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  1. Yeah I noticed this, too. And did some testing.. Seems to me, the crankbaits (as well as other wobblers like the triple runner etc.) now "gain speed". The faster you reel them in, the more speed they gain. So even after you stop reeling in, the crankbait still "digs" itself down into the water. You'll also notice that you still have some line tension going on after you stop reeling. Which means that the crank is still moving downwards. Depending on your retrieve speed (recovery + reel speed setting), it takes up to 4 or so seconds for your crank to finally stop moving, and the line to loose tension again. Once the line tension is completely gone, you'll notice that the crankbait "levitates" for a split second, and then drifts up to the surface again - like it used to. I don't know if this is intentional, or even realistic, but that's what it feels like to me. From the point where you stop reeling and your crank is still moving downwards, all the way to the point where it's "levitating", and even when it starts to drift upwards, you always have a chance of a fish biting it. Especially in Alberta, fishing for atlantic salmon, when you reel in your crank to the 32-28m mark (which seems to be one of the hotspots), stop reeling, let it go down by itself, and levitate a little, that seems to be the moment with the highest chance of a fish biting to me. Feel free to give this a try, and do some testing on your own. I don't know if this "speed gaining feature" existed before, and they just increased the value, or if it's new. But I guess that's the way it works now. It's still possible to let the crank drift up again - it just takes more time, depending on your previous reeling speed. Which calls for longer stops, and an overall slower retrieve. Furthermore, this is even more noticeable if you're using a reel with a high recovery (like I now use the Kraken instead of the Thunderspin on my Zeus, to get closer to the max test).
  2. Hello guys, here's a bug that bugs me a lot in the last couple of weeks / months: When you're fishing with match / bottom or carp rods, every time you catch a fish, get a snag, or for some other reason reel in your line, there's a chance of your character putting the rod away randomly. I haven't found a real pattern to this, so I don't know why this keeps happening, or what is triggering this. But it is very annoying. Especially if you're handling 4 rods, and have to re-equip your rod every time you catch a fish. I recorded a short video of a session in Michigan - fishing for pike and muskie, to "showcase" what I mean. I tried to fast forward the un-interesting parts as best as I could. It'd be great if you could look into this, and find out why this keeps happening. Thanks! P.S.: The bug is not limited to Michigan, or any specific waterway.
  3. Well yeah, it is a game. But it has a lot more to it than just throwing in your lure and catching fish after fish. Especially when it comes to competitions - and even more when it comes to the big tournaments. When I started this topic I was kinda lost - not making any progress. By now I know that there is much more to competitions and tourneys than you'd think. You gotta talk to people who might share their knowledge, you gotta inform yourself through videos and stuff like the ubersheet. But most of all you gotta practice, practice, practice. Find out stuff for yourself, and take notes. If you're not willing to invest some time into the game, don't expect to make it to the top 10. If you don't like the competitive aspect of the game, skip it. But if you like competing with other people all around the world, finding the lure and retrieve and spot(s) that work best: fishing planet has a lot to offer. It can be quite rewarding to finally score a top 3 position after a lot of practice. But it takes time. And if you wanna improve by letting people help you, don't diss the people that want to help you.
  4. same! I know I'm gonna have a nice weekend with that stuff!
  5. Yay! Now I can travel to all the lakes and shoot the cannons without going completely bankrupt! Thank you FP. That's a nice gift actually!
  6. Same. Received a message that quali 2 started when I logged in just now. And lucky spot was cancelled for me, too.
  7. Have you tried that striped Jerkbait for the Muskies yet? This thing is a beast, too. They bite it like there's nothing better in this world. Loads of fun. Still trying to get and try out the topwaters though. All in all: there are some pretty awesome lures to get from this event. And while I do understand why you only get 1 wobbler and why they don't stack; the thing I don't understand is why they only give you 1 worm / shad / tube. Don't you think that's a little greedy, my beloved devs? And, even more frustrating: why do the lures from the dlc take up inventory space? With the shitload of new lures, boilies, carp equipment, feeders, blablabla, we're always struggling with inventory space. Every. Single. Day. It's gotten so bad that you can't even wear your DLC jackets, simply because you can't store the stuff you don't need for your trip in your home storage anymore! Some of my friends have bought the DLC and we're presented by a "home storage is overcrowded" message. That's like a big trollface saying "thank you for your money! Now go buy some inventory space!" Get real guys. Give us some room to breathe. Maybe 5 inventory slots with every rank-up or something. I'm sure you can figure sth out. Thanks!
  8. While I agree that some of these event lures are a little overpriced: the idea is that you get your lures from shooting the cannon. If you're lucky (or put enough time and in-game cash into it), there's no need to buy lures with BCs. It's mostly there as an option for people who are missing 1 or 2 specific lure towards the end of the event. (Or ppl that have thousands of BCs lying around, I guess) It's always the same with these events / event missions: either you spend real money, get the DLC, and are free to get started with everything right away, or you have to put loads of time and in-game cash into it. But as someone who never bought any event DLCs I can say that it is always possible to complete these events / missions without spending any real money / BCs. Maybe not ALL achievements that come with the event (like catch X fish to get a FireFenix, shoot X fireworks to get a hat / jacket), but at least the main quest-line. Since I'm a poor fuck, I have always seen the events as an opportunity to trade away in-game cash and free-time for some free BCs to upgrade my inventory space. They always teach you a thing or two about the game, and when teamplay is involved (e.g. Christmas event), can be a lot of fun for a night or two. As for the current event, you can always fish for snags in Texas and farm cannon balls, travel to every single lake every 24 hours to shoot as much as you can, and hope that you get the lures you need. At least that's the way I do it. And I think it is possible to complete the mission that way in the given timeframe (even if you only play in the evenings and weekends).
  9. Cause it's a topwater lure. None of them stack in the game.
  10. Have you tried Shazam to find it? But to be honest I guess it was created specifically for the game. Maybe they'll release a soundtrack someday?
  11. We used to be able to adjust the reeling speed after casting, while the lure is still in the air. With the casting rods it's still possible, but it doesn't work for the spinning rods anymore. Why? Can we please have this feature back?
  12. Hmm dunno man. It's all fiddling around and trying to adjust your behaviour just because the game is broken at parts. I know I'm not gonna remember that step every time I'd like to change spots, and I know I'm gonna curse next time I'm kicked out again and have to restart But yeah, this sounds like it should work. Thanks man! Maybe I CAN force myself to re-select the room I'm in before switching spots in the future. And when I adapted to that bug, and it's gone into muscle memory, they're hopefully gonna change the button configurations again - just to keep it intereseting Sorry for the sarcasm FP's funny at times man.
  13. Sabi has a nice video about it, showing you the spots and times and everything: You'll find some more if you search for "sturgeon california" on youtube. I'd also recommend using a bottom rod nowadays, as I get the impression that they bite a little quicker on that. Plus, you can get heavier bottom than match rods, and get the fish out of the water a little quicker. All things considered, sturgeon in Cali is indeed the best money & xp farm. Most of all, because it's reliable. It costs you 1 baitcoin to get to the second night, and skip the cooldown timer once. From then on, you can just go on for hours and hours, and fill your net in 2 in-game hours max. There are fish with better XP and cash value in the game, but it takes a lot longer to fill your net with those. However, farming sturgeon in Cali will get boring after a while. So if you're in for a change, you can always go for a sunny day in Michigan. 5-6 clear muskie, 6-7 regular muskie, 7-8 i usually go for the pike, 8-9 you can go for the tiger muskie. Most of the time, your net will be close to full by 9 o'clock if you use a rod-pod and 3 to 4 rods (e.g. pack a Fenix for the pike [and maybe tiger muskie / drum], as they're fun with that rod, Brutus for the clear & regular muskies, bottom sniper, and maybe a catboxer / heavy chaser - whichever is available to you at that level). Especially the muskies are XP beasts. And the pike have great cash value, as you already know. However, if you don't see a sunny day around, best thing to get your net full quickly would be to skip to the night, and go for blue catfish and lake sturgeon at the dock. On a partly cloudy day, you can also concentrate on the pike from 10-16, and throw some heavier rods out to the regular muskies from 10-11 am and 12-13. All in all, day-time fishing in Michigan is not nearly as reliable as the sturgeon in cali. As it will take you longer, and won't be as friendly with the time-skipping. Plus, the catfish stuff is even more boring than the sturgeon in cali. And they have worse cash / XP (?) value. But it's nice for a change. Another thing I like to go for from time to time are the dolly vardens & sockeye (also bull trout) on a partly cloudy day in alaska. Really fun to get them with topwater gear, and great XP value if you're using a lower level rod like the Thora: I did a longer post on Alaska in the steam forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/0/1681441347888122391/#c1679190184057796401 Takes a lot longer to fill your net, but if you're in for some spinning action, this is the way to go. Probably one of my favourite fish in the game. Especially with that setup (Thora + #2/0 Popper / #3/0 Walker). Of course, there's a lot of other unis to get in Alaska. Takes a while, and not everyone's cup of tea, but maybe a 3rd option you could try. Hope this helps. Enjoy your leveling mate!
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