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  1. PH_Carpman99

    Halloween event

    I assume so (or tombstones), haven't come across any (yet), they (the devs) wouldn't make you stick your fingers down the throat of some random trophy black bullhead, would they ?
  2. Bring up your Map of Lonestar, look for the deeper areas (holes), set you float to max depth, use a hook size between #6 - #1. Try using bread or dough type baits for the buff and insects (crickets or grasshoppers) or worms for the cats. HTH.
  3. PH_Carpman99

    Halloween event

    Also got the mission failed message on PC, my guess is that it is the first part of the summoning potion (witches book) mission so actually haven't failed but has already been completed previously. You can get the ingredients randomly from the pumpkins and tombstones scattered around the (North American ?) waterways as before or buy the DIY potion mix pack (99 baitcoins) from the Premium tab (or pop up advertisement when arriving at waterways), there are five different Halloween packs selling event baits and lures (so make sure it's the right one). You will still need to visit the pumpkins and tombstones for items required for the Kayak mission (no pack for that). HTH.
  4. (From the Inventory screen) On the top right side of the screen, select the outline of two persons talking tab (), anyone who has sent you a friend request will be listed here, select the Decline option (or Accept option). If you should find that you actually do have friends added, scroll down to the name press the X button to bring up some options (chat, send gift and unfriend), select unfriend and press the A button, the press A again to unfriend, X to unfriend and ignore or B to cancel the process. ( Y top button X left button A bottom button B right button) (There should also be options available from the chat box menu in game). HTH (not a Xbox player so things might not work as I think they do)
  5. Suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com (or the in game report function) with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) and a description of the problem you experienced. HTH.
  6. Send an email to support@fishingplanet.com (or use the in game report function) with your game name, platform (Xbox) and problem description (language no longer available after last update).
  7. They normally like to hang around close to cover (weed beds)
  8. No they will not get notified that they have been removed from your friends list and they will no longer see when you go online or offline in game. I believe there is also a unfriend and ignore option when you use unfriend (don't know if this stops you both being in the same room at the same time) but should stop their messages. Your name will be removed from their friends as well. HTH.
  9. (For Steam) it appeared as a pop up when you first started the game and under the Premium tab (accessed from the Inventory screen). HTH.
  10. Note : You can get about 66 baitcoins back for selling the two cheaper pair of sunglasses (if you buy the limited time Discovery bundle).
  11. I think that holding the Y button toggles wearing the glasses (top button of the four grouped together)
  12. Apart from reducing the glare, protecting your eyes from sharp objects and possible sunburn they also make a fashion statement "I'm cool" (in other words they only reduce the amount of glare from the sun and on the water surface, no other (known) benefits).
  13. Yes, would also be good to bring back the Grinch achievement (get caught fishing illegally at White Moose during the Christmas event period) as well. The more achievements the better (I reckon)
  14. Unless your trying to do the mad buffalo monster mission (dragging a lure through the lily pads works well) you'll mainly catch water weeds at Lonestar. Suggest trying other waterways/missions.
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