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  1. Are you at a waterway (say Texas) ? Go to your Inventory, select the Map tab, select Leave. Once you're at home, select the Inventory tab then find the Home tab (fishing rod inside a house icon) this is your home storage. Use the icons located (top to bottom) under the Backpack tab to view by type (rods & reels, lines etc). HTH.
  2. Nah, no need like some form of osmosis you just tend to absorb it, the doctor recommends regular doses of sunlight and fresh air as a preventive measure.
  3. Try adding a soft plastic. It's not a bait setup.
  4. Between the bait and the rod itself is the position to place a simple bell. HTH.
  5. Have you checked your Home storage bait section ? It will not reset if you still have some Frankenbait left (somewhere). What did Support say ?
  6. At level 38 I'd say you have already completed the tutorial. In the Settings screen (the cog) there is Turn on Tutorial slides option if not. To use sinkers your need to buy either a Feeder, Bottom (or Carp) rod, a suitable spinning reel for the rod, suitable fishing line for the reel, sinkers within the casting weight of the rod, Mono leaders (Fluoro or Titanium leaders available) that are equal or less than the Test of the fishing line (Feeder and Bottom rods can have a bell attached as well). Place the rod in a vacant backpack slot, add the reel, add the line, add the sinker/feeder, add the leader, add the hook (add the simple bell) and finally add the bait. (Note, some items like Carp hooks and Leaders can only be used on Carp rods). HTH.
  7. The Predator boat pack is for The Fisherman - Fishing Planet. Suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PS4) and a description of your problem.
  8. From the kayak/boat peg, to your left following the shoreline there is an island, fishing in the channel between the island and shore I managed to snag one on a small white nymph (5cm 2.5in) and 4g #4 hook jig head. Did not use a Titanium leader but could have been lucky in not being bitten off. Was fishing during the day. There are probably better ways and places to get them. HTH.
  9. Might have had a bit of delay getting some of those boilies through customs.
  10. Don't know for The Fisherman, suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with a description of your login problem. They should know what you need to do or who you need to talk to.
  11. Suggest you give the braid a go, I'm pretty sure the cats don't take much notice of it. Maybe take some mono or fluoro leaders closest to the braids test as well (just in case).
  12. Yes, from your Inventory screen, select the Missions tab, scroll down until you find the Emerald Frankenbait mission, track the mission. You are required to travel (if not already there) to Emerald lake, then catch one Redfin, one Grass, one Chain Pickerel and one Northern Pike. These fish are day time feeders and respond well to small spoons (medium and narrowspoons, poppers, walkers and frog lures 1/0 - 3/0), you might need to use a Titanium leader to stop being bitten off (the leader should be the same or slightly less than your fishing line Test). Once you have caught the required fish you can then track the Emerald Pikeslasher Monster mission. You must use a Telescopic or Match float rod to catch the fish, the Pikeslasher is around 10 kg (22lbs) so using the biggest available Fenix match rod is recommended, a 2/0 - 4/0 hook set at about 100 cm (39 in)deep should work (might need another Titanium leader for this setup as well), look at the previous post of this thread to see areas and times you should target. HTH.
  13. (In the free to play version) there are no trophy Bass in Texas, but if there were narrowspoons 1/0 fished during peak activity would work well. (if at the waterway) Go to your Inventory, select the Map tab, select the Fish Species tab, under the fish name it should tell you what size dish are there (young, common, trophy unique). HTH.
  14. No other options (as far as I know), can only be caught using frankenbait (using (spoon) lures fished near the surface will get the pike/pickerel required).
  15. Don't forget the Leader (as close to the fishing line Test as possible).
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