or a narrow spoon (with 1/0 hooks). I have caught a few mid-canal, but would normally expect them close to the shoreline especially in areas where there is fish activity on the surface. GL
  2. No, you cannot have a friend join you on your boat ATM, maybe in the future (maybe not, IDK).
  3. The test and diameter are unknown, start with a low drag setting and increase it accordingly. It might help to set the tackle load indicator to Pro instead of Simple (found on the Game Settings page, the Cog) for a better idea of how much strain the line is under. Good Luck.
  4. Looks fishy to me , hope the (tablet) Map is adjusted for the shallow water unlike the Weeping Willow (UK) map (0 - 21 m) which gives no detail of where the deeper parts are.
  5. Did you go to the Sport tab, select the Tournaments tab and then select the Apply button to enter the winter pike tournament ? The DLC provides tackle, equipment and licences for the waterways, but you yourself have to apply to enter the tournament. I believe the window for applying for the tournament has now finished. You could send an email to support@fishingplanet.com but I doubt there is anything they can to do for you.
  6. Did you complete the Golem lure mission (catch the monster Muskie)? If you did then the lure is lost, you might be able to get it again next Halloween (don't know if this is possible). If you haven't caught the Muskie yet, Untrack the mission, get rid of any backlashes in your backpack storage, quit and restart the game (mightn't need to do this), track the mission again, catch 5 new backlashes (make sure you have enough backpack spaces available). Not sure if this will work for you, but give it a try.
  7. It says 7 day advanced licence, it does not say 7 day pond pass (as the carp lord pack does). A pond pass allows lower level players access to a higher level pond. Its absence is what's causing your current problem of accessing the Weeping Willow waterway.
  8. The Carp lord pack also had a pond pass for Weeping Willow included whereas the Mighty Carp tournament pack does not and it should (I think). Otherwise it would only be suitable for level 50 anglers to purchase.
  9. Try the peg downstream (same side) as the railway bridge. Walk upstream to where two arms of the river re-join, you should notice regular fish activity on the surface, using a walker (I used 1/0) during daytime peak (Sunny I think) can work very well. Good Luck.
  10. Also happens on the PC version as well.
  11. Casting rod and (casting) reels can only use lures (in this game).
  12. These items are most likely in your home storage (unless you binned them, then they are gone), from home go to the Shop tab and select the Tools & Equipment tab. You should (if you have the credits or haven't already) buy a vest (camo vest), a rod case (HobbyGear) and a tackle box (Easy Go Belt Pocket). Select the Inventory tab, then the Home Storage tab, then the packing boxes icon and the little green man icon, drag your new items over to your avatar and place them in the highlighted area. After the rod case was placed the little green man should have a 1 and 2 next to it, these are your rod slots. White is empty, Red is not ready and Green is good to go. Select a rod slot and select the fishing rod icon (from home storage), select the rod and drag over to the highlighted area, drag over the appropriate reel, select the line icon and drag over the fishing line (fill it up), if it is a spinning setup you can select a lure icon and drag a lure across (if it says the tackle setup is too heavy, don't use it you'll break your tackle), if it is a float setup select the hook, float and feeder icon and drag over your (chubby) float, now drag over a appropriate hook, now select the worm icon and drag over the desired bait. The number next to the little green man should now be green and ready for use. Drag anything you think you may need from home storage to the backpack tab. Select the Map tab and select Lone Star, Texas, and then select Travel (make sure you have a licence to fish at Texas, Advanced Unlimited is recommended). Hope this helps towards sorting your rod problem out, it is an example only, others may have a better answer. GL.
  13. (From memory) you first attach the leader of the type of rig (say a Carolina) you want to use, then attach the weight(drop or bullet), then the offset hook and finally the soft bait (shad)lure you want to use.
  14. Send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) and a description of your problem. I haven't had this happen to me (F2P on PC).
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