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  1. Hello QueenieQ, from the FP facebook page Hello, anglers! Are you ready for Christmas Holidays? This year Christmas Event will start on December 18th at 6 am UTC and will be available for all platforms! You will get new exciting missions, new Christmas fish and a lot of fun! Tight lines and don't forget to bring your Christmas mood with you!
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    From what I can work out, you need to fit the rig you want to use, then a drop or bullet sinker and then a offset hook. then choose which soft plastic you wish to attach. Hope this helps.
  3. Go to your Inventory, in the bottom right corner is a little picture of a hook and float followed by some numbers (25/25) the first number is how much equipment you are currently carrying and the second number is how much you can actually carry. You could dump some cheap bait or hooks (things that you know you can easily replace later). Buying from the shop at home is normally cheaper than at a waterway which only carry a limited range of goods. Upgrading your vest, rod case and tackle box (possibly your hat) and deciding what stays at home or gets dumped (don't sell or dump DLC items, you cannot get them back) is normally the next thing to do. Hope this helps.
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    Haven't tried them yet, but the release information says they are for use on spinning and casting setups.
  5. Yes, I gathered you were there at the right time (that's for others who might have a similar problem), it's just a matter of finding the join option, which is found on the screen you get when you first arrive at a waterway (MAP). Good Luck.
  6. I think there may be some problems with the displaying the competition score board on the PS4, there are other posts asking for fixes/updates regarding this. No, after you hear the air horn sound the JOIN COMPETITION option should become available from the MAP screen if your are at the appropriate waterway, if not you travel to the waterway, buy a suitable licence (normally the Advanced licence) and select join while there is still time to complete the running time (say 30 mins) before the competitions window finishes (say between 9 - 11, the latest you should start would be10:30). Hope this helps.
  7. You need to select the JOIN option in the top right corner of the MAP screen (where you select your fishing position and check the weather forecast) to enter a competition.
  8. Do you have or are there barbless spoons (narrowspoon 1/0) available in the shop ? If so you might be able to do the Rocky careful angler mission first which gives you a barbless spinner for completion (if it's available to you, cant remember). Failing that you should try and cover your travel costs then travel home and buy what you require from the global shop. Good Luck.
  9. The bait used is displayed in the top right hand side of the screenshot, being dough balls and Semolina balls on a #8 hook fished on or close to the bottom 220 cm or about 73 in. Hope this helps.
  10. Well, that wasn't a great result then, wonder if it would be possible to get another one next Halloween (highly unlikely)
  11. If you have completed the mission then I think the lure is lost. It is possible when you exited the game it could have been sent to home storage if your backpack storage was over capacity, but not likely. You could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) and a description of your problem.
  12. I think you might need close to $14,000 for a good spinning setup for your level. Something like a Featherlight 215 (lvl 11 $3500), a FeedForcer 4000 (lvl 13 $5350) and some Fluoro 0.23mm (lvl 12 $360). Then you will need some suitable lures (no lures heavier than the rods lure weight highest value (11g)) like the lvl 7 ($260) 7g narrowspoon 1/0 (both purple and black are good colours) and a lvl 9 ($55) Jighead 7g 2/0 plus the lvl 9 ($100) Shad 5cm (glow in the dark). This is just an example of a setup that may work for you.
  13. Yes, but make sure you equip it from home storage (car in the garage icon) first.
  14. You fit your new Kayak from Home storage (the car in garage icon) to your avatar (little green man icon), like changing your keeper. Kayaks can only be used on certain waterways (8 atm), when you select a waterway on the world map in the top left hand side will be the name and level required, there will be a silhouette of a person in a kayak just above the level number if boat use is permitted on that waterway. You will also require an Advanced licence if you intend to fish from the kayak (you can still use the kayak to get from A to B on a Basic) Once you have fitted your kayak and travelled to a suitable waterway you will find your kayak waiting for you where the rental kayak was before. Hope this helps.
  15. Congratulations to all the prize winners, thankyou TA and the PH_club for making the event possible.
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