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  1. No, can't be done. Transferring accounts from one platform to another is not possible.
  2. Down in the bottom right hand corner of the screen where it shows you how much line you have on the reel does it have two numbers (like 45/320)? If so you have the line clipped, try pressing both the Right and Left bumpers at the same time to unclip (so it would appear as /320)
  3. So when you are standing at the shoreline, just before you make your cast depress (click) the RS, you should go from holding the bait in one of your hands to the float and bait hanging freely from the end of your rod tip. You are now ready to make a longer cast.
  4. Not sure which platform you're using, if on a PC press F11 (function key) or if using a console press the Right (joy)Stick straight down (depress it) to change the casting style. Next time you upgrade your float rod get a Match instead of a Telescopic rod, they're able to cast further.
  5. The reel (max drag 19 kg) is not suited to that rod (line weight 1 - 3.25 kg), you'll need to either use a very low drag setting or get a level 8 CrucianHunter 3000 (max drag 3kg) ($3710) reel, careful with the drag setting though (don't set it too high) because the line (3.6 kg) looks like it's a little heavy to be used on that setup and you could end up breaking the rod. You really should have the level 11 or 12 braid 0.15 mm (2.7 kg) for that setup.
  6. The only boat currently in game that is equipped with rod holders is the Garry Scott "Draco" boat which you can only acquire by buying the Congo discovery pack DLC. The "Sagitta" bass boat does not have rod holders installed .
  7. IDK, get them to send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with their game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox, iOS or Microsoft Store) and a description of the problem.
  8. No timeframe for the release of a Android version of the game has been given yet.
  9. NW, you could also try sending a message to a forum Moderator (like FPdimsam), they might have the ability to do what you want to do as well.
  10. You can take the other rod setups, rod holders, boat/kayaks and baits/lures you have with you (you don't need to leave everything else at Home), but you must have one setup that meets the requirements of the competition and any of the other conditions (listed under Rules and Restrictions section) the competition might have like using only Mono line, barbless jigheads, feeder rods or use Keepnets only (as an example). Short answer : You don't have to leave everything else at Home but you must meet the Rules and Restrictions of the Competition to enter.
  11. Suggest sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam) and a description of the problem.
  12. PH_Carpman99

    Beluga Sturgen

    You'll get the XP but no money, you'll have a high risk of getting a (large) fine if you keep them (easiest to just let them go).
  13. When you get the "the bait was pulled to far" message wind your line in a few turns or until the type of bottom structure changes (the little picture of the sinker or feeder showing the depth). If the message appears again (and it will), do it again. You will eventually find a spot where the eel can grab the bait. Above is a snippet I typed last year, basically the Eel can't get to the bait (something is stopping it getting to it), also suggest you try just using the one rod in your hand. GL.
  14. Using corn but level not high enough to access bottom fishing setups ? Try accessing the Shop when you have left the waterway to see all available tackle (waterway shops often have a very limited supply and tend to cost more) . At Lonestar, stand in front of the house, look at your Map and find the small hole (darker blue area) that is within casting distance from the shore, use a #10 - #2 hook with either bread, dough or semolina (small mouth Buffs are a member of the Carp family), set the float to max depth. Forward Time to when the fish activity is in the higher areas of the flow chart when you look at the weather forecast. Try casting to the hole (the float should stand up normally, if it's lying on its side then you've missed - try again).
  15. You could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox, Microsoft store or IOS) and a description of the problem.
  16. Not exactly sure LordW, all I see is the Leave Club option on the club banner page, maybe try an email to support@fishingplanet.com
  17. At a guess it appears you don't have enough money to pay for the travel to Mudwater, you'll need to make some money at Lonestar.
  18. Send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox, Microsoft store or IOS) and a description of the problem.
  19. Going by the information provided in the wiki above you should get a monster mission at level 12.
  20. Might be the monster missions are level locked to allow you to get better tackle before giving you the chance to become a monster hunter (from memory the monster missions often become available 2 levels or so after unlocking the waterway in which it/they reside, excluding the Mad-Eye buff being in the starting waterway ofc) ). Keep checking for them after levelling up or you could send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox, Microsoft Store or IOS) and a description of the problem.
  21. Might help to add some details like which waterway(s) you are fishing at and what methods you are using. Maybe try targeting the deeper water areas (find them on your Map), use large hooks (4/0 or bigger) and baits known to attract catfish (large cutbait, large minnows, leeches etc).
  22. Could be possible if you can chase the fish as Musette suggested above, the reel is a little underpowered (the max drag). Any of the EspiraMLR reels would be better (with the level 19 being the best fit). A FeederForcer (preferably the level 17) reel would probably work too. A level 19 Nero match rod and a level 22 Breamer spinning reel would be a good setup for the mission. Might be better waiting until you have a Stringer (level 24 FishJail L or Keepnet level 28 FishFort S) that is capable of holding the Mad-eye once you have caught it.
  23. (forgot to mention : try working the lure close to the bottom)
  24. Try from the boat dock down to the entrance of the backwater, casting to the deeper water, Narrow or Medium spoons (1/0 - 3/0, no bigger than 4/0) stop & go or twitching (lift & drop as well) speed 1 or 2 (mainly depends on how high the reels ratio is). Zander like Walleye prefer low light conditions so fishing at night during peak time is a good option. Have also caught a few trophies casting around the railway bridge.
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