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  1. Suggest you send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox or Microsoft store) and a description of your problem (or use the Support option under the Settings menu in game). There can be a number of different reasons this message appears (the current or you moving the bait to soon), it can also appear when something is blocking the fish from getting at the bait (water is too shallow or a obstacle in the way (rocks, weeds etc)). I usually wind the bait in a little and wait for another bite until the message stops appearing.
  2. The countdown commences from when the DLC is activated and continues until the expiry date (and time) has been reached. Meaning the timer doesn't stop while you're logged out of the game. HTH.
  3. You're using the invisible line from the first part of the mission on a Telescopic or Match (Float) rod setup I assume ? Standing in front of the house and casting to the middle of the lake (pond ) at around midday (fished at full depth) worked for me.
  4. The South American waterway Amazon Maze also includes brackish water areas ( )
  5. You'll need to get rid of the last piece of bait to be able to do the first part of the mission again, try untracking the mission, bin the last bait, stop and start the game and then track the first part of the mission again. If that doesn't work you may have to send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with game name, platform (Steam) and a description of the problem.
  6. You have access to brackish water fishing right now at the Everglades, Florida and Blue Crab Island, Mississippi waterways.
  7. You can go to your Inventory, then select the Dais (the 3 stars next to your game name) tab, then select the Fish tab. Use the Location, Type and Fish options to get a general idea of how big fish get (that have been caught recently) at a certain waterway. HTH.
  8. Don't know if there's a problem with catching "Goldies" at Rocky (with the fisherman version), they are quite fond of insects like Grasshoppers fished near the bottom (especially drop offs close to the shore line) and tend to be more active in low light conditions (cloudy and at night). They also seem to respond to spinners better than spoons (also in the same low light conditions) (IMO). HTH.
  9. Suggest these rods as a starting point, if you can get/afford higher level gear then they should be even better to use. Spinning : Rivertex "Zeus" (maybe a JigWinner setup for the smaller fish - like the Smallmouth Bass, Atlantic Salmon and Trout) Match : Brutus Casting : Not required, maybe a BassCaster setup (same reason as the JigWinner setup) Feeder : no, (Big Alli setup if targeting the smaller fish species) Bottom : Bottom Sniper HTH.
  10. My guess is the fish is too strong for the setup you're using, a bit hard to tell when you don't mention the waterway you're fishing at and what setup (including the lure or bait) you were using.
  11. Get some Titanium leaders for your setups if you decide to go straight to Michigan, a good supply of shiners, large minnows and large cutbaits might come in handy as well.
  12. Not experiencing any problems, has been running normally on PC for me (for the last two hours).
  13. Not sure at all if it has any effect on the fish at Maku Maku, I usually just aim for the head
  14. Away from Home atm in game so can't advise (see) what is available for you, but try some trial and error instead, the Everglade catfish are on the small side, tend to hang on or near the bottom and would have cutbaits (the bigger the better) for breakfast every day if they could.
  15. Suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with the above details.
  16. Not knowing your level means we can't tell you what setup to use other than to take your strongest Spinning, Casting, Match (float) and Feeder setups that you have. Probably the best fish to target for money there would be the Large Mouth and Peacock Bass so lures like bass jigs, jig heads and buzzbaits with soft plastics (worms, shads, nymphs etc), (shallow running) crankbaits, poppers and walkers. Bass will take many lures so anything else is worth a try too. For baits they mainly like something alive be that insects, frogs, fish (small/large minnows, shiners) or crustacean (shrimp etc). HTH, GL.
  17. Have you tried using a frog popper 3/0 - 4/0 (walkers should work too), usually get at least one uni chain on one of those. A shiner pinned on 4/0 hook will work if fished in the right spot as well.
  18. Indeed, that would be an outstanding catch. You might be referring to the Everglades, Florida. If you stay away from the Delta area you should be fine, just watch out for the Gars (the bigger ones can bite you off). The Bass (Peacock (daytime) and Large Mouth (day and night)) should give you slightly better money than the Walleye. In the Delta area you'll possibly find bigger and stronger fish, they'll fill up your keeper real quick but the money will be average. GL.
  19. Don't own The Fisherman so can't see your problem, but can confirm you will not catch any American Shad at the Mudwater, Missouri waterway. They can be found at the Neherrin River, North Carolina and St. Croix lake, Michigan waterways. Probably doesn't help you in any way .
  20. You might also want to use a Titanium leader as well (matched as close as possible to your main lines breaking strain (Test)), available from the shop at home.
  21. I haven't noticed anyone else experiencing this, make sure you have fitted the keeper net to your avatar and not left it in home storage. Possibly could be a slow/bad internet connection problem. You could send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox) and a description of the problem.
  22. Indeed, I also ended up catching the monster on a bottom rod (with corn) as well. My carp rod setup and the special groundbait didn't tempt it, although I did have a little fun when it took a feeder (Big Allie, 1/0 and bloodworm) setup intended for something a bit smaller (eventually lost due to low line tension trying to find a better position).
  23. Or you could complete the Scary Kayaking missions held during the Halloween event for some red tinted sunnies
  24. That sounds a bit strange, the bit about having the Carp Lord DLC. I don't have it (I am above level 52) and was able to finish the mission normally.
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