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  1. Apart from the Large Mouth Bass tournament scheduled for mid-April there is no event associated with Easter (as far as I can recall).
  2. Rank tells you how many times you/they have levelled up after reaching the level cap (currently 55), apart from getting a baitcoin each time you rank up I don't believe it adds any other benefit or bonus to your character.
  3. PH_Carpman99


    Sauger mainly feed in low light (night), try targeting around the rock faces at each end of the waterway using a boat/kayak. Night versions of Medium spoons, Narrow spoons, or a jighead with (glow) Worms and (glow) Shads fished near the bottom can work well (try 1/0 - 3/0 hooks), night fishing with a full moon during the peak fish activity time is normally good.
  4. The sponsored user competitions (PC) normally have BC for prizes, from the PS4 update post : Sponsored Competitions will pose a particular interest for the more advanced sport anglers, being a perfect chance to compete against equally worthy opponents and win valuable prizes! If you're an influencer and want to create your own competition, please contact sс@fishingplanet.com with information about your channel and your nickname in Fishing Planet and they will provide you all the information needed.
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    Suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com
  6. You need to have the right tackle and equipment fitted for the competition, this information is normally found in the Rules and Restrictions section of the Information tab for that competition. The equipment/tackle required depends on the competition you are trying to enter.
  7. This is what I call the daily server reset (on the PC version), it occurs at the same time everyday (only changing due to daylight saving periods starting and ending). It forwards the weather to the next day and also resets the challenge count/clock (e.g. Cash Bag I/II/III spend a certain amount of credits in one day challenge). Establishing what time this occurs for you is helpful so you don't end up forwarding to peak only to find five minutes later you are at the lowest activity and the cooldown clock is still in effect. HTH.
  8. North Carolina (Neherrin(?) River) also had them (2 pots).
  9. You get hats for your wardrobe and some Baitcoins (from memory) .
  10. Yes, the missions are listed under the Mission tab, check the kayak/boat launch peg, the boat race start should be located there. If not suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com (PC version)
  11. I was also at Michigan when the water turned green, managed to catch a Leprechaun fish on a normal grasshopper without leaving the waterway, they like to hang close to structure (trees, weed, rocks etc) (PC version)
  12. In the Rules and Restrictions section it states that players are only allowed to catch fish during the night time. Why did the 3rd Qualifier start while it was still daylight ? Does this mean all the fish caught before dark should not have been counted ?
  13. When you level up you are able to purchase these items from the shop now, they are not given to you.
  14. You could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PS4) and a description of the problem, maybe they could help you.
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