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  1. The more viable options the better, what ever method works. As for uni channel cats, there is a small hole (visible on your map) quite close to the pelican hut that has produced quite a few for me.
  2. I'd suggest using corn on a #2 hook, Wide open swampy place or Way down south could be worth investigating (fishing the afternoon peak). GL.
  3. No, not the last time I tried. The smallmouth buff (as you probably know) is a species of carp, think along those lines in regard to the bait used (and use small hooks ofc). What have you tried so far ?
  4. If you're an influencer and want to create your own competition, please contact sс@fishingplanet.com with information about your channel and your nickname in Fishing Planet and they will provide you all the information needed.
  5. Yes, you can get the Brown trout eggs again. Suggest you untrack the outlaw mission, make sure you have none of the eggs left and no brown trout in the keeper, stop and restarting the game (might help), track the Brown trout egg mission again. You could try using a bigger hook (say a #6/0) to stop most of the smaller trout stealing your bait.
  6. I think you will need to bin (delete) all the invisible line you have, suggest untracking the mission, delete the invisible line and any backlashes you may have in the Inventory, make sure you have at least 5 tackle spaces available in your backpack, and either restart the game or go home and return to Lonestar then try tracking the first (catch 5 backlashes) part of the mission again. HTH.
  7. Last time I heard account resets are no longer available, but this is a copy of the first message in the Support forum : Hello, since account resets for different reasons are a very popular request, forum is often filled with such posts. Let's try to keep our forum clear from all these repetitive threads. If you want an account reset, you MUST email support@fishingplanet.com! Please note that reset is not a service we are promising and providing on a regular basis, it is an one-time service might be granted individually in cases of in-game issues with account.
  8. Hey can someone help me? everytime I cast the reel refuses to pull line in and it is all the way up (4 arrows up) I got new poles and reels reset the game even reset my computer and it still wasn't reeling.

    1. PH_Carpman99


      Sounds like the drag is set to low - for less + for more (on PC) or dpad left for less dpad right for more on a controller. HTH. 

    2. Today_with_EJ


      Ok thanks I'll try that!

    3. Today_with_EJ


      It worked thanks so much!

  9. You will find rod holders under the Tools & Equipment tab in the shop (look at the shop from Home to see the full range). Yes you will gain access to better equipment as you level up (boats/kayaks included), suggest your first priority might be to get a tacklebox, vest and rod case (to carry more tackle), and fit them (drag from Home Storage) to your avatar (the little green man icon). Once you have a rod holder (and made sure it is in your Inventory not Home Storage) and are standing on a shoreline press 9 to bring out your rod holder, find a place near the shore where to outline of the holder turns green and press the LMB to place it. If the rod holder can hold more than one rod use the shift key and the rod holder slot number (left to right 1 - 4) to pickup/putdown the rod in that slot. There is a chat box down in the left hand corner of the screen, you can use the mouse or press Tab and then type a message (Enter to send), press Tab again to exit chat. (There are other options you can select with the mouse on the chatbox itself). HTH.
  10. PH_Carpman99


    Premium does not give access to higher gear, it gives you "Privileged angler" status with a 50% increase boost in XP and credits (for selling fish), 50% boat rental discount, free registration in Competitions and ability to use the time forward ability twice as often (shorter cooldown period). To get access to higher level "stuff" you might have to buy DLC (or try to target fish which give good XP to level up quicker). HTH.
  11. PH_Carpman99

    First time

    You could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with a description of your problem, include the platform your using (Steam)
  12. Suggest you send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox), and the name of the DLC's. They should be able to give you an idea what's wrong.
  13. The feature to change your Home base location was removed a long time ago, you will need to buy a unlimited (Advanced) licences for the waterway using baitcoins to stop paying a daily fee, the good ones are never cheap, suggest you save your baitcoins (mostly) for unlimited licences to places you like to fish, Basic unlimited is a waste due to their restrictions. HTH.
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