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  1. You can place groundbait (chum/burley) in that circle and "hand cast" it in the area you are fishing. It is not very accurate and probably only good for fishing the European waterways ATM (Groundbait having little to no effect in the North America waterways, I believe).
  2. I saw on a PC walk though of the Fisherman that the DLC content was listed under the PACKS tab and you pay for them using Baitcoins earnt catching uniques. (might be the same for the PS4)
  3. Check the sports tab for current competitions, change to the tournament tab. Should see the registration for Gars and Glory tourney is scheduled for the 23rd pf Oct. The Halloween event should run at the same time.
  4. I don't think it is possible, for a definite answer you will need to email support and describe your problem to them. Also provide your game name, platform (Steam, PS4 or Xbox). The support email address is provided in my previous post.
  5. support@fishingplanet.com
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    You're welcome.
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    That's sounds great, of course you need a keepnet or stringer to keep your fish so you can earn some credits at the start of a new day or when leaving the waterway Buying an unlimited Advanced licence for Texas can be really helpful when just starting out, because travelling there is free, allows you to keep any fish you catch and you can fish both day and night. Meaning if by some cruel twist of fate you end up broke, as long as you have some light fishing tackle (and a keepnet) you will always have somewhere to earn some credits. P.S. A good place to earn some half decent credit and some average XP is Emerald Lake, New York night fishing for Walleye off the Dock of Peace with a couple of 7g (1/4 oz) 1/0 narrowspoons or a 7g 2/0 jighead using 5cm (2in) glow shads (glow worms work too). You will need a Advanced fishing licence to fish at night, and peak time is the best time. Good hunting.
  8. The locked padlock means you have not reached the required level to purchase that accessory, tackle or bait from the shop. You can get access to higher level goods through DLC's and in some instances using baitcoins. The padlock will unlock once you have obtained the required level. If you can buy a locked item it could be a possible bug and should be reported to support@fishingplanet.com Hope this helps.
  9. I can access the game normally (on PC).
  10. I don't know the official date, but last year the Halloween event started around the 22nd of October.
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    Ouch!, from your daily login get the cheapest spinning rod and reel and some casting lures (upgrading to a narrowspoon 1/0 asap) so you can spin for Bass in Texas.
  12. No, you do not have to leave the waterway when your net is full. A new day starts at 5am, all your fish will be sold and you're ready to start fishing again (another days rent for your accommodation is also paid at this time). Check your weather forecast and forward time (T on PC) to or just before the next days peak on the forecast graph (or 5am if you want to fish the whole day). If you leave the waterway you will need to pay the travel costs to go there again (except Texas). No, you can't catch a decent carp on your first rod, although catching smallmouth buffalo at Texas on your first rod will seem pretty decent. For the North American waterways just use float and spinning tackle for starters, get yourself a valuespin lvl 8 rod and a Crucianhunter lvl 8 (lvl 12 even better) and fishing line equal or below the reels max drag. For float fishing don't bother with Telescopic rods (they cant cast far) go for the best Omnifloat or Nero (Match) rod you can afford. Hope this helps.
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    Suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com describing your problem and the platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) you're using.
  14. Um die Kappe mit einem Scheinwerfer zu bekommen, müssen Sie nachts (21.00 - 05.00 Uhr) 100 Fische fangen. Kann jede Wasserstraße sein, jeder Fisch. Die Fische müssen nicht in derselben Nacht gefangen werden. To get the cap with a headlamp you must catch 100 fish at night time (9pm - 5am). Can be any waterway, any fish. The fish do not have to be caught on the same night.
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