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  1. Are you fishing during the day time ? Sunny mornings during the peak was good (from memory), I would actually cast a bit further, aiming for the small gaps in the weed bed itself (and quite often getting snagged as a result).
  2. The short video answering this on on the FP Steam discussions forum gives you all the details required. Summary : Co-ords : -12.23, -118.11, #8 - #1 hook, 50 cm (20 in) deep and mayfly used for bait.
  3. Yes, (most) catfish have large mouths, I think it could be a matter of size, they don't get any bigger than Young at Lone Star (not saying it can't be done though). You're more likely to get one on a lure at Mudwater (or other higher level waterways in which they reside). The deeper areas are the places to try for them and the larger ones tend to be more active during the night time.
  4. Suggest getting rid of all the old groundbait, then try tracking the first mission again (maybe stop and restart the game after getting rid of the old groundbait). It could be you forwarded time after making the groundbait as it is meant to last longer than that. If you do manage to get the groundbait again, try also using it on a bottom rod with a feeder cage as well.
  5. Suggest you keep them, they will work on other fish and you can not replace them if you get rid of them.
  6. Yes, that is the correct screen. Apart from changing the language used on the Xbox itself (if that's even possible) I'm all out of ideas
  7. Try going to your Inventory, select the Game Settings tab (), should be first option under the Game tab just under the Game Settings heading (Language, Italian second last option to the right). (Not sure if it's the same for the Xbox, Steam version used).
  8. I assume your using a float (telescopic or match) rod if you're fishing at Lonestar, Texas. In the Settings screen () under the Audio tab there should be a Float fishing bite sound, make sure it is on. This should give you an audible "ding" when a fish takes an interest in your bait. After you cast you should see a small picture of your float up in the right hand corner of your screen. Watch the image of your float as the fish nibbles your bait, as soon as the float goes shooting off to either side STRIKE. Should be just a matter of getting the timing right.
  9. Nicht möglich, Nur die Microsoft Store- und Xbox-Versionen unterstützen plattformübergreifendes Spielen. Sie müssen sich beide auf derselben Plattform (Steam, PS4, Xbox oder Microsoft Store) befinden, um sich zu finden. Not possible, Only the Microsoft store and Xbox versions support cross-platform play. You both need to be on the same platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox or Microsoft store) to find each other.
  10. There was a time when you couldn't be bitten off by any fish, maybe they are referring to then. You can use a heavier line or leader to stop being bitten off (at least for the smaller ones) but there are plenty of sad stories of how someone lost their favourite golem lure because they didn't attach a titanium leader.
  11. Yes, things like Yellow perch, Atlantic salmon, Walleye and Small mouth bass can be found around and beyond the buoys. That being said you may encounter a invisible out of bounds wall indicated by your casting pointer turning red.
  12. Suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox or Microsoft store) and a description of the problem.
  13. Most likely due to the hook size of the spinnerbaits, the fish are generally small there. You should get better results using them at the Neherrin river waterway.
  14. Could also try adding Fishing Planet to your anti-virus exceptions list and disabling any graphics accelerator software (if any), (if using a PC).
  15. You can send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with you game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox or Microsoft store) and a description of the problem, it could help to add things like the OS (Operating System) and the graphics card used if using a PC.
  16. Sounds like a low retrieve ratio on the reel and the type of lures being used (possibly the weight), other factors can play a part like the strength and direction of the current, the depth of the water. Try using a buzzbait lure with a soft plastic attached, they can be effective on a slow retrieve. Possibly suggest leaving the casting setup in home storage and getting a spinning outfit (better casting distance) instead for the time being, come back to the casting gear when you have access to the better gear.
  17. Caught a common sized Northern Pike at Emerald just now (PC version). Casting spoon 2/0 casting to the right of the dock (stop and go), aiming for where the rock face meets the reeds running along on the shoreline.
  18. Oops, there should be both Young and Common available at Emerald. Checking the leader board stats (PC version) indicates there have been some caught (no date given to indicate if they're recent catches though).
  19. Northern Pike do not get any bigger than young at Emerald (apart from the Halloween event ghost pike). Go to your Inventory screen, select the Map tab, select (Emerald on the world map if you're not already there) the Fish Species tab and scroll down to the Northern Pike, under the name you'll see how big they can get at that waterway (Young).
  20. Patch Note 4.0.5 : This patch includes: Chum issues fixed Inventory fix Tackle Load Indicator fixed Accessibility: mouse cursor lock support for Steam implemented Controls issues fixed Other minor bugfixes
  21. all good, looks like you're gonna need a bigger... (oops, wrong movie reference)
  22. Support will only attempt to return items which are lost due to a game bug (support@fishingplanet.com). Your appear to be a Brutus match setup (15 kg 34 lb), the Tarpon can get close to 70 kg at BCI (the drum and permit ranging between 30 - 50 kg).
  23. Catch fish (about 100 I believe) at night time (9 pm - 5 am) to get a free cap with a headlamp. Go to your Inventory, select your game name, scroll down under the Challenges column on right hand side of screen until you find the Night Shift challenge to see your progress towards the cap.
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