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  1. Suggest not getting your hopes up
  2. There was an attempt to put the savings and finds of the waterway shops all in one place a couple of years ago. The thread was called TIP – SOMETIMES IT PAYS TO SHOP AROUND!
  3. Yes, fishing for the smaller event fish (as mentioned above the Christmas bandit Aracu being the most reliable to catch) would be the easiest way to finish this achievement. I managed to do it at Rocky using a light float rod, a number #10 hook with Crickets for bait (i.e something small)*. The most important thing was the fish activity graph, you needed to find a day where the activity was high to medium for a long period of time to have any chance of success. * a #10 hook was the smallest at the time and feeder rods had not been introduced yet.
  4. Also seems to be case on PC (fish going shy after a few days).
  5. You've read the information that has been provided earlier in this thread (first page) ?
  6. Try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) and a description of the problem.
  7. There is currently no way I know of to get the lure back. Did hear it mentioned (somewhere) that the Developers might look into a way of obtaining lost limited edition lures (like the Golem lure) in the future but were currently too busy with new waterways (think they were releasing the South American waterways at that time). I have not seen anything official mentioning that this will ever happen but would be really nice if it did (losing one of your favourite lures is never any fun).
  8. Sedge is a shore based reed, meaning you'll have to target the reeds standing on the waters edge. Using a spinning setup and a lure with treble or large hooks works well (a narrow spoon 1/0 is good for this). Stand on one side of the reeds, aim your lure so it will be dragged through those reeds and away you go. Sedge can be found on most of the waterways, but can definitely be found at the Lesni Vila (fishery) and Mudwater waterways. HTH.
  9. Bei Feeder-, Grund- und Karpfenruten läuten die Glocken, einige der höher gelegenen Rutenständer haben einen Alarm, wenn die Fische beißen. Es gibt auch eine Option in den Einstellungen, um ein "Ding"-Geräusch zu erzeugen, wenn ein Fisch in Ihren Köder beißt, wenn Sie eine Pose/Bobber verwenden. Google-Übersetzer verwendet. The bells go on feeder, bottom and carp rods, some of the higher level rod stands have an alarm for when the fish bite. There is also an option in settings to make a "ding" noise when a fish is biting your bait when using a float/bobber. Google translate used.
  10. It is l as in lima, as stated previously, it's probably best to try in areas where you can actually see branches (or trees) protruding from the water to get these items. GL.
  11. Versuchen Sie, rechts vom Eingang der kleinen Bucht zu werfen, in der sich das Kanu befindet. Suchen Sie in der Nähe des Ufers nach einem Bündel strohfarbenen Schilfrohrs, das Sie in der Umgebung dieses Schilfs auswerfen müssen (ein Baum mit goldenen Blättern steht weiter hinten vom Ufer). Sobald Sie den Cast in der Nähe des versunkenen Kanuteils der Mission abgeschlossen haben, sollten Sie nun in der Lage sein, die Reliktkiste aus dem Kanu selbst zu fangen (Kartenkoord. 148.9, -7.66) (Google Übersetzer verwendet) Try casting to the right-hand side of the entrance of the small inlet where the canoe is located. Look for a bunch of straw-coloured reeds near the shoreline, you need to cast in the area around these reeds (there is a tree with golden leaves further back from the shoreline). Once you have cleared the Cast near the sunken canoe part of the mission you should be now able to catch the relic chest from the canoe itself (Map co-ords 148.9, -7.66) (Google Translate used)
  12. You could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) and a description of your problem. (If using PC you might need to add the program to your anti virus exceptions list).
  13. He's not the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy Evidence of cheating should be sent to support@fishingplanet.com On a more serious note, that's correct you cannot see another players boat/kayak unless they are in it.
  14. You're not losing points (you're getting less than average), the tackle setup you're using is to strong for the fish you're catching. You'll have to use a lighter setup, the setup used will depend on which waterway you're planning to fish at. HTH.
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