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  1. Not aware of any problems, maybe try stopping and restarting the game.
  2. That'll depend on what level you are and how much money(credits) you have. You want either a Match or Feeder rod. Try and match the rods Line Weight with the (spinning) reels Max Drag, and the fishing line Test to the reels Max drag. If using a Feeder rod (small bottom rod) you will also need to note the Casting weight, this is the size of the sinker (not drop or bullet sinkers) or cage feeder you can use on the outfit. You will need to use a smaller sinker or cage if using a large bait causes a "the rig is too heavy" message. Strongest to weakest : Rod (line weight) => Reel (max drag) => Line (test), all three attributes should be as close together as possible). HTH.
  3. In the shop (Home shop preferred) either hover the mouse cursor (or Left Stick if on console) over the Rods or Reel tab to reveal a drop-down menu so you can narrow your search down to what you're after. When you select a rod or reel, under the picture of it on the right there are four boxes, top two boxes are the reel type Spinning and Casting and bottom two are the type Float and Lure (the Feeder, Bottom and Carp rods all use spinning reels). Make sure the appropriate boxes are green when looking at them. (Casting rod and reels can only be used for lure fishing).
  4. The Pike at Michigan mainly feed during the day, you won't catch many (if any) at night. The green bay area is where you'll normally find them.
  5. Yes, I think some sort of voluntary daily, weekly and/or monthly randomly generated waterway missions would be a good addition to the game. Maybe added to either the Inventory, Mission or Shop screens. (I have seen similar ideas to this suggested before)
  6. Might be better to search for the comp names online, there're many vids (of varying quality) covering most of them to give you an idea of how to go about it. Mostly a matter of the right place at the right time with the right equipment.
  7. Send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (iOS or Android) and a description of the problem if you don't want the account deletion to occur.
  8. Translated as: I asked this question to technical support, and received a response that, according to the terms of the Steam platform, each package in FP can only be purchased once. Basically, it's because of Steam's terms and conditions that you cannot buy a DLC that you already own (is how I read it).
  9. Checked my old screen shots, got the Rodstand the snowman for completing the Snowfighter III challenge in 2020. Why the completed missions list shows it was from the Summon Crystal Fish mission I have no idea. Personally, the rod stand has a slight problem, every time I've used it (a couple of times) other anglers in the room would try and interact with it ("Move away from my snowman" )
  10. (Checking the completed missions list shows) Rodstand the snowman was from completing the Summon Crystal Fish mission.
  11. Try to find the fish at the waterway which give a good return of credits, aren't too hard to catch and doesn't fill your keepnet (or stringer) up straight away, stay at the waterway for multiple days by forwarding Time to either 5 am (starts a new day and empties the keepnet/stringer), the next peak period after 5 am or to the next night time peak period (there's no cool down penalty incurred for forwarding time between 9 pm - 5 am after the initial cool down for forwarding during the daytime to get to night time of course). (No cool down time penalties apply at Lone Star). Using a light spinning setup (maybe something like a lvl 3 ValueSpin rod, lvl 8 CrucianHunter 3000 reel and lvl 10 - 12 mono fishing line for starters) and some light lures (narrow spoon 1/0) might be cheaper than using bait at first. Always get an Advanced license, it allows you to decide which fish to keep or release, to fish at night and fish from a kayak/boat at appropriate waterways (a Basic license is not worth the hassle), check when it is due to expire regularly (select the Map tab from the Inventory screen or you could try pressing H). Upgrade your keepnet or stringer as soon as practicable, the more fish you can carry the more credits you'll get. At lower levels it might be better to use a stringer, they're cheaper and can hold more fish. The problem is you can't release (upgrade) a fish you've kept (like you can with a keeper) until you either start a new day or leave the waterway. Lone Star : Spotted Bass Rocky : Trout (all species) Emerald : Walleye (night fishing probably best) When a waterway first becomes available to you it's most likely your tackle will be under powered for fishing there. Maybe go for a short trip, see what it's like and then set about upgrading your tackle. Short version: Stay multiple days.
  12. No, you could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox etc) and a description of the problem. Log into the game each new (Real Life) day to get a login bonus and you'll soon be able to buy yourself a new fishing setup.
  13. Trophy II Bass, Salmon, Trout and Catfish missions (under the Mastering category (also off the top of my head ))
  14. Merry Christmas or if you prefer Happy Holidays everyone. Regards, Carpman99 (Away for Christmas)
  15. Game appears to be working normally for me, suggest you send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam, PS4 Xbox etc) and a description of the problem.
  16. Don't believe there is a decorated Lake Trout at White Moose, never caught one. There are only the Antlered Salmon, Furry Trout and the Crystal Burbot there.
  17. They're strong fish, strong tackle is needed. If you're using strong tackle, you could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Xbox) and a description of the problem.
  18. Suggest a size #10 hook fished around 60 cm (24 in) deep (experiment with different depths if no luck), bloodworms, wax worms, red worms or maybe even semolina balls are worth a go. Try the Catfish Heaven or Pike Challenge pegs casting near and drifting the bait close to things like weed beds and drowned trees (cover). GL,
  19. Среди скал Средиземья, где бродит нерка, или нацеливаются на упавшие в воду деревья. В самой дальней точке ниже по течению есть заросль водорослей, идущая близко к берегу (в запретную зону), возможно, есть способ часто ловить водоросли. Amongst the rocks at Middle Earth where the Sockeye salmon roam or targeting where the trees have fallen into the water. At the furthest point downstream, there is a weed bed running close to the shore (into the out of bounds area), maybe there is a way to catch the weeds often.
  20. Самый простой способ поймать пушечные ядра для события 4 июля, среди камней на колышке Средиземья вы получите несколько. Catching cannon balls for the 4th of July event the easiest way, amongst the rocks at the Middle Earth peg will give a few.
  21. What happened when you chose another spawn point (like Tiber Rocks)? Or wouldn't the game allow you to do that. You could try sending an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, Platform (Xbox) and a description of the problem.
  22. Yes, this topic has been brought up many times. I do believe it has mostly to do with the size of the hook relating to the size of the fish you catch (as you mentioned) and a 10/0 hook is something you'd be using for a very large fish (like a shark), any carp would feel the weight and bolt. You'd probably have more luck casting one without any bait and retrieving it (with some jerking motions thrown in) very quickly (actively trying to jag fish is not legal in the waterways I fish). I have no memory of ever seeing any information that this issue will be addressed in the future and so will remain as it is.
  23. Not aware of what mission you're referring to, is this for The Fisherman - Fishing Planet ?
  24. No, not possible at the moment, might be something that's introduced at a later date.
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